Apple to Launch its Own Search Engine

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Apple’s Siri-focused search engine could eventually replace Google as the default search engine on all Apple devices. There are rumors in the market that Apple can launch its search engine next week. Are you excited for Apple’s next Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held next week? Why not me?

According to tech writer Robert Scoble, Apple will release an entirely new operating system with augmented and virtual reality capabilities, followed by the release of headsets, gadgets, and displays to support this new, well, what do you call it? Oh, yes, the metaverse. He added that Apple will also launch a new search engine to make Siri Smart.

According to Scoble, Apple has three events scheduled to introduce us to its new AR and VR vision, the first of which will be WWDC next week. The real headset will be revealed in early 2023 — most likely in January — followed by a “get ready for buying” event in June, possibly in conjunction with WWDC 2023.

Really, Apple’s Search Engine?

You may recall how Apple has been gradually demonstrating an interest in online search over the years. We first noticed evidence of an Apple Spider – Applebot in 2014, indeed, eight years ago. Then there were reports of AppleBot sightings in 2015, as well as Apple’s own search ranking factors and AppleBot user agent information. When John Giannandrea switched from Google to Apple in 2018, they mentioned it.

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What does this signify, is the big question. Will this simply mean that Siri becomes more proficient at answering questions, or will Apple begin to crawl and index the web in more depth? Do you believe Apple will be able to compete with Google or Microsoft Bing, and if so, would they be able to steal market share from Google?

Will it be a Rival to Google’s Search Engine?

Despite the fact that the consumer electronics behemoth makes a large profit by making Google the default search engine for its products, that could soon change. The likelihood of Apple announcing a new search engine rival at its forthcoming Worldwide Developers Conference is high (WWDC). For the third year in a row, the iteration will take place between June 6th and 10th, and will be primarily online.

Apple is expected to release a new operating system for all of its devices, including the Siri-linked search engine. iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16 are among them.

If Apple had a ready-to-use search engine, it might swiftly overtake Bing to become Google’s major competitor. Google currently pays a lot of money – experts estimate between $15 billion and $20 billion last year – to be the default search engine on Apple devices.

Apple plans to reveal further details during the WWDC. New developer tools, technologies, and advancements across its software platforms should all be included in the details. This was also stated in a Twitter thread by Scoble, who underlined important focus areas that attendees could expect.

What Actually Can Contain a Search Engine?

To be clear, the term “search engine” can refer to a variety of things. Scoble’s mention of Siri as a key component suggests this won’t be a direct competition to Google — at least not in the traditional sense.

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To begin with, Google is paying Apple a ridiculous amount of money for top iPhone placement. Apple isn’t going to give it up unless it’s certain it can make a lot more money by going it alone – which is exceedingly unlikely. Because Google is in the advertising and data collecting business, it makes a lot of money from search; Apple makes user privacy a selling feature, leaving little to no room to profit from people’s online behavior.

Wrapping Up

Robert Scoble, an industry veteran with a laundry list of accomplishments, companies, and websites started, and connections in the IT world, teased in a new set of tweets “Oh, and there will be a new search engine as well. Will Siri ultimately become “smart”? “… The tweets were all about Apple’s new augmented reality headset, which was teased at the company’s WWDC 2022 event. Let’s See what Apple holds for us?

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