Beginners’ Advice To Ace Twitter Like A Pro

ace twitter like pro

Twitter is fast gaining pace as a social media platform with a growing fan following. It is great for content creators and brands looking to join trending conversations, connect with audiences, announce brand updates, and develop a voice. But the platform differs from Instagram and Facebook, so you may need some time to adapt to it. Besides understanding the features and algorithm of Twitter, you must know the unspoken norms and rules to make the most of it and establish a sustainable presence. Here is some valuable beginner advice to ace Twitter like a pro.

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Personalize your profile

Your social media profile reflects you as a person, and it applies to Twitter, just like any other platform. So you must utilize time to personalize your profile instead of lurking behind a generic cover photo. Start by writing a great biography to replicate your vision and values as a brand or a creator. Look for an impressive profile picture and add extra information to get attention and build your fan base.

Share compelling content

This one is a no-brainer for beginners and pros because compelling content is the only way to make the followers stick. The best piece of advice is to share tweets you enjoy. Also, ensure relevance because the audience has some expectations regarding what they want to see on your account. For example, brands should share content relevant to their niche, and creators must opt for pieces matching their interests.

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Know your tools and apps

Seasoned Twitter users do more with less by using tools and apps for tasks like scheduling posts, content analysis, and discovering content. You can also use a Twitter Video Downloader to download videos and GIFs from the platform and reuse them elsewhere. While these tasks sound complex to a newbie, knowing the relevant tools and apps enables you to complete them in a breeze. You can create a checklist of tools to use on the go.

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Segment your community with lists

You may have a few followers, to begin with, but expect your community to grow over time. While handling a large community sounds daunting, you can do it the easy way by segmenting it into lists. Embrace the habit early so that you can manage a busy feed down the road. You can segregate your followers into family, friends, business contacts, and news sources into separate lists. The practice declutters your stream and lets you find information quickly and easily.

Use hashtags mindfully

While hashtags are the core of Twitter, you must steer clear of overdoing them. Of course, you must hashtag Tweets when relevant, but remember that more is not always better. In fact, tweets with fewer hashtags likely have more retweets than those with multiple hashtags. Maintaining the balance between core ingredients such as good spelling and grammar, image, and relevant hashtags is the key to crafting compelling tweets.

Becoming a pro-Twitter user is easier than you imagine. You only need to stick with the basics and follow your instincts to build and retain your following on the platform.

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