Google’s New AR Feature: Try Makeup Before You Buy!

Google AR online beauty try

Google has stepped up its game in the online shopping realm by launching an exciting new feature that lets you virtually try on makeup before making a purchase. This Augmented Reality (AR) feature is here to transform the way you shop for beauty products online. Now, you can test various shades of lipsticks, and eyeshadows, and even try different hair colors and foundations right from your phone or computer.

The idea behind this feature is simple yet brilliant. Shopping for beauty products online can often feel like a gamble since you can’t try on shades to see how they look on you. Google’s AR feature is here to change that. Now, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, or even contemplating a hair color change, you can see how different options look on you virtually before making a decision.

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Google introduced its AR beauty features nearly three years ago, with an aim to help online shoppers find products that suit them by virtually trying them on using the Google app. The results were promising as shoppers engaged with beauty products 10% more when AR was involved. Building on that success, Google has now extended these AR beauty features to mobile browsers as well. Not only can you virtually try on different hair colors and foundations from within Google search results, but also on shopping websites that have these features integrated​.

Google AR Makeup
Image Source: Google

But the magic doesn’t stop at hair colors and foundations. You can explore shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows from top brands too. This feature was available since 2020 when Google partnered with ModiFace and Perfect Corp to visualize beauty products through AR. Now you have a plethora of beauty products from over 50 brands to virtually try on using AR on Google.

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For instance, if you’re thinking about a change in hair color but aren’t ready for any surprises, you can see how shades from brands like L’Oreal might look on you. And soon, other brands such as Splat and Revlon will join the list of virtual try-ons, allowing you to experiment with various colors. Similarly, foundation shopping has received a significant upgrade. You can not only see how a foundation shade looks on different models but also try it on yourself virtually. Just type in the foundation name, select the product you’re curious about, and hit “try on”. It’s that simple! Now, finding the perfect beauty product online is just a few clicks away.

Google AR Makeup Try Online
Source of Image: Google

So, the next time you’re shopping for beauty products online, remember, with Google’s new AR beauty tools, you can try before you buy! Happy beauty shopping, everyone!

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