Top Productivity Tips Mac Beginners Can Rely On

MAC Beginners tips

Mac is an extraordinary device that offers more than a premium look and feels. Of course, Apple has an incredible brand value, but the device also has excellent functionalities that make the acclaim well-deserved. As an average business user, you can rely on these features to do more with less. Even beginners can go the extra mile with productivity by learning and applying some simple tricks and hacks. Let us share some Mac productivity tips first-timers can rely on.  

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Uninstall everything you do not require

When you unbox your Mac, you will probably be surprised by the sheer number of apps it comes with. But you may probably not need many of the pre-installed ones. Seasoned users recommend decluttering your device by uninstalling everything you do not require, no matter how attractive they appear. You will end up freeing loads of space and cutting distractions that may eat up your productivity. Moreover, the learning curve becomes less overwhelming when you have fewer things to play with. 

Figure out password management

You tend to be more productive when you worry less about security. Unfortunately, you cannot stress less about nasty people breaking into your new device and digital life. But figuring out password management as a Mac newbie can help in this context. Keychain is a good start because it is free and built directly into macOS. You can go the extra mile by investing in 1Password, which is a great app for newbies.

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Ace the shortcuts

Mac has a shortcut for practically everything, making it a good choice for users chasing productivity. But graduating from Windows to Mac means you may not get your favorite shortcuts. However, you can explore the keyboard shortcuts and apply them to your most-used functions. Try a shortcut to crop a picture or screenshot to cover critical data and remove unnecessary information. You can find plenty of resources online to identify the available options and imbibe them in your daily tasks. A productivity boost comes naturally once you master these shortcuts.

Get your menu bar sorted

The macOS menu bar can help you be at your productive best, provided you choose it wisely. You can see it at the top of the screen, and its contents change according to the app you have open. The menu bar lets you do several things, from checking status, choosing commands, and performing tasks. You can depend on it to ease tasks and complete them quickly.

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Give Safari a try

Chrome is the most widely used browser, but Mac users must absolutely explore the wonderful world of Safari. The browser excels at resource management because it is easy on your device’s memory and system resources. You can also expect a longer battery life when using Safari instead of Chrome. Since Safari is an Apple product, it is inherently better for Mac users. 

Mac sets you up for a productivity boost, provided you are ready to use its features to your advantage. Follow these simple tips to make the most of your new device as a beginner.

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