Ways of Improving Tenant Communication with Property Management Software

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Tenant communication is an important aspect of property management. Effective communication can help improve tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. However, managing tenant communication can be challenging, especially if you have many properties. Therefore, it is best to consider implementing property management software to make communication easy for you and your tenants. Property management software can help you improve tenant communication in the following ways.

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Streamlining Communication Channels

One way to improve tenant communication is by streamlining communication channels. Property management software can help you create a centralized platform where tenants can easily communicate with you. Tenants can use this platform to send messages, requests, and inquiries. By having a centralized communication platform, you can ensure that all communication is tracked and recorded for easy reference. This can help you avoid miscommunication and ensure that all tenants are responded to promptly. It can also reduce your time on communication, allowing you to focus on other aspects of property management.

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Simplified and Reliable Discussion

An area in which tenant satisfaction runs into trouble is when a renter has a simple question and needs help to get an answer. With reliable property management software, a tenant can send emails or voicemail messages that may sit unanswered. Property owners should consider using computerized maintenance management systems

With a comprehensive CMMS solution, property managers can host documents in a tenant portal for easy access. Tenants can view rules and regulations, tenant handbooks, request forms, and more. Tenants can get the information they need in a timely and reliable way. Quick answers to their questions assure tenants that their issues matter, which elevates their confidence in a property and its management.

Providing Self-Service Tools

Another way to improve tenant communication is by providing self-service tools. Property management software can give tenants access to their accounts, lease agreements, and other important information. This can help tenants easily find the necessary information without contacting you directly. By providing self-service tools, you can also reduce the number of inquiries you receive, which can help you manage your time more effectively. Self-service tools can also improve tenant satisfaction by giving them more control over their accounts and information.

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Track Work Orders and Maintenance Requests

When something goes awry with a tenant’s home, the renter is often inconvenienced while understandably concerned and frustrated. Unfortunately, the tenants can amplify these feelings if property management cannot respond to the issue promptly and thoroughly. Without a decent system like a CMMS, maintenance requests and work orders won’t be tended to satisfactorily and will lead to even more conflict. Tenant frustration can mount at the very start of submitting a work order. Too often, property managers either have no clear system for tenants to submit requests or have one in place that is outdated or isn’t user-friendly.

If a tenant can manage to submit a work order or request, the process usually gets infinitely more frustrating from then on. After a request is submitted, tenants often feel like they’re in a state of limbo, not hearing anything back from management or, worse, never seeing the request fulfilled. There is usually no clear confirmation that the request is being processed, which can frustrate tenants even further.

Even if a property management team receives a work order and completes the repair on time, not communicating progress to the tenant will leave them dissatisfied with how they handled the request. Instead of being relieved that the request has been fulfilled, the tenant will likely focus on the lack of communication and label the experience negative. Property management software for landlords allows a tenant to submit and track maintenance and repair orders easily. The process begins when a maintenance request is submitted through the web portal and is transparent until the request has been resolved, leading to a dramatic increase in tenant satisfaction.

Providing Real-Time Updates

Finally, property management software can provide real-time updates to tenants. This can include updates on maintenance requests, rent payments, and other important information. Real-time updates can help tenants feel more informed and engaged with their property management. You can also reduce the likelihood of miscommunication or misunderstandings by providing real-time updates. This can help improve tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

Automating Notifications and Reminders

Another way to improve tenant communication is by automating notifications and reminders. Property management software can set up automatic reminders for rent payments, maintenance requests, and other important dates. This can help ensure that tenants are aware of important deadlines and obligations. It can also reduce your time spent on reminders and notifications, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters. Automated notifications and reminders can also help reduce the likelihood of missed payments, leading to less stress and better financial management.


Improving tenant communication is an important aspect of property management. Property management software can help you streamline communication channels, automate notifications and reminders, provide self-service tools, offer online maintenance requests, and provide real-time updates. Using property management software to improve tenant communication, you can improve tenant satisfaction, reduce turnover rates, and manage your time more effectively.

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