TOP Digital marketing trends 2022

The term "metaverse" has become a catchphrase, and its rising trends have encouraged many people. 


Meta To Dominate Social Media.

As AR and VR are so expensive, they haven't been used much in marketing. Meta may be the way to stay ahead of the competition without spending too much money.


Influencer Marketing Will Get a Boom.

Influencer marketing is number one in the industry marketing trends for 2022. Influencer marketing enables brands to build trust and raise brand awareness.


Story-Driven Content Visualization

Digital storytelling helps you stand out from the crowd and effectively position your brand. According to studies, people prefer visual content to plain text.


Push Notifications

There is a single factor driving the rise of push notifications as a digital marketing trend. Mobile phones are increasingly being used for all types of online activity, including brand search and online shopping.


Social Commerce

According to Statista, social commerce will be on the rise in 2022 and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Social commerce isn't new, but it's finally becoming a popular way to shop.


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By Alex Rodes