Why Integrated Technology is Important for Company Data Security

Why Integrated Technology is Important for Company Data Security

Investing in security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Companies are exposed to several risks that can result in significant damage. 

One such risk is unauthorized individuals and even criminals accessing company data. Reports show that almost half of US companies experienced data breaches in 2021. However, the actual number could be even higher due to the number of undetected data breaches.

Data loss can result in significant financial and reputational data for a company. It’s paramount for managers to take adequate measures to prevent this occurrence. Let’s focus on the best strategies to achieve this goal.

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Physical and cybersecurity should not be disconnected

Companies tend to see physical and cybersecurity as two separate systems. However, isolating these two crucial aspects of business security may make defensive measures less effective.

For example, data breaches could happen due to ineffective access control measures. These could lead to unauthorized individuals accessing the company’s computers or even getting hold of passwords that would allow them to access sensitive data later from a remote location.

The practice of integrating physical and cybersecurity is known as security convergence. Its goal is to manage the total risk to the company’s assets and networks in a holistic way that encompasses technologies, processes and personnel training and takes into account how they interact with each other.

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Reinforced access control measures to protect areas with sensitive information

Nowadays, there are plenty of available access control measures for businesses. Locks are typically the primary form of access control solution. The most basic locks are completely mechanical. Some examples are mortise, knob and lever locks. These lock locks don’t usually require a power source to work. However, they tend to be vulnerable to physical attacks.

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One alternative is to use electromagnetic locks, which use an electrical current to stop the deadbolt from turning. There are two types of electromagnetic locks. Fail-safe locks, which open when the electrical current is removed, and fail secure magnetic locks, which remain locked even without power.

Some areas of your premises are particularly sensitive. These include server rooms, IT closets, and other critical equipment areas. In this case, you may want to opt for more advanced access control measures, such as facial recognition devices. 

These technologies use cameras to scan a person’s face and grant access only to those whose face matches the one stored in the system. It’s also wise to consider the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) processes, which require individuals to enter two or more credentials in order to access these areas. For example, the person may first have to enter a PIN on a keypad and then pass a biometric scan for the door to unlock itself.

Tigh cybersecurity can also boost physical security

As operations become increasingly digitized, there are now more opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals to use their skills mischievously and gain access to information that may help them access the company’s physical premises, as well as obtain confidential footage. 

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There have been cases of criminals targeting businesses’ cloud-based video security systems and obtaining footage from healthcare facilities, schools, and even police stations! By analyzing this footage, criminals may gain critical information on how to access specific areas of the company’s premises, which can result in a significant loss of assets, as well as issues (and possibly lawsuits) with the company’s clients.

To prevent this from happening, the company must put in place a wide range of modern cybersecurity measures.

The most basic cybersecurity measure is the use of strong passwords. This means selecting passwords that contain a combination of upper and lower-case characters, as well as numbers and special symbols. Passwords should not reference personal details, such as the user’s date of birth, name or hometown. Using an effective password manager is also a good idea, as this eliminates the need to store passwords on files that cybercriminals may easily access.

Another key measure is to monitor access to data by setting up different user accounts with varying levels of permission. For example, highly confidential documents may only be accessed by authorized personnel and certain levels of management. This significantly reduces the risk of sensitive data being leaked to outsiders.

Naturally, the company should always stay up-to-date with its antivirus software and malware scanners, as the number and types of cyber attacks tend to increase yearly.

Train your staff on security measures and protocols

Companies should take steps to ensure workers are trained on security measures in order to defend their networks and data from both unauthorized physical access and cyberattacks.

Their training should focus on topics such as choosing strong passwords, detecting phishing attempts, using data encryption tools, and reporting failures or shortcomings in physical security systems.

This is particularly important with the increase of remote and hybrid work models, as even employees’ personal computers may be targeted by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive company information.

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