7 Common Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make


Creating a company from scratch is a challenging endeavor. Consequently, a significant number of entrepreneurs, especially first-time ones, tend to stumble along the way. Regrettably, the failure rate for small businesses is astonishingly high: typically, 50% to 70% of them fail within the initial 18 months. In the life of every successful entrepreneur, there have been ups and downs, this is the business cycle, but someone has stood the test. They can point out mistakes in business and how to handle them with dignity. Even if you are not a first-time entrepreneur, it will still be useful for you to learn about these common mistakes.

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Entrepreneur Skills

#1 Chaotic financial management

Your financial management skills play a vital role in the success of your business. There are always opportunities to enhance your money management practices. Here are some actionable tips to get started:

  • Create a plan: Gain a clear understanding of where your money is allocated and how much is available at any given time. Develop a well-defined budget and adhere to it. This will prevent financial strain and undue stress.
  • Monitor income and expenses: Keep a diligent track of all inflows and outflows throughout each month. This analysis will help you identify emerging trends, such as new clients or increased expenses. Armed with this knowledge, you can make better-informed decisions about future spending plans, based on proven past strategies, rather than experimenting with untested options that may impact cash flow.

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#2 Insufficient attention to safety

In the early stages of business, few people seriously think about security. Everyone assumes that cyber threats will bypass them. We do not know where dangers may lie. One of the inexpensive and comprehensive security solutions is VeePN, which can protect against most threats. While you are wondering whether a VPN will slow down the internet, we will hasten to please you. VPN has modern protocols and smart traffic routing, so you won’t experience any slowdown in speed if you choose servers that are not very remote.

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#3 Poor understanding of the role of the entrepreneur

The 19th-century French economist Jean-Baptiste Say offers a compelling definition of an entrepreneur. He asserts that an entrepreneur acts as an intermediary between resources of low productivity and those of high productivity. This definition emphasizes the pivotal role of the entrepreneur as the catalyst for value creation by leveraging resources in innovative ways. It is noteworthy that contemporary entrepreneurs perceive resources in diverse forms, including ideas, products, and capabilities. Nevertheless, a recurring oversight among entrepreneurs is the failure to fully internalize the expansive scope of resources.

Business failure

#4 Do everything yourself

Delegation presents a remarkable avenue for elevating productivity levels. However, many novice business owners encounter challenges when it comes to delegating tasks. This is not a conscious decision but rather stems from the immense pressure to generate enough revenue to cover expenses.

First-time Entrepreneurs often find themselves consumed by their projects, much like experiencing first love. One common mistake they make is failing to recognize the cyclical nature of establishing and delivering businesses, which ultimately leads to sustained success.

In my observation, the inability to delegate stems from a failure to grasp this cycle of maintaining existing businesses while simultaneously creating new opportunities. It is at this critical juncture that many entrepreneurial ventures falter, running into financial constraints due to the lack of time for pursuing fresh prospects amidst executing ongoing operations.

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#5 Incompatible vision with co-founder

Selecting a partner carries significant responsibilities and represents one of the initial decisions faced when launching a new business. This choice holds a significant influence on equity and satisfaction. Therefore, it is crucial to find a compatible individual with complementary skills, while being aware of one’s capabilities.

#6 Cultivate a big ego

First-time entrepreneurs often struggle with a significant obstacle: ego. It’s easy to become engrossed in our ideas, firmly believing that they are superior and the only ones worth pursuing. However, when launching a business, it is crucial to release our egos and actively listen to those around us.

Moreover, the ego plays a pivotal role in the hiring of unqualified personnel. If we perceive everyone as inferior due to a lack of formal education or experience, it becomes difficult for them to offer valuable insights or contribute to ventures.

Business meeting

#7 Thinking too subjectively

You invest your hard work, determination, and effort into this company, but don’t become overly attached to an idea – especially if clear indications suggest it won’t succeed.

According to Rajesh Setty, co-founder of multiple startups, emotional attachment clouds objectivity. Once immersed in your bubble, wearing colored glasses, you may assume others don’t understand while firmly believing you’re right (and they’re wrong).


Most mistakes made by entrepreneurs are not new. They are related to our misunderstanding of the role of a business owner or emotional decisions. Don’t be afraid to turn to the experience of more experienced colleagues to avoid the same mistakes that they did.

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