Top 15 Apps Like Shiftsmart | Shiftsmart Alternatives | Similar Job Apps to Shiftsmart in 2024

Shiftsmart App Alternatives

Are you looking for flexible job opportunities and want to explore alternatives to Shiftsmart? Look no further! We have curated a list of the top 15 apps like Shiftsmart that will help you find the perfect job tailored to your skills and preferences. These apps offer similar features to Shiftsmart but also come with their unique twists, making your job search experience even more exciting. So, let’s dive in and discover these fantastic alternatives!

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What is the ShiftSmart App?

The ShiftSmart app is a flexible job platform that connects workers with on-demand job opportunities across various industries. It allows users to find, apply for, and manage work shifts with businesses that need short-term, part-time, or temporary workers. ShiftSmart focuses on industries such as retail, hospitality, logistics, and customer service, among others.

By using ShiftSmart, workers can create a profile, set their preferences, and search for available shifts in their chosen field. The app offers flexible scheduling options, enabling workers to pick up shifts that suit their availability and needs. Additionally, ShiftSmart allows workers to track their earnings, receive payments, and rate their work experiences, all within the app.

For businesses, ShiftSmart provides a convenient way to find pre-qualified, skilled workers to fill temporary or short-term staffing needs. The platform streamlines the hiring process, ensuring businesses can quickly and efficiently manage their workforce.

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List of Top Trending Apps Like Shiftsmart

Apps Similar to ShiftsmartSpecializationPlatform AvailabilityGeographical AvailabilityKey Features
ThumbtackHome services & professional tasksiOS, Android, WebMostly USCustom quotes from professionals, client reviews
UpshiftHospitality, clerical, and light industrial workiOS, Android, WebSeveral US citiesWorkers can choose shifts, direct deposit payments
HelpWareOutsourced customer support and back-office tasksWeb-basedGlobalFocus on remote support staff, customizable solutions
WonoloWarehousing, delivery, general labor, administrationiOS, AndroidSeveral US citiesSame-day payments, flexible work options
BluecrewW-2 work in warehousing, hospitality, and light industrialiOS, AndroidSeveral US citiesEmployee benefits, job stability
InstaworkHospitality, general labor, and gigsiOS, AndroidSeveral US citiesInstant payment options, work flexibility
ShyftWorkforce management for shift workersiOS, AndroidUS, focused on retail and hospitalityShift swapping, scheduling, team communication
VeryableManufacturing, logistics, and warehousing operationsiOS, Android, WebSeveral US statesOn-demand labor marketplace, daily pay
Jobble AppGig marketplace for various industriesiOS, AndroidUSInstant access to gigs, community, and resources
DesignCrowdGraphic design and creative servicesWeb-basedGlobalCrowdsourced design contests, freelance opportunities
TaskRabbitHome services, errands, and minor repairsiOS, Android, WebUS, UK, Canada, and moreBackground checked Taskers, same-day task options
Indeed FlexTemporary staffing for the business sectoriOS, Android, WebUS, UKFlexibility in job searching, employee benefits
WorkWhileShift work across various industriesiOS, Android, WebSeveral US citiesWorker benefits, focuses on job-worker fit
ShiftgigShift work primarily in hospitality and eventsWeb-basedUS, predominantly major citiesOn-demand work, flexible schedule
GigSmartVaried gig work, from handymen to event staffiOS, AndroidUSWorker ratings, immediate insurance options
JobstackIndustrial, construction, and warehouse jobsiOS, AndroidUS, mostly concentrated in certain areasReal-time job matching, daily work opportunities
Features Comparison Table of Shiftsmart Alternatives

Detailed List of Perfect Apps Similar to Shiftsmart

Detailed list of Shiftsmart alternative apps

Get ready to explore a world of exciting job opportunities with our detailed list of the best apps similar to Shiftsmart. These handpicked shiftsmart alternatives offer unique features, diverse industries, and endless possibilities for flexible work arrangements. So buckle up, grab your device, and let’s dive into a world of on-demand labor with these amazing apps like Shiftsmart!

1) Thumbtack

Thumbtack App
Thumbtack App: Alternative to ShiftSmart

Thumbtack is a platform that connects skilled professionals with customers seeking services across various industries, such as home improvement, event planning, and personal wellness. Create a profile showcasing your skills, and Thumbtack will match you with relevant job opportunities.

Best Features:

  • Hyperlocal gigs
  • A broad range of services
  • Simple interface for navigating

Best for:

The coolest part? Dialling into your own neighbourhood gigs is a breeze. It’s convenient, especially if you don’t want to walk across town.

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2) UpShift

Upshift App: Alternative to ShiftSmart
Upshift App: Alternative to ShiftSmart

UpShift connects businesses with on-demand hourly workers, allowing you to find part-time or full-time work opportunities in retail, hospitality, and other industries. With an easy-to-use interface and instant job notifications, UpShift makes finding your next gig a breeze.

Best features:

Select your own shifts.

Various industries

Simple signup

Best for:

The “pick-your-own-schedule” aspect is unquestionably the highlight. Complete game changer for work-life balance.

3) HelpWare

Apps like ShiftSmart: Helpware
Apps like ShiftSmart: Helpware

HelpWare is a platform that connects businesses with skilled freelancers for various tasks, including customer support, data entry, and content creation. With a wide range of opportunities, HelpWare is perfect for those seeking flexibility and variety in their work.

Best Features:

  • Focus on client service.
  • Remote job opportunities
  • Growth possibilities within the platform

Best For:

Highlighting their excellent remote work possibilities. Look into customer service from wherever you live.

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4) Wonolo

Wonolo: Apps Like ShiftSmart
Wonolo: Apps Like ShiftSmart

Wonolo is an on-demand staffing platform that matches workers with immediate job opportunities in warehousing, event staffing, and more. With flexible scheduling and a user-friendly interface, Wonolo makes it easy to find and accept jobs that suit your schedule.

Best Features:

  • Instant job notifications
  • Various concert types
  • Quick payment turnaround.

Best For:

The speed, mate. Apply now, work tomorrow, and get paid. Lightning fast.

5) Bluecrew

Bluecrew: App like ShiftSmart
Bluecrew: App like ShiftSmart

Bluecrew is a W-2 employment platform that offers on-demand staffing solutions for various industries, such as warehouse, logistics, and hospitality. With benefits like health insurance and paid time off, Bluecrew provides a more secure alternative for gig workers.

Best Features:

  • Employee status jobs with benefits.
  • Different job categories
  • Easy-to-use mobile application

Best For:

The real benefit is in the advantages. This is not something you see every day in the gig world, and it is not a joke.

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6) InstaWork

App alternative to Shiftsmart: Instawork
App alternative to Shiftsmart: Instawork

InstaWork connects hospitality and warehouse professionals with flexible job opportunities. With its easy-to-use app, you can browse job listings, apply for shifts, and receive payments directly through the platform.

Best Features:

  • Hospitality and event focus.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Flexible shift picking

Best for:

What’s cool? The networking angle. Rub elbows while earning—smooth.

7) Shyft

App alternative to Shiftsmart: Shyft
App alternative to Shiftsmart: Shyft

Shyft is a workforce management app that allows users to swap shifts, pick up open shifts, and communicate with coworkers. While not a job search app per se, Shyft makes it easier for hourly workers to manage their schedules and find additional work opportunities.

Best Features:

  • Simple shift swapping
  • Hub for team communication
  • combines with current systems

Best for:

The highlight is the seamless shift-swap mechanism. Like, “Do you need a day off? No problem, just swap it.

8) Veryable

App alternative to Shiftsmart: Veryable
App alternative to Shiftsmart: Veryable

Veryable is an on-demand labor marketplace that connects businesses with skilled manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution workers. With its flexible scheduling and performance-based pay, Veryable offers a great platform for workers looking for short-term or long-term opportunities.

Best features:

  • Daily job operations.
  • Manufacturing and logistics
  • Immediate payout.

Best for:

Get paid directly after your shift? It feels really amazing.

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9) Jobble App

App alternative to Shiftsmart: Jobble
App alternative to Shiftsmart: Jobble

Jobble App is designed for gig workers seeking temporary or part-time jobs in various industries, such as events, retail, and hospitality. With an easy-to-use interface and real-time job notifications, Jobble App streamlines the process of finding and applying for gigs.

Best Features:

  • A variety of employment categories.
  • Community vibe
  • User-friendly interface

Best For:

The community vibe draws you in; it’s like being part of a work squad without the drama.

10) DesignCrowd

App like Shiftsmart: DesignCrowd
App like Shiftsmart: DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a platform that connects businesses with freelance designers for graphic design, web design, and other creative projects. If you have a flair for design, DesignCrowd is an excellent alternative to Shiftsmart, providing you with a variety of projects to work on.

Best features:

  • project-based job.
  • Global clientele
  • Freedom to express creativity

Best For:

The buzz is centred on worldwide exposure. Your art on the global stage? Oh, sign me up.

11) TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit: App Similar to ShiftSmart
Taskrabbit: App Similar to ShiftSmart

TaskRabbit is an app that connects individuals and businesses with “Taskers” to help with everyday tasks, such as moving, cleaning, and handyman services. With flexible scheduling and the ability to set your rates, TaskRabbit offers a great platform for skilled workers seeking on-demand jobs.

Best features:

  • A wide variety of task categories
  • Set your own pricing
  • Strong consumer base

Best For:

Do you want to have control over your earnings? You got it. Set your rates and watch your wallet rise.

12) Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex: App Similar to ShiftSmart
Indeed Flex: App Similar to ShiftSmart

Indeed Flex is an extension of the popular job search engine Indeed, focusing on flexible and temporary job opportunities. With a wide range of industries and job types, Indeed Flex is an excellent alternative to Shiftsmart for those seeking on-demand work.

Best Features:

  • backed by a renowned job platform.
  • Flexibility between shifts
  • Streamlined Job Search Process

Best For:

It’s about adaptability for me. Do I need to say anything else?

13) WorkWhile

WorkWhile: App Similar to ShiftSmart
WorkWhile: App Similar to ShiftSmart

WorkWhile is a platform that connects hourly workers with flexible job opportunities in logistics, hospitality, and other industries. With a user-friendly interface and features like instant job notifications, WorkWhile makes finding and accepting jobs a seamless experience.

Best Features:

  • Matching according to schedule
  • Concentrate on worker pleasure.
  • Competitive wage rates

Best For:

They genuinely care if you’re smiling at the end of your shift, and isn’t that remarkable?

14) Shiftgig

Shiftgig: App Similar to ShiftSmart
Shiftgig: App Similar to ShiftSmart

Shiftgig connects businesses with pre-qualified, available workers for on-demand and flexible job opportunities. With a focus on industries such as hospitality, retail, and warehousing, Shiftgig offers a variety of work options for those seeking flexible gigs.

Best features:

  • Quick jobs for fast money
  • A user-friendly mobile platform
  • Business and worker-focused.

Best For:

Simple and slick: find a gig, complete it, and get paid. Rinse and repeat.

15) GigSmart

GigSmart: App Similar to ShiftSmart
GigSmart: App Similar to ShiftSmart

GigSmart is an on-demand staffing platform that connects workers with immediate job opportunities across various industries, such as construction, retail, and hospitality. With its simple interface and real-time job alerts, GigSmart makes finding your next gig a breeze.

Free Alternative to ShiftSmart: Jobstack

JobStack: App alternative to ShiftSmart
JobStack: Free App alternative to ShiftSmart

Jobstack is a mobile app by PeopleReady that connects workers with on-demand job opportunities in industries such as construction, warehousing, and retail. With features like real-time job notifications and in-app messaging, Jobstack streamlines the job search process for gig workers.

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Final words

With numerous apps like Shiftsmart available, you have a wide range of options for finding flexible job opportunities that cater to your skills and preferences. Each of these top 15 apps offers unique features and a variety of industries, making it easier than ever to find the perfect gig. So, why wait? Start exploring these fantastic Shiftsmart alternatives today and kickstart your flexible work journey!

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