Top 10 UI / UX Design Firms to Hire in 2024

Top 10 UI UX Design Firms to work with in 2022- 23

If you search for the top UI / UX design firms, you will come across several articles that rank various organizations. But be cautious when researching the listed companies. Many website aggregators feature dozens of organizations without explaining why they are among the best UI / UX firm.

JCA investigated over fifty companies to assist you in selecting the best UI / UX design companies and better understanding the UX industry. We identified the top 10 UI / UX firms that we feel are worth investigating.

We have provided an extensive list of what we believe to be the best companies operating in our field at present.

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Top 10 UI / UX Design Firms in the World

  • #Rank 1. Frog
  • #Rank 2. Clay
  • #Rank 3. Humbleteam
  • #Rank 4. ustwo
  • #Rank 5 Eleken
  • #Rank 6. Ramotion
  • #Rank 7. IDEO
  • #Rank 8. Method
  • #Rank 9. Fantasy
  • #Rank 10. Designit

Detailed List of the Best UI/UX Design Firms in the world

#Rank 1. Frog: JCA 1st Choice

Source: Frog

Frog is a worldwide user experience (UX) agency and digital product design consultant that builds products and experiences that aid in digital transformation. They began as an industrial and product design business in the 1970s. Nonetheless, throughout the years, they’ve embraced a full-service agency approach that includes everything from CX strategy and branding to product creation, UX, and service design.

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#Rank 2. Clay: Best UI/UX Design Firm

Source: Clay

Clay is a San Francisco-based UI/UX design and branding agency. They produce high-quality digital goods, web design, and branding. They concentrate on enhancing conversion and consumer engagement. The firm builds products and services that are highly usable while also completely embracing your brand’s individuality.

They work directly with their customers as a full-service UX design agency to conceive, design, and execute revolutionary user experiences across all platforms and brand touchpoints.

They think that the digital goods and user interfaces they build are simple to use, visually appealing, and accurately represent your brand. A diverse team of senior UX designers, engineers, and other professionals is always assigned, led by one of their design directors, and overseen by a co-founder.

#Rank 3. Humbleteam

Source: Humbleteam

Humbleteam can help you if you have a digital product that needs to be improved. They’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups like Unicef, BMW, and Squarespace to build successful digital solutions.

One of the most appealing aspects of working with them is that they will assign a specialized team of product designers to work completely on your product. They are also the best logo design agency. Alternatively, if you merely need a sounding board for your design ideas, they also provide product design workshops and consultation services.

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#Rank 4. Ustwo: Top UI/ UX Design Firm

Source: ustwo

Ustwo is a digital product design firm best known for creating award-winning Monument Valley games. The UK-based user experience design studio produces meaningful products that elicit an emotional reaction from consumers. They provide services such as digital product and UX strategy, UI & UX design, and mobile app development.

#Rank 5. Eleken

Source: Eleken

Eleken is a young, independent UI/UX design studio situated in Kiev, Ukraine. Their passion is online and mobile product design and development. Their work features some incredible combinations of technology and design.

Eleken, for example, came up with a sleek and streamlined manner of letting users locate information (think phrases and keywords) among their files when Koemei required a way to display a seamless in-content search option. Eleken works with both small and large businesses.

#Rank 6. Ramotion

Source: Ramotion

Ramotion is a diverse team of digital product professionals. They work in a small teams to develop solutions for developing startups and Fortune 500 corporations.

Ramotion has determined its recipe for excellent goods over a decade of experience: engage professionals in working on certain projects exclusively and, as a result, work with just a few clients at a time. Among the services offered are UI/UX design, brand identity, and marketing aid.

#Rank 7. IDEO

Source: IDEO

IDEO is a digital design and user experience agency that pioneered design thinking and human-centered design. While they can design and create everything from user interfaces to whole organizations, their major aim is to be human-centered no matter what they work on.

Ideo focuses on producing meaningful initiatives all around the world by designing exceptional prototypes ranging from user interfaces to complete organizations.

#Rank 8. Method

Source: Method

It is a professional digital design firm that was started in 1999. Method, according to its originator, was never concerned with establishing an industry or its specifications. They were just enthusiastic about creating goods and services that would help to establish and identify powerful brands.

As a result, their clientele is large corporations and organizations who serve as partners on the path from today to what’s future.

#Rank 9. Fantasy

Source: Fantasy

Fantasy was founded in 1999 and has been doing incredible stuff ever since. They’ve been the minds behind some of the world’s most recognizable businesses. Among its clients are Netflix, UFC, The Met, CAA, Master Class, and The Weather Channel, to mention a few. Their ability to connect with consumers and generate outstanding work has attracted clients from a variety of sectors. Their offices are located in San Francisco, London, New York, and Miami.

#Rank 10. Designit

Source: Designit

Designit is one of the digital firms that set the tone for UI/UX design. It’s presumably because innovation and creativity aren’t simply values to them; they’re a part of their process.

The firm has worked with a diverse variety of businesses, including energy, finance, and healthcare, as well as the scientific and public sectors. They encourage rigorous, detailed work on the product and seek long-term relationships with progressive firms, organizations, and academics.

Designit has developed from a modest office in Denmark to a massive design firm with offices all around the world.

Final Thought

Finding the best UI / UX design firms for your business in the modern world where developers appear like mushrooms every now and then might be challenging. Finding a reliable UI / UX design firm is a key undertaking for any business.

We’ve studied and created a list of the finest UI / UX design firms and companies accessible for hiring to make things easier. Each profile was evaluated based on its rating on business listing sites like Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura, and IT Firms, as well as its overall experience, Tech Stack, price, worldwide delivery capabilities, major clients, portfolio, and other characteristics.

I truly hope that this data assists you in finding the most suitable UI UX design firms.

We really hope that you found our compilation of the Top 10. UI UX design firms in the USA are useful. To compile this list, we did extensive research and analysis. We have ranked the companies after carefully considering all relevant factors. Look over the options and pick the one that best fits the needs of your firm.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at [email protected].

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