Best 10+ Augmented Reality Development Companies

Best 10+ Augmented Reality Development Companies

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Augmented reality adoption is already outpacing virtual reality, with organizations, particularly in healthcare, education, retail, and gaming, leading the way.

Augmented reality companies are those that deal with augmented reality technology, goods, and services. AR technology allows individuals to superimpose pictures, sounds, and text as digital information on top of real-life settings.

With the progress of technology, the relevance of apps is growing by the day. People have begun to use techniques such as IoT, chatbots, AI/ML, and other similar technologies in their daily lives.

And it is more than simply mobile apps when it comes to AR and VR development. According to Statsica, over 426 billion USD in mobile app revenue was recorded worldwide in 2019. This is the point at which the essence of further technical growth knocks on the door. Yes! I’m referring to augmented reality and virtual reality.

JCA investigated over fifty companies to assist you in selecting augmented reality development companies and better understanding the AR industry. We identified the top 10 augmented reality development firms that we feel are worth investigating.

We have provided an extensive list of what we believe to be the best companies operating in our field at the present time.

Top 10+ Augmented Reality Development Companies

  1. Travancore Analytics
  2. Groove Jones
  3. INDE
  4. Xicom
  6. Zco
  7. CitrusBits
  8. Skywell Software
  9. iTechArt
  10. Program-Ace

Detailed List of the Best AR App Development company in the world

Rank #1. Travancore Analytics | California USA, Canada, India

Source: Travancore Analytics

Travancore Analytics, with over 15 years of expertise in bespoke software development, has forayed into the Augmented Reality field with a dedicated XR lab and a motivated and competent XR staff.

With hands-on experience with the industry’s most powerful devices, they provide full AR and VR development services such as bespoke 3D content production, 360-degree video app development, AR software development, VR software solutions, Metaverse, and more.

Travancore Analytics integrates peripheral services such as mobile/web enablement, data analytics, IoT/embedded, and so on to bring your AR/VR/MR products or services together.

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Rank #2. Groove Jones | USA

AR App Developers
Source: Groove Jones

The award-winning American XR (Extended Reality) studio. Recognized for their efforts in marketing, sales enablement, and enterprise training using AR, VR, Machine Learning, WebGL, and AI development. They collaborate with well-known companies such as AT&T, Amazon, American Airlines, ExxonMobil, Ford, Intel, Mastercard, Toyota, Verizon, Visa, Warner Bros., and Wells Fargo. Their team of artists and engineers investigates cutting-edge technology in order to provide innovative solutions for today’s digitally connected people.

Rank #3. INDE | United States, Los Angeles

Source: INDE

Leading the way in AR development globally is INDE or Indestry. Not even half of INDE’s well-known clients, who the firm assists in bringing their AR concepts to reality, including Visa, Coca-Cola, Disney, and Adidas.

The company developed the BroadcastAR platform, which is frequently used to construct AR products, in 2012. A group of roughly 50 experts also provides superior motion capture and computer vision technology solutions in addition to augmented reality. INDE provides standalone augmented reality solutions, cinematic augmented reality, animations, and augmented reality Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat filters.

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Rank #4. Xicom Technologies | India & USA

Source: Xicom

One of the top and most reputable AR/VR development companies in India and the USA is Xicom. The company frequently creates ground-breaking enterprise applications that have transformed AR and VR.

They tend to add a virtual and augmented touch to reality, which tends to improve all of a person’s talents. Additionally, the company tries to let the creators interact with the users on a more interesting and intimate level. Therefore, it is accurate to declare that this company is the finest in its field.

Rank #5. NEXT/NOW | India and Abroad

Source: NEXT/NOW

One of the most sought-after pioneers in virtual reality is NEXT/NOW, a company that specializes in developing a digital marketing experience for real-world spaces and locations. Additionally, the company offers user amenities including augmented reality, projection mapping, Kinect, and multi-touch interactive installations.

This agency frequently creates top-notch physical and digital experiences. The professional team often includes members from many disciplines. Yes! It is one of India’s top companies for developing augmented reality.

Rank #6. Zco | US and India

Source: Zco

One of the top firms for AR/VR development in the US and India is Zco Corporation. They provide their consumers with consistently creative AR and VR projects with up-to-date, technologically advanced software. Their in-house art team creates fantastic augmented reality games for their customers.

The team will carry out your requests in accordance with your demands, whether you are a corporate customer looking to exploit augmented reality or an entrepreneur with a cutting-edge idea.

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Rank #7. CitrusBits | Pleasanton, California

Source: CitrusBits

CitrusBits is a company that creates UI/UX and apps for mobile, Android, iOS, and other platforms. More than 300 distinct apps have been created by it so far for various clients. Additionally, they provide apps and experiences for augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain technologies for organizations and groups.

Rank #8. Skywell Software | Ukraine, Kyiv

Skywell Software is a Ukrainian bespoke software development business that offers AR/VR, web, and mobile development services. It was established in 2008. Additionally, the firm provides services including mixed reality, 3D modeling, 360-degree video, 3D visualization, and 3D virtual tours, among others.

Skywell Software may offer the following services in comparison to other AR development companies: UDIM process; 3D scanning; multi-platform development; full-cycle production; real-time animation development.

Rank #9. iTechArt | New York, USA

Source: iTechArt

iTechArt – With over two decades of app development experience, iTechArt uses its knowledge across numerous business verticals to redefine the term “personalized.”

The company’s entry into AR app creation maintains its heritage of mixing and combining diverse technology tools to accomplish achievements beyond expectations for firms such as Equal Education, SVRF, Poplar Studio, and Doctors Without Borders.

Rank #10. Program-Ace | Ukraine, Kharkiv

Source: Program-Ace

One of the leading IT software development firms, Program-Ace specializes in developing augmented reality applications using ARKit, ARCore, OpenCV, and Unity. The company was established in 1992 and has its headquarters in Ukraine. They focus on services, including augmented user interfaces, gamified corporate processes, virtual product configuration, and remote AR helpers.

Final Thoughts

I truly hope that this data assists you in locating the most suitable Augmented Reality Development Companies.

We really hope that you found our compilation of the Top 10+ augmented reality development companies to be useful. To compile this list, we did extensive research and analysis. We have ranked the companies after carefully considering all relevant factors. Look over the options and pick the one that best fits the needs of your firm.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at [email protected].

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