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Hello tech enthusiasts! We have an exciting opportunity for you.

At Just Create App, we invite tech authors to write for us on technology topics. Your thought matters to our readers. We are offering you an opportunity to share your insights with a broader audience. Grab this opportunity and submit your technology guest post now.

Every day we come across several tech topics related to AI, Apps, SaaS, Software, Crypto, Finance etc. Every time we read all these, something sparks in our head. That’s our personal opinion on that particular topic. As an expert, such an opinion matters a lot to the audience to whom it may be conveyed.

We act as a medium between you and your audience. We are a platform where entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and students come to gain knowledge about a lot of things that are happening around them.

Why Write for Us on Technology and Software?

Writing for us can give you a lot of benefits. If you’re passionate about technology, software, Crypto, SaaS, and app development. Let’s see why it’s worth contributing on our platform:

Just Create App Monthly Engagements
Just Create App Monthly Engagements
  1. Reach Broad Monthly Audience: We have 8K+ monthly active users who are always in search of modern developments in technology. 70% of our users are US-based and 20% are from UK and the rest are from across the world.
  2. Publish Instantly: When you submit a guest post on technology, our team of experts reviews it and forwards it to the publishing team instantly for SEO checks. Generally, it takes around 4-5 hours to publish an article.
  3. Helps in Building Your Reputation: When you contribute articles on our platform which is focused on technology and software, it will help establish you as an expert in your field. Over time, your writings can contribute to building a professional reputation that showcases your knowledge and thought leadership.
  4. Your Content will be Read by Industry Experts: Whenever a tech article goes live on our platform, entrepreneurs, innovators, app developers, and other professionals will read your work.
  5. You’ll Learn A Lot: You’ll learn about communicating your ideas to the readers and drive actions for them. Every time the number of views on your article will tell how far your work has been reached. You can improve your writings as well based on statistics.
  6. You’ll Stay Updated: To write an article you have to research different tech topics. Thus, you will stay up-to-date with the latest trends software development industry.

Now let’s have a look at how to submit tech guest posts on our platform.

How to Submit Your Guest Post on Just Create App?

To submit your article on desired tech topic you have to follow the simple steps given below.
Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Step 1: Choose a Topic

    The more knowledge you have on a topic, the better content you will write. Your audience will love reading your content. So you need to choose a topic that aligns with the current trends. Also, it must be written for readers.

  2. Step 2: Do Keyword Research

    Doing keyword research is important before writing an article for search engines. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find relevant keywords that our audience is searching for. Create the title of the article on which you want to write.

  3. Step 3: Create an Outline

    Now create an outline for your article. This should include the main points you want to cover, organized in a logical sequence. An outline helps in ensuring that your content is structured and coherent. This makes it easier for readers to follow.

  4. Step 4: Submit Your Pitch For Approval

    Create a pitch that we will not be able to refuse it. After you created your pitch for us, it’s time to visit our Contact Us page and send us the email.

  5. Step 5: Write Your First Draft

    After your topic is approved, start writing the first draft based on your outline. You need not to worry about perfection at this stage. Just focus on writing. Always use short sentences and paragraphs. It will engage your readers.

  6. Step 7: Optimize for SEO

    Go beyond keyword integration; ensure your article is optimized for SEO. This includes using meta titles and descriptions, optimizing image alt texts, and using internal and external links wisely.

  7. Step 8: Send the Article and We’ll Publish it

    Once your article is ready, it’s time to send it to us. Our experts will review it and suggest changes if required. If everything is good, we will publish it instantly. Once published we will share the URL with you.

Now let’s look at our guidelines.

Our Guest Post Submission Guidelines

To make our platform better, we have set certain guidelines which you need to follow:

  1. Content should be unique and plagiarism-free.
  2. It must not be AI-written content. It must have high quality.
  3. Do not promote your brand in the content.
  4. Use internal links wisely.
  5. Use high-quality external links.
  6. Insert infographics, market trends, and statistics from trusted sources.

Our Statistics

Here’s Domain Value Rating stats:

Just Create App DR
Just Create App DR

Here’s Domain Authority stats you should look at:

Just Create App Guest Post DA
Just Create App Guest Post DA

Suggestions for Topics to Write For Us:  Technology, Business, Apps and SaaS

These are the topics on which we accept guest posts. Please go through it and submit your article .

Write for us TechnologyWrite for us BusinessWrite For Us SaaS, App & SoftwareWrite For Us Crypto
Artificial Intelligence (AI) StartupsAndroid AppBitcoin Guest Post
GPTStartup Advice and StrategySaaS AppEtehreum Guest Post
ChatGPTBusiness Models for StartupsIos AppSolidity
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Startup IdeasPWASolana
BlockchainBusiness AdministrationNFT MarketplaceDecentraland
Virtual Reality and Augmented RealityBusiness StrategySolanaWallet
Cloud ComputingDigital AgenciesWhite label AppDigital cash
MetaverseStrategic PlanningEthereumDigital Currency
React JSSmall and Medium Business (SME)PolygonCustodial Wallet
Angular JSSocial EnterpriseNative appBitcoin Transactions
NFTEcommerceSAAS based AppWeb3 Social
Mobile App DevelopmentEntrepreneurs, Young EntrepreneursClone AppsSmart Contract
Android App DevelopmentSmall Businesses MarketingNFT GamingDigital Payments
DevOpsUnique Marketing strategiesMetaverse GamesTokens
StatisticsScreen printingSaaS Product Market FitBTC halving
Internet of Things (IoT)InnovationSaaS Lead GenerationCrypto Winter
Big DataEV SoftwareSaaS Content MarketingImmutableX
R.P.A. (Robotic Process Automation)Scaling StartupsSaaS Pricing ModelsDigital Assets
CybersecurityBusiness Starting GuideSaaS Marketing StrategyCold Wallet
Apps Write for usTools & ResourcesB2B SaaS MarketingPrivate Blockchain
Topics To Write for Us


You are welcome to submit technology guest post (write for us technology) here. By following the above steps and guidelines you will be able to submit your article. Submitting your article doesn’t mean that it will be published. It can be rejected also by our expert review team if the quality do not match our standards.

We wish you good luck if you are a buzzing content creator and want to write for us.

Alex Rode

Alex Rode

I am founder of Just Create App. I have extensive experience in writing about apps, softwares, IT companies. Done Master of Science in Computer Science from Yale University, I am a passionate tech enthusiast and dedicated writer. I delve into a diverse range of topics, from AI and software to app development, and keep a keen eye on tech firms and emerging trends. My expertise enables me to break down complex topics and present them in an engaging, accessible manner, making me a trusted source for insightful analysis in the realm of technology.

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