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Welcome to the Just Create App. Today we will look at the top logo design companies in the USA. Because the logo is a major concern right now. And it’s been fulfilling its role as a crucial aspect of the business. So let’s start with a short introduction to Logos’ importance.

When it comes to branding, the logo is the face of your company. It’s the first thing people see and often the first impression they have of your business. So, it’s crucial to get it right. If you’re in the USA and looking for the best logo design companies, you’re in luck. We’ve done the legwork for you and have compiled a list of the top 10 logo design companies. But first, let’s dive into our research process.

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Our Process for Selecting Top Logo Design Companies

Before we delve into the list, you need to understand how we arrived at our top picks. We didn’t just randomly select companies. Instead, we:

  1. Analyzed Client Reviews: We looked at what real clients had to say about their experiences. After all, you want a company that not only produces great designs but also offers excellent customer service.
  2. Checked Portfolios: We delved deep into the portfolios of potential companies. This gave us a clear picture of the quality and diversity of their work.
  3. Considered Experience: The number of years in the industry can often indicate a company’s expertise and reliability.
  4. Evaluated Pricing: While the cheapest option isn’t always the best, we made sure to find companies that offer value for money.

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Now, let’s get to the list!

List of The 10 Top Logo Design Companies

Due to the tremendous number of companies offering LOGO design services. After a lot of research, Just Create App decided to set the best one for you. We made an effort to remain as unbiased as possible. A list of the best logo design companies is given below.

1. EDesign Interactive-Top Logo Design Company

e-Design Top logo design companies
Source: eDesign

It’s safe to say that eDesign Interactive is at the top of the list of top logo design and branding companies. In the world of logo design, the team has surpassed all expectations with their preposterous abilities and creativity. To be a client of eDesign Interactive, one feels thrilled by the company’s long history of meeting the needs of its customers.

Your logo and branding projects will benefit greatly from using this service. So, for drive more traffic to your website, you’ll want digital advertising that raises awareness of your brand and draws in a wide audience. For this reason, eDesign has won numerous awards for its work on award-winning websites as well as on interactive landing pages and social media campaigns.

2. Penji

Logo Design Firm

If you need unlimited web designs for a flat rate, Penji should be one of your top choices! Over thousands of businesses entrust Penji with their graphic and web design work. They are ideal if you have a high volume of designs monthly. Moreover, they can help you with over 120+ web and graphic design requests. Alternatively, Penji also offers “Penji Express.” It’s their marketplace option, allowing you to request logos, custom illustrations, brochures, landing pages, and more! With this in mind, Penji can help you kickstart your business at an affordable rate without compromising the quality!

  • $499/month for starter
  • 6yrs experience

3. LogoWorks- Best For Logo Design

LogoWorks: Top logo design companies
Source: Logoworks

If you’re looking for one of the best branding agencies, then this is it.

Among their staff are online graphic designers who specialize in logo designing, as well as in business branding. To meet the customer’s needs, they put in long hours and do their homework. and to ensure that they comprehend the needs of each and every client. They create stunning logos that give the impression that they are more than just a design. the company’s core values and beliefs are reflected in it. Your business will look better and more appealing if you hire this company. People are drawn to your business because of its unique qualities. It is the best logo design company.

4. The Logo Boutique – A Logo Design Company

The Logo Boutique: Top logo design companies
Source: Logo Boutique

This is one of the best logo and brand design companies.  When it comes to postcards, logos, print design services, tri-fold brochures, web design, and more, this company should be your only and final option. With a guarantee, 24/7 customer service, and a unique custom design that you can call a trademark, they provide their customers with a level of satisfaction that is unparalleled. In the last ten years, they’ve served over 25,000 satisfied clients.

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5. Maxburst, Inc- A Logo Design Company, USA

Maxburst: Top logo design companies
Source: maxburst

This is one of the most innovative and creative barding agencies, and the team and the agency value your input. Your brand’s culture is reflected in every aspect of your business, and your employees respect that. So, they put in a lot of effort just to live up to the customer’s expectations. and to make certain that no small detail is overlooked. Internet-based solutions are a specialty of theirs.

In 2003, the company was established in order to offer high-quality web design services. They care deeply about their customers’ work and business dealings. MAXBURST was created to aid in the growth of your company’s brand and the creation of deeper connections with your customers.

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6. Hudson Integrated- Best For Logo Design in the USA

Hudson: Top logo design companies
Source: Hudson

While talking about innovative logo design firms, Hudson Integrated is one that comes to mind. For the purposes of building brands, Hudson contributes originality and creativity. it is known as one of the best branding agencies.

Hudson Integrated collaborates with clients to complete tasks. And to design a brand that the client can be proud to call his own with utmost efficiency.

So, as a bonus, they also offer a service that many companies are looking for: affordable logo design.

7. Lounge Lizard- The Logo Design Company

Lizard lounge: Top logo design companies
Source: Lizard Lounge

Lounge Lizard is the best company for logo design. So, it is always able to serve up something better and best. An amalgam of effective elements from the fields of digital marketing and logo design, Customized solutions are also offered as part of the package. When it comes to creating a logo for your business. Now, you’re in good hands when you work with one of the best branding companies in the country.

Lounge Lizard has the creative ideas to help you establish your company’s identity.

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8. Logo Shines- Best For Logo Making

Logoshines: Top logo design companies
Source: Logoshines

A company that hires a team of professional designers is Logo Shines. For this reason, they’re often referred to as “enthusiastic” workers. They are making every effort to ensure that the project receives positive feedback.

In addition, they strive to meet the needs of their customers. For Logo Shines, the goal is to showcase the best in design. which includes logo design services at a reasonable price. such as new companies, small businesses, or large corporations. As a result of hiring only the best graphic designers, Logo Shine is a successful company.

9. Dotcomweavers- The Best Logo Making Company

dotcomweavers Top logo design companies
Source: dotcomweavers

The company that understands the importance of your reputation. The power of logo design and social media exposure can earn the identity. So, the DotcomWeavers is a company that aids you in creating a brand. Dotcomweavers’ knowledgeable designers are always available to assist customers. And it helps you meet specific business requirements. So, as your business grows, Dotcomweavers will help it cross the finish line.

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10. Sign Design, Inc- Top Logo Design Company

Sign Design Top logo design companies
Source: Singdesign

The company is considered the best logo design company.

Start to finish” is the slogan they use.

Sign Design, Inc.’s staff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. These in-house services allow customers to benefit from a wide range of options. It doesn’t matter if the client wants to produce just one sign or if they need to replace an existing sign. So, these requirements can be met by this company. This company is referred to as a one-stop-shop for all your signage, graphics, and branding needs. Since 1988, the company has been aware of the importance of going the extra mile to ensure customer or client satisfaction.

Additional Best 10 Creative Logo Design Agencies

1. Manypixels

ManyPixels is an on-demand creative service agency that provides quality, fast, and affordable logo design to thousands of businesses worldwide.

Founded in 2018, we are now one of the market’s leading graphic design subscription services.

ManyPixels stands out as the best graphic and logo design agency that places a high priority on customer satisfaction and quality. Their motto, “Customer first,” highlights their commitment to ensuring that their clients are completely satisfied with the results. They understand that taste is subjective and tailor their designs to meet the unique preferences and needs of each client.

Their Pricing:

AdvancedBusinessDesignated Designer
1 Daily Output2 Daily OutputYour Dedicated Designer
1-2 Days Delivery1-2 Days DeliverySame Day Delivery
All Design ServicesAll Design ServicesAll Design Services
Motion Graphics ServicesReal-Time Slack Communication
Pricing of ManyPixels Agency

Their Portfolio:

Manypixels Logo Design Service
Manypixels Creative Logo Design Portfolio

2. Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins is a global brand consultancy and logo design firm that is ambitious for its clients and optimistic about the future. They are here to assist their clients in defying convention, redefining expectations, and sparking positive change.

They bring together brand, culture, and experience to create an impact both inside and outside of an organization.

No one can afford to stand still in a world that demands new and better. Your brand can be a change catalyst, assisting you to turbocharge your transformation efforts and drive business performance. Wolff Olins combines maths and magic to transform your vision for the future into something people can feel today.

They’re a group of sharp thinkers and creative makers on a mission to do the best work of our lives while having fun along the way.

They Charge between $100 to $150 per hour.

Their Address:

195 Broadway, Fl. 7, New York, NY 10007, USA

Their Portfolio:

TikTok Uber McKinsey by Wolff Olins Logo Design Portfolio
TikTok Uber McKinsey by Wolff Olins Logo Design Portfolio
Wolff Olins Logo Design Service

3. 99Designs

They are a global creative platform that enables clients and freelance designers to collaborate online. Since 2008, their freelance community has helped thousands of brilliant entrepreneurs, savvy small business owners, and brands with big ideas complete over one million creative projects.

As a member of the Vista family, they are committed to assisting small businesses to thrive through expert logo and graphic design.

99designs is built on people. Their mission is to champion creativity and provide opportunities for people all over the world, regardless of where they live or how they want to work.

Their design community is filled with a wealth of talent and professional experience. Their clients are intelligent, passionate, and full of brilliant ideas. Furthermore, the 99designs team has spent more than a decade developing a world-class platform for remote creative collaboration. The magic is created by all of these people working together.

They prefer to take the scenic route, listen to ’99 Luftballons’ by Nena, and relax. While they believe in the serious power of great design, they also believe in the power of play: the journey should always feel like a great road trip.

Their Pricing:

Pricing modelBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Additional Benefits100% money-back guarantee, Full copyright ownership.100% money-back guarantee, Full copyright ownership.100% money-back guarantee, Full copyright ownership, Mid & Top Level designers only.100% money-back guarantee, Full copyright ownership, Top Level designers only, Dedicated manager.
Pricing for Logo Design

Their Portfolio:

99designs Logo Design Service
99designs Logo Design Portfolio
99designs Logo Design Portfolio

4. Landor

Landor is a world-renowned brand consultancy recognized for its exceptional expertise in logo design. As part of the prestigious WPP group, Landor combines innovative thinking with a rich history of brand expertise, offering services that encompass consulting, design, and brand experience.

Their approach is deeply rooted in connecting business strategy directly to brand identity, ensuring that every aspect of a brand is meticulously crafted and brought to life. Landor excels in creating compelling, brand-led experiences that resonate with both talent and customers.

Landor’s mission extends beyond mere branding; they are dedicated to charting new paths and making waves in the branding world. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their inclusive approach, considering every facet of a brand, from sonic branding with Amp to workspace and architectural design with BDG, and motion design with ManvsMachine.

In short, Landor isn’t just about creating logos; they’re about crafting brand identities designed to transform and thrive in a competitive world. By choosing Landor, brands are not just getting a logo; they’re embarking on a transformative journey with a partner committed to inventing a more positive future, transformative by design.

Their Pricing:

They charge between $50 and $100 per hour.

Their Portfolio:

Landor Logo Design Service

5. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv is an independent design firm that focuses on creating trademarks and identity programs. They are the creators of many of the world’s most famous and long-lasting brands.

To make sure the best design, they keep their studio separate and focused. They work together for clients all over the world from our New York office. Every project at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv is met with the creative vision and strategic thinking of all the firm’s principals, as well as the skills, backgrounds, and abilities of everyone on the team.

There are a lot of well-known trademarks in the world that were designed by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. The company has been a leader in the modern movement of idea-driven graphic design in all fields since 1957. They are experts in brand identities, exhibitions, print and motion graphics, and art in architecture.

As well as projects in the United States, the company works on projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Designer Tom Geismar, who started the company, is the founding partner. Sagi Haviv is also a partner and a designer, and Mackey Saturday and Melanie McElduff are the principal designers.

Their Pricing:

They charge between $100 and $200 per hour.

Their Portfolio:

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv Logo portfoio
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv Logo portfoio
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv Logo portfoio

6. Pentagram

Pentagram is a design studio that works in many different fields and is privately owned.

Their work includes branding and graphics, positioning and strategy, goods and packaging, shows and installations, websites and digital experiences, communications and ads, data visualisations and typefaces, sound and motion. Their 24 partners are all professional designers, and they work together or alone as friends, whether they’re working together or on their own.

Their building is one of a kind. There is only one big design studio where the owners make the art and are the main point of contact for all clients. Their portfolio, which includes work from five decades, many industries, and clients of all sizes, shows that they are sure that great design can’t happen without passion, intelligence, and most of all, personal commitment.

Their Address:

250 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10003 United States.

Their Portfolio:

Pentagram Logo Designs
Pentagram Logo Designs
Pentagram Logo Design Service

7. MetaDesign

They work as a brand consultancy. Since 1979, they have worked with leading organisations to solve brand and business challenges. Their seven-location team harnesses the power of creativity to improve businesses.

They can translate original ideas into uniquely impactful brand strategies that define the future of brands across all dimensions by crafting sustainable brand strategies with real-life applicability using robust proprietary tools. Their strategists create memorable product and company names and work on brand architecture systems to assist businesses in going to market efficiently.

They use the power of creativity to transform brands by designing delightful user interactions, whether analogue, digital, or spatial. Strategies are brought to life across multiple touchpoints by bold creative concepts. Their innovative and long-lasting solutions shape everything from the smallest detail to entire user journeys.

Their Pricing:

They charge between $100 & $150 per hour.

Their Portfolio:

MetaDesign Logo Design Service
MetaDesign Logo Design portfolio
MetaDesign Logo Design portfolio

8. Happy Cog

They create websites, apps, and digital experiences for people who have interesting problems.

Since the dawn of the internet, Happy Cog has been creating digital experiences. They assist organisations all over the world with design and branding strategies, web development projects, and digital marketing campaigns as a full-service digital agency. They’ll assist you in designing and building the ideal website for both your audience and your content creators, and then they’ll assist you in attracting the right audience to your site via paid and organic digital marketing strategies.

Some of the most influential minds in the industry are among those who are a part of our still-unfolding legacy. Put our expertise to use on your next project.

Their Portfolio:

HappyCog Logo Design portfolio

9. Huge

You want to be sure about how to move your business forward.

To be sure that the changes will make your brand experience better. To get the most out of the technology your company has. To boost growth through bold and brave actions.

You can count on Huge as a partner because they know how the economy works and have the skills and knowledge to get things done.

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Huge’s work is never done.

Smarter and more creative ideas come from teams that are diverse and fair. Because of this, they want to make sure that all of their employees have the same chances to grow and are strengthened by the different ideas, backgrounds, and points of view they bring to the table.

Their Portfolio:

Huge Logo Design example
Huge INC Logo Design example (1)

10. Deluxe – Best Logo Design Company

Deluxe is the world’s leading provider of logo production services for disseminating business offers around the world. You can count on them to meet deadlines because they offer quick and comprehensive service. The creators of the deluxe’s design team have created something truly out of this world. The company demonstrates the global demand for professional logo design. Several technology and design organizations depend on Deluxe and its services.

Deluxe: top logo design companies
Source: Deluxe

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right logo design company can make all the difference in how your brand is perceived. Whether you’re looking for something trendy, classic, or unique, the USA boasts a plethora of talented design companies ready to bring your vision to life. Remember, your logo is the face of your brand, so invest in it wisely. With our top 10 picks, you’re well on your way to making an informed decision. Happy branding!

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