Everything About New iOS 17.1.2 Update And How Beneficial Could It Be?

iOS 17.1.2

The biggest tech giant in the world “Apple” is known for their products and best service for its customers. Usually, their products are too costly for a middle-class person but products always live up to their expectations. Everything needs to be updated with time to maintain balance with the changing world. Iphones also come with updates time by time. The first update of iOS was iOS 1 in 2007 and today we are experiencing the features of iOS 17 which came this year in September. We have gone through to iOS 17.1.1 and news is coming that very soon iOS 17.1.2 update will come. We will examine why we need this update and what problems occur even after the update of iOS 17.1.1.

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Why is 17.1.2 Much Needed for iOS?

Before the update of iOS 17.1.1, there were many issues for iPhone users as they were facing wifi connectivity problems, minor bugs problems related to push notifications, HomeKit, and more. There was also a bug issue with the weather app widget that does not show a snow icon. But even after the update of iOS 17.1.1, these problems were not able to be fixed. So, the iOS 17.1.2 update is going to be released very soon. Ios 17.1.2 will also mainly be released for wifi connectivity and bug fixes. There is no official date confirmation from the company but it is strongly expected to release this week. Also in parallel iOS 17.2 is going into beta testing for about a month before the release of main updates. This update is mainly coming for iPhone 15 series users as they are facing more problems than other series of iPhones. 

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Overview of iOS 17 Past and Recent versions

Ios 17 came with big updates to phone, message, facetime, and many more features to enhance communication and user experience. Airdrop was also an incredible feature that is used for sharing files and contact with your surrounding people. Also enhanced your keyboard texting experience by making it faster and easier than ever before.

There are eight major updates that have come in iOS 17. The first one was 17.0 and now there is 17.2 beta testing going on. If we take the recent iOS 17.1 update we can see that this update was involved in many major features as for airdrop. music and many more important bug fixes. 

What’s in iOS 17.1.2?

We have already discussed why we need this update. If the last update has been successful then we surely do not need this update too soon. Let’s take a look at the features and what problems could be solved with this update. 

This update will involve three main problem fixes that are mentioned below-

  1. This update will fix wifi connectivity issues as wifi does not connect properly with BMW cars.
  2. The push notification issue also will be fixed as there is not getting any notification related to third-party applications and homekit.
  3. Keyboard issues will also be fixed as the keyboard would not pop up on iPhones, the backspace response is very late, etc.

With problem fixes, there are many new features, especially for iPhone 15 users. The features include the ability to translate the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models, the Journal app from Apple, the capability for spatial video recording on iPhone 15 Pro models, the capacity for Apple Music members to work together on playlists, and an iMessage Contact Key Verification.

After this update, we can expect that the problems will be fixed and also enhanced in users’ experience. In the future, many updates will come according to problems.

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