MediaTek’s AI-Powered Chips: Revolutionizing Smartphone Capabilities in 2024

Mediatek AI Processor

Many devices serve specific purposes worldwide, with smartphones being the most versatile and convenient. At the heart of every smartphone is its processor. MediaTek Inc., a prominent Taiwanese semiconductor company, is known for providing chips for various applications, including wireless communications, high-definition television, and handheld mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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MediaTek’s Leap into AI-Powered Processors

In a significant development, MediaTek announced last month during their annual meeting plans to manufacture AI-powered chips to enhance smartphone features in 2024. This innovative step is set to bring transformative changes to the smartphone industry.

Upcoming AI-Powered Processors: Dimensity 9300 and 8300

MediaTek is poised to release two new processors, the Dimensity 9300 and the Dimensity 8300, both equipped with on-device generative AI capabilities. The Dimensity 9300 is designed to handle Large Language Models (LLMs) with up to 33 billion parameters, indicating a substantial leap in processing power. Additionally, these chips are expected to include image manipulation features similar to the magic eraser function found in Google Pixel smartphones.

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Personalization and AI Integration

With AI integration, smartphones will offer more personalized experiences. For instance, they can generate caption suggestions for social media photos. The Dimensity 9300 is targeted at flagship smartphones, while the Dimensity 8300 is aimed at mid-range models. Both chipsets, however, are AI-powered, with the Dimensity 8300 capable of running LLMs with up to 10 billion parameters.

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AI Assistant and Enhanced Functionality

An AI assistant feature is anticipated to be part of these new processors, assisting users by notifying them of urgent emails, calls, meetings, and more. There are also hints at features for vehicle integration and other advancements that will soon be revealed.

Additional Developments by MediaTek

Redcap 5G Modem Chips

MediaTek has also released Redcap 5G modem chips, designed to support devices with lower data loads. These modems aim to facilitate more efficient communication with reduced capacity 5G technology.

Collaboration with Vivo and Nvidia

A new Vivo smartphone, scheduled for release next year, will feature MediaTek’s AI-powered processor. This phone includes capabilities such as recording meetings, transcribing them, and providing summaries, all while maintaining confidentiality for private meetings.

MediaTek is also expanding its horizon beyond smartphones through a partnership with Nvidia. This collaboration is set to bring advancements in automotive technology, where cameras can identify objects and gestures. According to MediaTek’s Chief Financial Officer, David Ku, the company’s focus is on providing meaningful benchmarks and guidance from a user perspective, with current attention on the Dimensity 9300 and 8300 for a deeper understanding of AI-powered chipsets’ effectiveness.

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