10 Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence For Mobile App Development

AI in Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence is simply a program that can perform specific functions without any human intervention. The technology has a variety of use cases ranging from speech recognition to space exploration. 

Many top-rated software companies and expert developers are found utilizing AI technology at various stages of the app development process. Integrating AI into your mobile app development can improve its efficiency as well as the developer’s productivity. 

The idea of using artificial intelligence for mobile app development is rather lucrative. But it remains to be seen whether it is as beneficial as it sounds. To determine that, we need to carefully assess the pros and cons of utilizing the technology for the creation of apps.

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5 Pros of using AI for mobile apps 

Easily Complete Time-Taking Tasks

AI is very useful in completing tasks that humans would rather find tedious and time-consuming. Unlike humans, AI machines can work for longer periods without affecting their productivity. 

Therefore, AI can play an important role in developing mobile applications. With careful and intricate automation, AI can handle mundane tasks so that professionals can focus on more important aspects of the mobile app development process.

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Daily Application

The usage of smartphones is increasing. People are using more and more apps every day. It is said that a person on average uses approximately 10-12 apps daily. Integrating AI with some of these daily apps can help service providers take things up to the next level. 

Let’s say if your travel app is AI-enabled then it would help detect your locations with the help of AR. AI can superimpose computer-generated images on the real-world view of a user. This ought to help users enhance their perception of the environment. 

AI can also be used in correcting your spelling as well as predictive writing. Almost all of us use these features in our daily lives. Autocorrect and predictive writing is integrated into the keyboards of our mobile. 

But it might pique your interest to know that AI also helps programmers write codes for their applications. It offers some suggestions for completing the code lines and while writing, the code is simultaneously analyzed by AI for potential vulnerabilities. 

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Lower Rate of Error 

The domains that demand the highest level of precision and accuracy can benefit largely from the usage of AI technologies. Space exploration is one such domain. If you so much as enter an incorrect decimal digit then that tiny little mistake can cost you your entire space exploration mission that’s usually worth hundreds if not thousands of million dollars. 

You can’t afford to make any errors. Errors begets dangers. Similarly, in mobile app development, a developer has to be careful. But as they say, it is human to err. Remember, even a small error can make your app vulnerable to malicious attacks and significant losses. The stakes would be higher if it’s a fintech application. 

AI, on the other hand, can easily analyze complex data sets and churn out valuable insights that can help you maintain the app users’ financial security. AI can also monitor financial transactions and raise a red flag when it detects some issue or dissimilarity. 

Overall, AI is prone to make fewer errors than humans so they are better at handling and developing complex systems and applications. 

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Experiencing Difficulties

You might face a lot of trouble and hardships when you start wandering off on uncharted territories without any prior preparations. But how can you prepare for a thing you know nothing about? 

Let’s say you want to plan a vacation but you know nothing about the destination and how to find accommodations and other suitable facilities there. But AI can search the internet for relevant data and provide you with relevant suggestions.

Many companies nowadays use AI chatbots for their customer support through mobile and web applications. These chatbots are trained to provide support to the customers and their tasks vary from providing technical support to relevant healthcare advice. And they can do this job 24/7 without any fatigue. 

Similarly, AI can take it up to itself to perform tasks that are difficult for humans like analyzing large datasets and extracting insights. AI can also help you prepare test use cases for your mobile applications. These are some of the tasks that developers tend to ignore because they are tedious and time-consuming but AI can help accomplish those tasks without any sweat.

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Easy Cross-Platform Integration

As you would know, designers and programmers are not the same. Nowadays, in terms of programming, cross-platform apps are trending. 

Previously, the website and applications were platform-specific, you couldn’t open an Android app on an iOS device and vice versa. But nowadays, more and more apps are released that are platform-independent. 

Before, if a developer had to create a cross-platform app, they had to write the code multiple times, each one suitable for a different platform. So, if a user wants to use an app in iOS then they have to download the iOS version of the app and if they want to use it in Android then the Android version needs to be downloaded. 

If the need arises and they want to use the app on both devices, then they have to download two different versions of the same app. This was a hectic task for both developers as well as users. 

But nowadays, thanks to AI-enabled app development tools, developers can create a platform-independent app without writing its code again and again. These smart tools also allow you to develop an app without even writing a single line of code. 

5 Cons of using AI for mobile apps 

Insufficiency of Creativity

Developing an app demands vision, imagination, and a lot of creativity from a mobile app developer. A human can imagine an idea and transform it into a reality. On the contrary, AI’s sharp intelligence is limited to processing capabilities, which too is bound by algorithms. While AI can help humans design certain aspects of a mobile application, it doesn’t possess the creative capabilities of humans. 

Job loss

As discussed previously, AI is largely used to do computational and mundane tasks. This directly threatens the jobs of professionals with average or beginner-level skills. The demand for labor in an assembly line for mobile app development is drastically reduced when the monitoring and control systems are automated.  


The problem of costs depends heavily on the budget of the company that is developing mobile applications. So, costs can be a case-specific problem. But one thing is sure the mobile apps that use AI technology, do come with an expensive price tag. 

Additionally, AI technologies are not completely grown yet, so the developers have to frequently update the app and continuously provide trending features to the users. This says that the maintenance and management of your AI-enabled mobile app are going to be very costly. 

Companies that are planning to scale at a massive level with an ambitious project are more likely to utilize AI for their apps in comparison to small businesses. 

Lack of judgment calls

The very ability of humans to make a judgment call is lacking in AI. AI can make smart decisions but they can’t act out of the constraints of their program. A pretty good example is the shooting incident in Sydney Australia in 2014. 

From the affected areas of the shooting incident, when people started calling Uber to escape, rather than helping the people make a quick and safe escape, the app’s algorithm only detected the increased demand from the area, and in response to that, the prices were hiked automatically for the rides in those areas.

No improvement in experience

Humans can learn from their experience and improve but AI doesn’t have that kind of capabilities. Their work will only change if their programming is changed. 

Of course, AI technology is far more capable than humans at doing efficient work, storing huge piles of information, and more. But it can’t change its reactions in response to the varying environments and different situations. 


Implementing AI technology in mobile app development can be very fruitful. Of course, every business can benefit from the usage of this technology, may it be a large enterprise or a small business. A wide range of use cases are also available for businesses and development teams to choose a suitable AI service for their development process. 

Along with benefits, companies must also consider the drawbacks of the technology and other resources they are employing for their project. As it helps them prepare for the challenges along the path. I hope this helps!

Ashley Richmond

Ashley Richmond

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