Tips To Buy The Ideal Screen Printing Machine For Your New Business

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Screen printing is a lucrative business opportunity as one can start small with low investment and capitalize on the massive market demand. However, you must have a sound knowledge of the process and techniques to get off the mark. Additionally, equipment, staffing, capabilities, and focus are the cornerstones of success. You must also understand that the needs of businesses differ according to their size and scale. Buying your first screen printing machine can be overwhelming despite the loads of information you may gather from the internet. We have a few expert-recommended tips to help you buy the first screen printing machine for your new business.  

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Consider your space availability

The size of your shop is the first factor to consider while investing in machinery because it must fit in. You may have space constraints for your new setup, but a tabletop version can fit in small areas such as a kitchen or spare room. You can opt for a larger machine if starting your business from a warehouse or an industrial space. Going big gives the advantage of durability in the long haul.

Keep your budget in mind

Choosing the right screen printing machine is also about keeping your budget in mind. The good thing is that you can explore options in all budgets, so starting small is a breeze. Tabletop equipment is ideal for shops starting in the industry. You can choose one from the middle range if you want multi-color prints. Larger machines cost more, but they can run long hours to support a production environment.

Do your homework

Experts recommend doing your homework before sealing the deal. Consider your expectations, such as the types of ink you want to use and the number of units to print every day. Also, check the options in the market to find the apt match to your expectations. For example, the equipment for using water based inks for screen printing will not be the same as for plastisol inks. Check brands and models, and dig deep into features and capabilities to find an ideal one.

Think about production volume

Once you discover your options, you will probably have a good understanding of how the industry works. You must think about production volume, both current and long-term, to take your pick wisely. Decide on the number of colors you want to print per design because it should be the same as the number of print heads on your machine. Planning is a good idea as you will not want to buy new equipment when you scale down the road.

Never skimp on quality

Skimping on quality is a bad idea, whatever your space size, budget, and production scale. You may save a little by compromising quality, but it can affect production efficiency in the long run. Invest in quality screen printing machines from a reputed seller, and look for a model that suffices your needs. You may ask for referrals and check online reviews to be extra sure.

A screen printing machine is the most significant investment for a business because it determines the production output, quality, and efficiency. Follow these simple checkpoints to buy the best one for your new business.

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