6 Tips to Develop a High-Quality Mobile App on A Budget

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Studies reveal there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, meaning demand for mobile apps is still on the rise. Some of the benefits of a customer-facing app to your business include a boost in your ROI, improved brand promotion, increased knowledge of your target audience, and improved customer loyalty. However, developing an app can be pretty expensive particularly if you want to get the project done with your little resources. Well, stick around to learn tips to develop a high-quality mobile app on a budget. 

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Draft a business plan 

Working without a business plan is similar to traveling without a map. Sure, you might get where you are going, but there is a high chance you could get lost along the way. A business plan will give you a competitive edge, propel your business forward, and demonstrate the viability of your business to potential sponsors and investors. Your business plan should include in-depth analysis, calculations, and projections of how you expect your business should unfold in the future. 

Ensure your app is simple, functional, and unique 

You might be tempted to include many fancy features and functions to keep your target audience hooked. However, cluttering your application could slow it down and confuse the users. Your limited resources might not also support the addition of too many features on your mobile app. The best way to go about app development would be to keep things simple and emphasize functionality. We advise you to choose stable, reliable, and functional software over one with numerous features that will do nothing for you in the long run. 

Take advantage of pre-built templates 

We understand you would want to build a unique and high-quality app for your clients to enjoy. However, building one from scratch is not cheap. An excellent solution for this predicament would be to tweak a pre-built template to fit your unique project requirements. Pre-built templates are also great because you can incorporate the appropriate plugins and third-party APIs to get the desired results. However, when using third-party resources, expect the application to slow down.  

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Outsource to an MSP

Hiring qualified personnel to become a part of your in-house team is pretty expensive, considering they will require allowances, salaries, and overtime. The recruitment process isn’t straightforward either, and it takes considerable time before you get the right hire. Entrusting your app development project to an external team is less costly and will save you more time. 

You also need not train the outsourced team because they possess the skills and training to meet your needs. We suggest you outsource your app development project to a managed service provider and rest easy knowing you have the best team on the job. You could look up the meaning of MSP to gain a deeper understanding of what it is and the various benefits to your company. 

Use reliable tools 

The advancement of modern technology has paved the way for numerous technologies to help developers create mobile apps. You could also peruse various packages till you find one that fits your budget. However, a stylish package doesn’t always guarantee you will have a high-quality app for your business. You are better off choosing the right tech stack with the help of your development team. 

Select a fitting pricing model 

Since you are on a budget, choosing a pocket-friendly pricing model would be wise. Paying the app developer by the hour might not make sense for your budget since there is no telling how long the project could take before it is complete. Therefore, we suggest you choose a fixed price model, where you pay the developer after they complete the project. Your contract could dictate that you pay for a few months, within which the developer should finish developing the app and ensure the results are satisfactory. 

Create a minimal viable product 

There is a chance your target audience might dislike your app once you release it. Therefore, it would be wise to determine how your clients will respond to your dream app. We recommend you start with an MVP version of the application, complete with the essential functions your audience would consider attractive. Using an MVP is like dipping your toes in water instead of diving head first. Once you receive a positive response, you can work on improving the app and creating the final version. MVPs are cheaper to make; in less than three months, you have a complete product to present to your clients. 

Wrap up 

With the tips discussed above, you can create a customer-facing app for your business and start reaping the numerous benefits. Some excellent examples of mobile apps you could create include task resolution apps, loyalty apps, and customer service apps and more. Remember, getting it right with the technology will transform your business operations. 

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