5 Top Brands SWOT Analysis – How Can Entrepreneurs Use SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis of big companies

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must regularly analyze your plans and check your progress. A SWOT analysis is one of the best ways to analyze your business progress. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat analysis of a business. This is an in-depth analysis of a company’s process to overcome challenges and generate leads. SWOT analysis can help you improve your business, grow and work on your strengths.

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Here in this article, we will give you details of the SWOT analysis of five top brands across the globe. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should read these analyses in detail and learn from the mistakes and progress of these brands. Let us start with the first one:

1. SWOT Analysis of Dior 

Dior is one of the leading brands of the Christian Dior Group. Dior generated 1043 Euros in 2016, from which 971 were earned from retail, 56 from wholesale, and five from royalties. Ever since then, the company has constantly been growing.


Strong branding is one of its major strengths of Dior. The company’s social media presence has greatly helped it increase its online visibility, target customers, and brand equity. The brand has associated itself with top-notch ambassadors, including Rihanna, Natalie Portman, and the GOAT Johnny Depp.


Too many brands in the portfolio are a big weakness of the brand. The reputation of the groups in the brand is dependent on the quality and exclusiveness of products. 

In addition, the company has to face reputational damages due to brand ambassadors. For instance, the defamation case on J. Depp recently resulted in a loss in the company’s repo.


The brand has tons of opportunities that help fuel the company’s growth. Changing lifestyles, growing middle class, and supply-side integrations are some factors the company can turn into opportunities. 


The fad life cycle, which means the short life cycle of fashion or products, is a serious threat. The company needs to come up with new ideas/designs constantly. Government regulations also add to the threats to the company. Taxations and import & export restrictions can be a real problem for the company.

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2. SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc.

Apple is one of the leading multinational companies in the United States. Apple designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electronics, software, and internet services across the globe. Apple Inc. is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful businesses. 

A crucial role within Apple Inc. that significantly contributes to its worldwide success is that of the business analyst. Business analysts at Apple are tasked with using data to drive important decisions, identify opportunities for innovation, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The company was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs and two other co-founders. The company is famous today for its high-quality products, including the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. Apple’s goal and mission statement is to bring the best user experience to customers through its hardware, software, and services. rooms which the company plans to expand by more than 200,000 over the next few years. 


  • Brand value of over $480,000 Million.
  • Premium and luxurious brand identity.
  • Proficient research & development team.
  • Integrated ecosystem.
  • Strong service model growth.
  • Liam’s contribution to sustainability.


  • Dependency on third-party supplies like semiconductors
  • The high price of products iPhone’s App store monopoly 
  • Absolute incompatibility with other software 
  • Limited phone/tab models


  • Apple has the opportunity to expand into developing countries.
  • Deliver self-driving software tech to the automobile industry.
  • Expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • Possibility of adding health functions to the Apple Watch.
  • Growth in the smart home market.


  • Apple is always at risk of cyber-attacks. 
  • Apple faces fierce competition in the mobile phone industry.
  • Samsung is selling almost the same quality products at a cheaper price.
  • US-China tensions are also a threat to Apple’s business.
  • Risk of patent infringements.

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3. SWOT Analysis of Marriott International Inc. 

Marriott is one of the most popular and premium USA-based hotels and hospitality brands. Marriot owns over 6000 premium properties across more than 120 countries. 

You would be shocked to know that the hotel chain has more than 1.2 million stablished in 1927 in Washington by Willard Marriott. Today the company is headed by his son, Executive Chairman Bill Marriot, and CEO Arne Sorenson. Since its early days, the company has been on the Fortune 100 list. 

Surprisingly Marriot has been ranked in the 33rd place for the past 20 years and has retained its position. Marriott also owns Ritz Carlton, and today there are over 80 hotels under that brand!


  • The biggest strength of Marriott is its strict adherence to operational norms.
  • Presence across the globe and 6k+ properties under its umbrella.
  • Marriot always focuses on innovation and purgation.
  • The company always drives for a competitive advantage.
  • Power of positivity across the board.


  • The company excessively focuses on the expansion of properties across the globe.
  • Over-emphasis on service standardization (Marriott’s Way) sometimes brings down the morale of employees.
  • Negative reviews and controversies.
  • Focused on being a family business.


  • The shift in consumer behavior brings a lot of opportunities for the company.
  • The hotel business is a hugely unexploited market.
  • An increase in global traveling people increases opportunities for the business.
  • Personalized attention can generate premium rents.


  • The biggest threat Marriot faces is competition.
  • Hilton, Serena, Novotel, Hyatt, and Four Seasons hotel are top competitors.
  • Economic recession in some companies can hit the revenue of the hotels.
  • Premium hotels hosting VIP guests are always at risk of terror attacks.

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4. SWOT Analysis of HubSpot

HubSpot is also one of the leading sellers of inbound marketing sales and customer service products established in the US. The services and products of HubSpot are always focused on providing the best tools for CRM, on saying the least. 

You would find tools to help users in customer relationship management, social media marketing, content management, web analytics, search engine optimization, lead generation, customer support, and live chat. 

The market capital of HubSpot is more than $35 Billion as of 2022. Some of the products which make HubSpot a famous platform includes:

  • Free tools
  • Marketing hub
  • Sales hub
  • CMS hub 
  • Operations hub 

SWOT Details of HubSpot are mentioned below.


  • The biggest strength of HubSpot is its strong free cash flow
  • Good return on investment Strong portfolio of the brand 
  • Outstanding performance in new markets 
  • Strong dealer community
  • Highly skilled workforce 
  • Digital mergers and acquisitions.


  • The company needs more investment to develop new technology 
  • Financial planning and reforms are not being managed properly 
  • High labor outflow is a big weakness of HubSpot 
  • There is very high competition in the digital space
  • The product marketing route is not defined.


  • New environmental policies can create new opportunities
  • New taxation policies can increase profitability 
  • Government agreements can open new markets 
  • New customers can be acquired through online channels 
  • Economic recoveries can increase market share.


  • Legal actions against the company can harm the company’s development 
  • There is fierce competition in this leagueHubSpot can face issues related to liability laws in different countries.
  • Global operations of HubSpot increase risks of currency fluctuations.
  • Quantitative increase in commodities can risk the profitability of the company

5. SWOT Analysis of BMW

BMW is a German-Automobile production company. BMW has become one of the leading car manufacturing companies globally. It is present today in more than 140 countries. BMW is among the top hundred global brands globally and has a value of 27.6 billion dollars. 


  • BMW has a strong brand value and high net worth, which adds to its credibility 
  • The company spends over 30 billion euros on research and development every year 
  • BMW has the highest brand loyalty score 
  • BMW holds the 1st position in the world’s premium segment 
  • BMW has a small yet smartly managed portfolio
  • The company has strong revenue growth, and financial health with a strong value chain network.


  • BMW has a 92% debt-to-equity ratio, which is quite high 
  • Compared to other leading car brands like Volkswagen, the company has a small portfolio BMW faces tons of lawsuits from activists because of the company’s inability to reduce emission goals. 
  • The low recall rate has been damaging repo of the company 
  • Poor marketing tactics have also created bad publicity for BMW
  • The cars of BMW are too expensive for a middle-class customer.


  • BMW can increase revenue by entering the rental car segment 
  • BMW can generate opportunities from the connected car market growth
  • Expansion in a self-driving segment Affordable segment for the middle class 
  • Opportunities in geographical expansion.


  • Geopolitical tensions like the Russia-Ukraine war can threaten the company’s imports.
  • The trade war between the US and China is also increasing the production cost of BMW
  • Mercedes, AUDI, and Tesla are tough competitors to BMW
  • Rising fuel prices are resulting in a decline in car sales.

How Can Entrepreneurs Use SWOT Analysis?

This post has mentioned a brief SWOT analysis of the top five globally recognized companies. A SWOT analysis is very important for a businessman/entrepreneur as it provides complete insights about what’s working and what’s not for a brand. 

Instead of making the same mistakes, you must learn from the errors of other brands and the cash opportunities they are currently missing out on. Once you have examined a company’s SWOT analysis in a relevant category like yours, you can easily build your strengths, avoid any weaknesses, fight all possible threats, and create new opportunities for you and your team.

If you plan on starting a new business and want to be successful, you must study marketing strategies, SWOT analysis, and PESTLE analysis of top brands across the globe. You can find accurate information and ample information for study on StrategyFinders.com

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