Unlocking the Power of Sleep Tracker Apps to Combat Sleep Debt

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Sleep disorder is one topic that keeps many awake at night. 10% of people globally have insomnia. 

Many adults are sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation doesn’t happen overnight. It builds up over time – a combination of hours, days, or weeks of insufficient sleep. 

When you don’t get up to the required hours of sleep, you’re in sleep debt. It is the difference between the hours of sleep you need and the hours you get. Sleep debt often leads to sleep deprivation, causing various health challenges, including moodiness, stroke, and neurodegenerative diseases. 

With the help of advanced technology like sleep tracker apps, you can significantly improve your sleep routine. Sleep-tracking apps help you sleep better while recording crucial health-related data. 

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Here’s how these technologies can change your sleep cycle for the better.

How sleep tracking apps help you combat sleep debt

Combating sleep deficit can be challenging, with personal, social, and professional responsibilities occupying your time and concentration. However, you can do this with the help of sleep-tracking technology. These devices and software packages can help you start and maintain a healthy sleep cycle, drastically reducing your sleep debt

While purchasing these sleep-tracking devices, it’s best to have realistic expectations. Getting back lost sleep is nearly impossible, and sleep tracker apps are not meant to restore your lost sleep time. Instead, they help you prevent future sleep debts. 

That’s not all; here’s how a sleep-tracking device enables you to achieve a healthy sleep cycle:

1. Track your sleep time

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A sleep tracker takes note of the time you usually fall asleep. This technology tracks the average time you get from one sleep stage to another. 

Knowing your sleep time is vital. It can reveal underlying health problems or reasons for your poor sleep habits. The time you sleep is as crucial as how much sleep you get. This is because, although there’s no “wrong time” to sleep, there’s a “preferred period” to sleep.

Sleeping at the right time puts you in a position to get all the health benefits of a good night’s rest. There’s no one-size-fits-all bedtime for everyone. According to medical experts, having a consistent sleep routine is what counts. Thus, consistently sleeping and waking at a definite period is healthier, and these apps can help achieve it. 

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2. Calculate your sleep deficit

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You probably have more important things to focus on than calculating how much sleep you missed the previous week. A sleep tracker app helps you do the vital math you don’t have to do. 

Sometimes, humans need evidence to realize the gravity of the situation. With this data, you can see in numbers how much wholesome sleep you deprive yourself of. 

3. Get comprehensive insights into your sleep cycle

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It’s nearly impossible to find solutions if you don’t know where the problem lies. During sleep, humans have little to no knowledge of what happens, making it tricky to learn much about their sleep patterns. Fortunately, sleep-tracking apps help you discover vital information while you sleep. 

Understanding your sleep pattern can help you sleep better. To illustrate, some of the best sleep gadgets record your rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) states while you sleep. 

These applications can detect when you’re in the deep or light sleep stage. They take note of the sleep stage you are in the longest.

Some even record and measure your breathing and heart rate while you sleep. With these pieces of information, you can quickly find solutions to your sleep mishaps with the aid of a medical practitioner.

4. Set and achieve sleep goals 

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If you want to prevent sleep debt for good, you must get serious about it. Set sleep goals. 

Rest assured, some of the best sleep trackers on the market are made for that. Sleep tracking devices can help you plan a healthy sleep routine, establishing a consistent bedtime and waking moment. They can also provide valuable tips to step up your sleep game. 

From learning how to improve your sleep routine to cultivating healthy sleeping habits, you can reach your goals quickly. 

5. Better than your average alarm clock

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Alarms can be frustrating. Some days, their bothersome noise makes you want to smash them and go back to sleep. 

Sleep apps also double as your alarm, waking you up at the right time. 

However, the alarms in sleep tracker apps work smartly. They start with a low sound and gradually increase their volume without annoying you. That way, your mind adjusts to the sound, waking you up more naturally.

6. Compatible with various electronic devices

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If you worry that you might need to make room in your house for a super sleep gizmo, don’t be. Sleep trackers are incredibly handy. They come in two main categories: wearables and non-wearables. 

While some are hardware devices, others are downloadable software packages. They are also compatible with virtually every device or operating system. 

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Concluding thoughts

Studying your sleep pattern is the key to combating sleep debt. That’s where sleep-tracking apps come in. They don’t just help you collect data; they also enable you to set and achieve your sleep goals. 

Using these apps, you can plan when to go to bed, how much sleep you get, and when you wake up daily. Consequently, you establish a healthy sleep routine to prevent chronic heart and neurodegenerative diseases.

Getting back lost sleep is unrealistic, but you can stop incurring sleep debt by harnessing the power of sleep trackers. 

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