Top 50 Best App Builders 2024: Pick Your Favourite No-Code App Builder Right Now!


Hello everyone, and welcome back to Just Create App! We’ve compiled a list of the best app builders: No code app builders in 2024.

So, why is it necessary to list the best app builder: No code app builder in 2024?

As more businesses take their business online, the demand for mobile app developers has skyrocketed. But what if you lack the time or resources to hire a developer?

Enter app developers. These sleek online tools enable you to create your own mobile apps without any programming knowledge, often by arranging components and adding dynamic functionality using simple drag-and-drop interfaces.

What is a No Code App Builder platform, and why should you use it in 2024?

The process of app development has changed dramatically over the last decade, allowing an increasing number of non-technical developers to dip their toes in the development pond.

Traditional app development methods involve extensive technical training and a team of multiple developers to create even the most basic applications. The introduction of low-code and no-code tools has significantly altered this dynamic.

A no-code app builder is a platform or tool that allows non-technical users and developers looking to build faster to create web and mobile apps much more quickly than traditional app development methods.

The capabilities of low-code and no-code platforms have grown tremendously as their evolution has progressed. What was once limited to early-stage MVPs (minimum viable products) has now evolved into fully scalable mobile apps for startups to enterprises, covering a wide range of business use cases.

The ultimate goal of no-code app development platforms is to accelerate app development significantly. You can create an app of comparable quality to a coded app in a fraction of the time with no-code app builder software. And, because time is money in so many ways, no-code app development is far less expensive than coding.

We will introduce you to some of the best no-code platforms on the market in this article. Each of these platforms has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, each brings something unique to the table.

Top 50 Best App Builders in 2023: No Code App Builders

26Go Canvas

Details Description Of No Code App Builders

1. Buildfire: Best all-around Mobile App Builder

BuildFire provides your company with the resources it requires to thrive in today’s competitive mobile app market. BuildFire provides a no-code platform for businesses of all sizes to create mobile apps. We also provide an all-inclusive mobile app development service to help you get up and running quickly. The industry leader in mobile apps will provide you with expert app strategy, development, and ongoing optimization and support.

Best For

BuildFire develops mobile apps for clients ranging from small start-ups to large corporations like PayPal and Cisco.


Monthly cost is $150.


  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Debugging
  • Deployment Management
  • Design Templates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Feature Library
  • Mobile Development
  • No-Code
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Prototype Creation
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Source Control
  • Visual Modeling


  • UI with drag and drop
  • Back-end coding is possible.
  • Synchronization of content across pages and platforms
  • Browser within the app


  • E-commerce integrations are limited.

2. Appy Pie : Best app builder for small businesses

Appy Pie is a platform for developing mobile apps. Appy Pie has a codeless platform that makes it possible to develop mobile apps without writing any code. With Appy Pie, you can build an app, integrate your backend systems and publish it in the App Store and Google Play with just a few clicks. The company was founded in 2013 by two friends Michael Yavonditte and Siva Kumar who met while getting their MBAs at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Appy Pie was created with the aim of making app development accessible to everyone, not just developers.

Using Appy Pie to create your mobile app is easy. Simply enter the name of your business and select what category you want your app to be shown in, then choose a color scheme. That’s all there is to it.

Online stores can be created quickly and directly within the App. Payments to Appy Pie can be controlled from your store, letting you streamline your accounting into a single interface. Rinse. Repeat!   There are 10 sentences total in this lesson. A list of the vocabulary words used is posted below:

With Appy Pie’s custom-built eCommerce feature, you can easily order the goods and services required to run your retail operation.

Features Includes

  • Payment Security for apps
  • You can manage Appy Pie through the Connect app.
  • This platform has a built-in publishing
  • 24/7 Customer service


  • In-app purchases and secure bookings
  • Templates for a wide variety of businesses.
  • Exceptional customer service staff
  • Offline features


  • Upgrades aren’t always possible.
  • In spite of their “clunky” user experience, most people believe their feature set outweighs this criticism.

Buying: For an ad-free subscription, you’ll pay $16.00 a month.

3. Thunkable: Best No Code App

Thunkable simplifies app development in two ways. First, it offers a pre-made library of more than 300 components that cover the most common needs for mobile apps. Second, Thunkable lets you create custom designs for your app, which means you can focus on the look and feel of your app while leaving the coding to Thunkable. Thunkable also keeps you up-to-date with its innovation engine. You can view updates from other Thunkable developers and add them to your app directly from the platform in just a few clicks.

With Thunkable’s Advanced Logic Module, you can add complex decision-making structures to your apps. Use this module to control how your app behaves based on user input, data values, or time-based conditions.

Features Includes

  • Modules with more advanced algorithms
  • a device that is native to the platform
  • Enormous adaptability
  • Drop and drag


Interesting UI

Native apps are supported.

Simple to learn

Excellent tech support


only a few mathematical operations

App customization limitations

Buying: Provides a free account and a $13.00 beginning account.

4. Jotform Apps : Best app builder for multiple forms

With Jotform’s app builder, you can create a customized mobile application for your company that works on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Choose from 200+ different templates such as e-commerce and healthcare. You don’t have to worry about coding at all; just drag and drop components from one page into another.

You can then share your app with your customers or employees so they can do everything right on their mobile devices submit forms, documents, or surveys, receive notifications, upload photos or videos, and communicate with staff members in real-time. Jotform is easy to use, secure and affordable. Choose your industry and get started today!

Features Includes

  • 30+ Payment Gateways are supported.
  • Forms can be deployed in bundles.
  • There are more than 70 App Widgets
  • Layouts That Are Ready to Go


  • Cost-free
  • Can work with a variety of payment processors.
  • Provides components that have already been constructed.
  • Relatively simple adaptability


Limited Implementation between Forms

Buying: Free

5. Bubble :  Best No Code App builder

Bubble is a no-code visual programming tool which functions as the platform that delivers your application, and you design it using a drag-and-drop interface in the browser. Bubble does all the necessary setup and provisioning for a web application to execute.

You can use Bubble to prototype any kind of web app: from a simple site for your small business to complex enterprise systems. And, with our recent launch of serverless computing, Bubble users can now create scalable applications without writing a single line of code!

Bubble cares about the drag-and-drop builder and delivering your application. It gives you version control on your app so that way you can make positive modifications to it

Bubble provides graphs on server metrics such as page visits and host utilization. This will tell you when your hosting provider should make upgrades.

Features Includes

  • UI Developer
  • strong plugins
  • Hosting
  • Instantaneous cooperation


  • Continuity in drag and drop operations
  • fantastic visual workflow editor
  • AWS cloud-based database hosting
  • automatically increasing capacity as the app expands


Customizing elements is limited because most themes are pre-made.

shared server hosting

Buying: Starting at $29.00 per month for each user

6. Retool :  Best app builder software made for developers

Retool makes it easy for you to create an internal app for your business. You can build, test and deploy your app in a matter of minutes. Retool integrates with over 100 different apps to help you gather information and store data all in one place. Retool is perfect for getting started with building an internal app. It’s cost-effective, simple, and fast!

It gives you plenty of options to make your data easy to understand. In fact, there are a bunch of tools you can use to display and manage your data.

Features Includes

  • UI with drag & drop
  • connects to any tools, APIs, or databases
  • deployment of applications
  • extending code in programming


  • easy integration and coding
  • simple to use UI setup
  • A user-friendly development interface
  • extensibility of coding


  • Price complications
  • limited management of roles

Buying: Free accounts are available, and team accounts cost $10.00 per user.

7. GameSalad : Best app builder for progressive web apps

With the GameSalad builder, you don’t need to know any code to test your game on a device. Simply drag and drop your way to success! You can also share your games with friends and family, or submit them to the App Store for a chance of becoming an overnight hit.

GameSalad’s behavior library makes it easy for creators to create complex interactions without writing code. And with the addition of our new triggers, creators can now get even more creative!

GameSalad allows game designers to quickly and easily prototype, which gives them better feedback on what works and what doesn’t. This leads to faster iterations in the design of a successful game.

Features Includes

  • private previewer
  • Encourage cross-platform construction
  • offers a monetization option and social features
  • Playing for free


  • Simple game creation and publication
  • supports Windows, Amazon Marketplace, Android, and iOS
  • fantastic technical support
  • robust instructional knowledge base


Limitedly altering the code


Provides a free account and a basic account for $17 per month.

8. GoodBarber :  Best app builder or No Code App

GoodBarber is a tool for creating apps that enables the development of sturdy and powerful apps with the greatest possible design and user experience.

The goal of GoodBarber is to make its technology available on both smartphones and the web. With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, it allows anyone to create professional-grade apps without any coding experience.

GoodBarber makes it easy for everyone to develop their own app ideas on the go and publish them in the App Store or Google Play. You can choose from more than 30 templates, which are constantly being developed by our team of designers.

Every template is unique so you can let your imagination run wild! Whether you want an app for your restaurant or a fantasy game, GoodBarber provides everything you need!

Features Includes

  • No-code creation
  • Open API
  • Advancement Web Apps (PWA)
  • Process automation


  • choices for attractive design templates
  • role-based management
  • Simple to use UI
  • very adaptable


Unavailable for Free

Buying: $25.00 per month to start

9. Salesforce Mobile App Builder : Best app builder for Salesforce users

The Salesforce Mobile App Builder is a platform that enables business users to quickly create and deploy custom mobile apps. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easily creating screens and flows, and you can use the built-in Lightning components or your own custom code to design the app. You can deploy the app directly to Salesforce or a third-party mobile backend as a service.

With Salesforce Mobile App Builder, you can build Lightning mobile apps that tap into the full power of Salesforce. You can access data from any object or report and use Apex code or lightning components to process it. These capabilities make this tool stand out among others in the market.

Features Includes

  • Designer of Lighting Objects
  • Developer of Lighting Apps
  • Fireworks Flow
  • Pro-code tools


  • Simple custom user interface creation
  • Salesforce connectivity
  • provides built-in parts


Unsuitable for small businesses

Buying: Starting at $25.00 per month

10. AppSheet :  Best no-code app builder for Google

AppSheet has many features for developing custom apps, including a visual editor that makes it easy to create forms and reports, and a wide variety of built-in functions that you can use to calculate data or automate tasks.

AppSheet’s commercial plan is free for up to 10 apps per month, but most users will likely want the Pro plan ($15 per month) so they can build more complex apps without hitting the limit.

Google Cloud AI and ML allow organizations to create automated actions/views based on user intent. With AppSheet’s capabilities, an app created in a single environment can be utilized across multiple formats (laptops, mobile devices, etc.)

You can connect to a wide variety of data sources, including GPS location coordinates and photos.

Features Includes

  • multiplatform compatibility
  • Integration of Data
  • Strong template selection
  • Hybrid cloud facilitation


  • Zero coding
  • amazing templates
  • a workflow automation service
  • Simple to use UI


  • minimal personalization
  • A premium feature is an advanced editor.

Buying: provides a free account and a $5 monthly subscription for subscribers.

What is an app builder?

AppBuilder is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a mobile app without writing any code. AppBuilder gives you the ability to quickly and easily create advanced apps without needing to understand how to code. An app builder is not a mobile app development platform, so it is a software development platform that helps non-technical users build mobile apps.

Benefits of No-Code App Builder

No-code app builders are a good solution because you can use them to make great apps just like Airbnb or Facebook without knowing how to code. Without coding experience, you can still build websites and other things online.

No-code app builders allow:

  • Enhanced processes
  • speedier to market
  • improved teamwork
  • decreased costs
  • more convenient to test, change, and update
  • reduced blocks
  • greater cooperation


Keep in mind that “no-code” doesn’t necessarily indicate “simple.” Thoughtfulness and unwavering determination are still needed to create a no-code app.

The playing field has been leveled, nevertheless, by no-code development platforms.

Now, anyone can design and construct their program with no code, whether they’re designing software, changing a process, or creating an app from scratch. That technology is very amazing.

Take advantage of any free trials or plans before making the final purchase because, depending on your company’s needs, any of the no-code applications on our list could be a wonderful fit. Make sure they have low-code options if you do have some coding experience so you can enjoy the best app-building experience.

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