6 Lucrative Outdoor Business Ideas to Try in 2024

Outdoor business ideas

As we look towards 2024, the outdoor industry presents a plethora of lucrative business ideas that blend the joy of being in nature with profitability. These ventures are not only about making money; they also offer a chance to connect with nature and provide unique experiences to others. From eco-friendly tours to outdoor fitness programs, the scope for outdoor businesses is vast and varied. 

Let’s explore six outdoor business ideas below.

1. Eco-Friendly Adventure Tours

Eco-friendly adventure tours represent a unique intersection of environmental consciousness and the growing demand for outdoor experiences. Portland, with its lush landscapes and commitment to sustainability, serves as an excellent example of where such a business could thrive. These tours focus on low-impact travel, emphasizing activities that are both thrilling and respectful to the environment.

Eco-Friendly Adventure Tours

Starting an eco-friendly adventure tour business in a place like Portland involves offering guided hikes, bike tours, or kayaking adventures that showcase the area’s natural beauty while educating participants about local ecosystems and conservation efforts. The key to success in this niche is creating experiences that are not only adventurous but also informative and aligned with sustainable practices. Marketing strategies should highlight the eco-friendly aspects of the tours, appealing to a growing segment of environmentally conscious travelers.

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2. Luxury Camping and Glamping Services

Luxury Camping and Glamping Services

Luxury camping, or ‘glamping,’ has emerged as a sought-after outdoor business idea, offering the allure of camping with the comforts of a luxury stay. In this venture, the focus is on providing clients with a high-end outdoor experience that includes comfortable bedding, gourmet food, and, often, breathtaking views.

An essential aspect of setting up a glamping service is the location – it needs to be scenic yet accessible, and Portland is brimming with such places. Investing in quality tents and providing amenities that elevate the camping experience is crucial. In addition, considerations such as sanitation are vital for customer satisfaction. Renting porta-johns in PDX (Portland) can be a practical solution for sanitation needs, ensuring that guests have access to clean and convenient facilities. It not only enhances the guest experience but also adheres to environmentally best practices. 

Marketing these services can involve highlighting the unique combination of adventure and luxury, appealing to those who love the idea of camping but prefer the comforts of a hotel.

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3. Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Programs

Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Programs

The trend of outdoor fitness and wellness programs has been gaining momentum, and it’s expected to flourish in 2024. These programs include activities like yoga retreats in natural settings, outdoor boot camps, and even wilderness therapy sessions. The appeal lies in combining the physical benefits of exercise with the mental and emotional rejuvenation that nature provides.

Setting up an outdoor fitness and wellness business requires identifying scenic and suitable locations where classes or sessions can be conducted. Instructors should be certified and skilled in delivering engaging outdoor fitness programs. Promoting health, well-being, and the unique experience of exercising in nature can attract a wide range of clients. Networking with local communities and leveraging social media for promotion are effective ways to build a client base for such a venture.

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4. Mobile Food and Beverage Services for Outdoor Events

Mobile Food and Beverage Services for Outdoor Events

The trend of mobile food and beverage services is reshaping the outdoor event landscape. Catering to outdoor events like festivals, concerts, and weddings in natural settings, these mobile services offer convenience and a diverse culinary experience. The key to success in this niche lies in understanding the preferences of outdoor enthusiasts and tailoring the menu to suit various outdoor settings.

From food trucks parked at bustling national parks to bespoke catering for an intimate outdoor wedding, the possibilities are vast. Entrepreneurs should focus on creating a unique brand that resonates with the outdoor spirit – think gourmet sandwiches for hikers or refreshing smoothies for beachgoers. Obtaining the necessary permits and understanding the logistics of mobile catering are crucial steps. The business can thrive on versatility and the ability to provide quality food in locations where traditional catering may not be feasible.

5. Outdoor Photography Workshops and Tours

Outdoor Photography Workshops and Tours

The beauty of nature combined with the art of photography offers a lucrative business opportunity in the form of outdoor photography workshops and tours. These ventures cater to photography enthusiasts and tourists looking to capture the beauty of the outdoors through their lenses. The business involves organizing tours in picturesque locations and teaching photography skills to participants.

Skills and knowledge in photography are essential, as is a deep understanding of the outdoor locations chosen for the workshops. Entrepreneurs should be equipped with the right equipment and be able to impart photography techniques suited to outdoor settings. Marketing strategies could focus on the unique experience of learning photography in stunning natural landscapes, appealing to both amateur photographers and those seeking a unique travel experience. Collaborations with travel agencies and photography clubs can help in reaching the target market effectively.

6. Sustainable Farming and Agritourism

Sustainable Farming and Agritourism

Sustainable farming and agritourism present a unique business idea that combines agriculture with tourism. This concept involves inviting visitors to experience farm life, learn about sustainable farming practices, and enjoy fresh, farm-to-table produce. It’s an opportunity to educate people about where their food comes from and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Starting this business requires access to farmland and a commitment to sustainable farming practices. Entrepreneurs can offer various activities like farm tours, workshops on organic farming, or even farm stays. Partnering with local businesses, such as restaurants and markets, can also add value to the venture. Agritourism not only provides an educational and enjoyable experience for visitors but also promotes local agriculture and supports the rural economy.


In conclusion, the scope for outdoor business ideas in 2024 is truly vast, offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to tap into the growing demand for outdoor experiences. From mobile food services catering to outdoor events to photography workshops in nature and sustainable farming ventures, each idea presents a unique blend of passion and profitability. These businesses not only cater to the evolving preferences of consumers but also contribute positively to the community and the environment. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the outdoor business space can find ample opportunities to turn their passion for the outdoors into a successful enterprise.

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