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Are you looking for the best parking apps? The parking app has become incredibly popular in recent months, but it’s not the only option out there. In this blog post, we’ll share a list of the top 11+ parking apps.

Large cities are filled with traffic due to drivers looking for parking spots. IBM found that 30% of a city’s traffic is attributed to drivers looking for parking and 61% is spent finding parking, so saving time in this area could help reduce gridlock. Fortunately, there are apps available such as SpotHero and Parking Panda that help you find better rates on existing street spots and even reserve one ahead of time all from your smartphone. Keep reading after the infographic to learn more about these gems!

Use Parking Apps to Find Spots, Prices and even Reserve a Space.

The following list is a sampling of some of the best parking apps that will exist in 2022.

Top 11 Alternatives Parking Apps for Your City

1. BestParking: Best Parking App

BestParking is a parking app available in 105 cities across North America, from New York to Las Vegas and Vancouver to Boston. The BestParking app allows you quickly compare different parking lots and prices all on one screen so that no matter where you are, it will help save time while finding the best deal.

With 850 000 monthly users supported by outstanding reviews, including time-saving services such as booking options, directions search, tap shuttles transport between airports, and public transportation. BestParking provides its local customers with a smart way of budget-friendly travel.

2. Parker: Top Parking App

Parker is a parking app that helps you find and pay for parking in private garages, lots, and street meters. You can easily search for parking by location, price, distance, and payment type. Parker will even give you turn-by-turn voice directions to the spot directly from your mobile device. If you’re in a garage or lot, Parker will also give you real-time updates on pricing so you always know how much time you have left on your current session. With our built-in GPS navigation feature, we’ll guide you directly to the open spot that’s closest to your destination.

Parker also allows you to set up parking reminders so you will never have to deal with parking tickets again. You can even add notes about where the space is and what time you will be leaving. Parker keeps track of all your favorite spots, so you can quickly find them when you need them.

3. SpotHero: Best Alternative App for Parking

SpotHero has been rated #1 in the Apple App Store parking app category and has a 4.5-star rating. This app is available to mobile users on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry, and is also accessible through their website.

SpotHero allows you to park in thousands of garages across the country at bargain prices from your mobile or computer. With overly-priced gas, it is no longer worth driving, and for SpotHero pricing is so reasonable you aren’t worried about paying an arm and leg before even entering a garage.

Go on living your life with less stress regarding parking situations because SpotHero made finding cheap spots hassle-free! Live large go ahead save those dollars waving bye-bye to unbearable parking situations with SpotHero green light go!

The premium reason to use SpotHero is the added benefits that you gain. You can compare rates, find cheap spots, and book ahead (which saves time as opposed to waiting until location). Premium members also have an app with a mobile pass so they don’t even have to take a card out or open up their wallet when using it in locations such as airports.

4. ParkWhiz: Alternative Parking App

ParkWhiz is the only parking app that lets you book guaranteed parking ahead of time. You don’t have to worry about circling the block for an open spot or paying for parking in a garage where there are no spaces available. You can feel free to go about your business, knowing that ParkWhiz will meet all your parking needs.

ParkWhiz is a mobile parking app for iOS, Android, and Windows that you can use to find and reserve parking in advance. With ParkWhiz, you can: – Search by address or map. Find the least expensive parking option for your trip. You can also save your favorite spots so you can quickly access them at any time.

5. Parkopedia: Top Parking App

Operating in 89 countries worldwide, and keeping tabs on more than 70 million parking spots, Parkopedia could become your favorite navigation app. Just tell Parkopeida where you’re headed in the city of your choice and it will find the closest spot for your car, how much it will cost, and how many spaces are available. The company bills itself as the “parking partner” of a number of carmakers including GM, Ford, Mazda, and Volvo.

6. Way: App Similar to Parking Apps

The Way app is available in several major cities, including New York, Chicago and Boston. The company aims to expand its services to 10 U.S. cities by the end of 2018. The Way app is free for download on iOS and Android devices. Way is a mobile payments company focused on helping people find parking spaces through its app or website.

The company was founded in 2012 by Bumpy Sanders, who had already started several other successful startups, including SafeRide Diagnostics, which had $40 million in sales when it was sold to Trans Union, and SugarSync Inc., which was sold to J2 Global Inc. In 2016, Way received $6 million in series A funding from investors such as 500 Startups and BlueRun Ventures LLC. Way offers two main services:

  • Parking Pass and
  • Hourly Parking Reservations.

7. SpotAngels: Best Parking App

SpotAngels was founded by Sergey Petrossov after he had his car towed and was forced to pay $569 to recover it. This app helps people find street parking and avoid tickets, showing users parking options, and sending reminders to help drivers avoid tickets.

The company website even has a map to help users find free parking. The app is available in over 35 cities across the U.S.—and SpotAngels is currently planning on expanding into additional markets.

8. ParkMe: Top Parking App

ParkMe is the largest parking database in the world. With over 84,000 locations in 64 countries and counting, you can count on ParkMe every time you need to find a spot. And now that they’re offering valet coupons with every reservation made through their app (available for iPhone), it’s even easier to find an available space right where you need it.

Planning and completing your trip will involve less stress because the app allows for advanced planning: whether looking up a spot within two weeks or making reservations based on preferences like discount options or location type, PARKME has all of your future trips lined out before ever having to set foot outside again!

9. Parking Mate: App Similar to Parking Apps

Parking Mate is the only parking app that lets you find the safest and closest available space for your vehicle. The app uses a combination of GPS, data from other drivers, and data from cities to determine the best spots to park, as well as provide information on which spots are open or closed due to construction.

They also built Parking Mate to enhance safety by informing drivers of neighborhood parking regulations through our “Parking Rules” feature. You can add rules for your neighborhood that will be displayed on users’ phones when nearby.

10. Parking Panda: Alternative Parking App

It is a next-level parking app that allows users to reserve their parking spots in advance and save big. Parking Panda partners with lots of parking facilities all around the country, which means that more people than ever can benefit from the service without having to worry about searching for the best deal.

Forbes recommends Parking Panda because it’s different from its competitors. It partners with stadiums, family attractions, and other events so that you can find a parking spot close to the action without wasting time searching for a place to park your car. There is also a referral program that you can participate in which will allow you to earn free parking times.

11. ParkMobile: Top Parking App

ParkMobile is a free app that lets you search for and reserve parking spaces in advance. You can find parking garages near your destination or type in an address to see locations around you.

The app will present the available parking facilities, based on distance and price, so you can select which garage works best for you. Then reserve a spot and save time and money by skipping the garage with long lines or expensive pay-to-park fees. ParkMobile has more than 2,000 parking facilities across 66 cities in North America, including Boston, Chicago, and New York City.

The service offers ample spots for drivers who are heading into town for the day and need to find a place to park their car near their destination. The ParkMobile app makes it easier than ever to park. You can:

  • Find available parking in over 18,000 cities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe
  • Reserve a spot in advance at many locations
  • Get directions to your space
  • Receive an alert when your time is almost up
  • Pay for your parking right from your mobile phone.

Check Out These 4 Best Parking Apps

1. ParkWhiz: Best Alternative App for Parking

Source: ParkWhiz

2. Passport Parking: Best Parking App

source: Passport Parking

3. PayByPhone: Best Parking App

Source: pay by phone

4. The Parking Spot: Best App for Parking

Source: The Parking spot

What Makes Parking Apps Important?

One of the biggest annoyances of city driving is looking for a handy location. The last thing you need to do is aimlessly wander the streets looking for a parking spot, whether you’re headed to a concert, restaurant, or your office downtown for a meeting.

You may prevent this inconvenience and gain these benefits by using parking apps.

  • You’ll save time: When you know where your parking spot is and how to pay quickly, you save time for work/leisure. There’s no need to find a location or use a perplexing kiosk.
  • You’ll save money: Parking applications help clients discover locations and provide discounted rates. Parking applications can avoid tickets. A number of enterprises were inspired by founders’ towing costs.
  • It’s better for the environment: Spending less time seeking for parking means burning less fuel.
  • It’s more practical: When did you last have a handful of pennies in your car? When you use an app to pay for parking, you don’t need the right change or enough. In many circumstances, you’ve paid in advance.
  • It’s safer: If you’re focused on locating a parking spot in a new city, you may be less vigilant.
  • It’s less stressful: Whether you’re shopping in the suburbs or in NYC, traveling may be difficult. How do we park? Where are we parked? and Am I in a street-cleaning zone? can add stress to a journey.
  • It’s more convenient: Instead of using a credit card, you can pay over the phone. And if a meter fails, drivers will have proof they paid.

Which Parking Application is the Best?

Saying is difficult. The top three items on our list, Spot Hero, BestParking, and ParkWhiz, appear to be ranked similarly across different websites.

Which app is the best for locating parking garages?

A significant portion of our research refers to BestParking because it has a huge directory of cities, each of which has lots and garages where you can park your automobile.

What is the Top App for Finding Parking at airports?

While there are other apps that can be used to locate parking at the airport, Parking Space deserves to be mentioned once more. This software provides a program for loyal users: the more reservations you make, the more points you earn for free parking. It works similarly to how an airline offers frequent flyer miles. You can use it to find shuttles going to and from the airport as well as to your location.

Grab Parking Apps Today!

These are the best parking apps you can get right now. Start using them to make it easier for yourself to park. SpotHero, ParkWhiz, and ParkMobile can all help you find a parking spot in a parking garage.

It could take a while for you to figure out which app works best for you. If you’re trying to figure out which app is better, it’s more about what you like. For example, SpotHero and ParkWhiz are both very similar, so it’s up to you to decide which one you like better. It could also depend on where you live since some apps might not be as easy to find in some cities.

Stop driving around the block looking for parking spots and garages that are open. Instead, use these parking apps. They will save you time and make it easier for you to park. Apps were made to help you with parking, so it’s time to use them.

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