Top 20 Cross Platform App Development Companies | Cross Platform App Developers to Hire in 2023

Cross Platform App Development Companies

We are here with our updated list of the top 20 Cross Platform App Development Companies in the World. Read the article for more information.

Many businesses are now faced with the challenge of developing mobile applications for multiple platforms, specifically Android and iOS. Because of this, Cross Platform Mobile Development has become one of the most popular software development trends.

According to Statista, there were 3.48 million mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and 2.22 million on the App Store in the first quarter of 2021, with Android and iOS representing 99.9% of the global mobile operating system market.

As a business, you must interact with various types of customers who own various devices and frequently switch between them. In this case, you will need to develop a mobile application that is compatible with multiple platforms and has the potential for a large number of downloads. Here comes Cross Platform App Development into play.

If you are considering developing a Cross Platform App, we have everything covered. Here is a list of the top 20 Cross Platform App Development Companies for 2022 from which you can select according to your business’s needs and budget.

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Top Cross Platform App Development Companies

  1. Velvetech
  2. HappyByte
  3. MobiDev
  4. Twin Sun
  5. CreateThrive
  6. Xmartlabs
  7. Red Foundry
  8. Softblues
  9. Geniusee
  10. CloudFlex
  11. Flatirons Development
  12. ScrumLaunch
  13. Prismetric
  14. Cleveroad
  15. Riseapps
  16. RootQuotient
  17. Emizen Tech
  18. Somnio Software
  19. Osedea
  20. Modus Create

Detailed Description of Top 10 Cross Platform App Development Companies

Are you searching for the best Cross Platform app development companies for 2022 in order to employ Cross Platform Developers? Here are the companies that can best meet your needs.

1) Velvetech

Velvetech LLC is one of the top Cross-Platform Application Development companies in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It promotes growth and innovation in the midsize market. They provide their customers and partners with the most efficient and advanced information technologies available.

They obtain solutions that enable rapid implementation of their development strategies and lead to superior business results by relying on their thought leadership. Velvetech’s developers are strategically dispersed across ten or more global technical job markets to provide superior software engineering and exceptional client services.

Velvetech has extensive experience in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, financial services, education, and technology. You can choose this company if you are looking for a highly qualified partner with a track record of success.

HeadQuarterNorthbrook, IL
Established Year2004
Price$50 – $99 / hr

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2) HappyByte

HappyByte is a Cross Platform App Development Company based in Konstanz, Germany. It is your trustable partner in app project implementation. HappyByte provides both short-term capacity for your project and long-term partnership to ensure the success of your app.

They work in the most common technologies, with a focus on Flutter, Angular, React, Node.js, Java, Firebase, and MongoDB. They turn technology into a useful app for you. Furthermore, they cover the entire lifecycle of your app, from concept and business model development to app development and marketing with ASO and ASA.

They have over 12 years of experience in app projects, delivering hundreds of projects and founding their own app startups.

HeadQuarterKonstanz, Germany
Established YearFounded 2019
Price$50 – $99 / hr

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3) MobiDev

MobiDev is an award-winning software engineering and Cross Platform App Development Company in Norcross, GA, USA. It creates both traditional and AI-powered Web and Mobile apps from scratch or integrates AI/ML components into existing systems.

MobiDev enables visionaries to create new software products with ease and joy. So they can concentrate on what really matters: their business and their clients. MobiDev delves into the client’s business case and presents viable options. MobiDev is a competent partner because it invests 30% of its R&D efforts in researching new technologies.

HeadQuarterNorcross, GA
Established YearFounded 2009
Price$50 – $99 / hr

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4) Twin Sun: One of the Best Cross Platfom App Development Companies in Nashville, TN

Each successful project begins with trust. They make this concept clear from the beginning of every new relationship. They’ll inquire about your company, your goals, and what you envision for your future product. This ensures that they are on the same page about how to build your product and provide you with the best possible results based on their understanding of your business.

They prioritise clear, consistent communication and the timely delivery of high-quality work. Touchpoints that are regularly scheduled, documentation of their progress, and opportunities for feedback ensure that you know what to expect and when. You will collaborate directly with their entirely US-based team to create the product you desire.

Their team is also skilled at inheriting incomplete applications and bringing them to completion, as well as staff augmentation and other arrangements tailored to your specific requirements. Software Design, Software Development, Marketing, Consulting, and Training are among their services.

HeadQuarterNashville, TN
Established YearFounded 2017
Price$150 – $199 / hr

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5) CreateThrive

CreateThrive is a Custom Mobile App & Cross Platform App Development Company in Montevideo, Uruguay. They design and develop software for Silicon Valley startups and multinational corporations. Their expertise is in mobile product and web development, bridging the highest user experience with enterprise-grade scalability and performance.

They combine creativity, outcome-driven development, and technical expertise to create high-quality, scalable web and mobile products. Their collaboration extends beyond feature delivery. They create innovative solutions by leveraging the cloud with Firebase and AWS, with a particular emphasis on Flutter, ReactJS, and NodeJS.

HeadQuarterMontevideo, Uruguay
Established YearFounded 2018
Price$50 – $99 / hr

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6) Xmartlabs

Xmartlabs is a product development studio and Cross Platform App Development Company based in Uruguay with offices in San Francisco. They meet the needs of high-growth startups and pioneering businesses by providing cutting-edge strategy, technology, and design to create disruptive software products and services. They have collaborated with dozens of top-tier startups and enterprise customers to design, build, and launch innovative software since 2012.

Their manoeuvrable team delivers tailored solutions to help you achieve your product and business objectives. All of their services share a common denominator of close collaboration, transparency, and flexibility. Xmartlabs develops mobile apps for an automotive technology company. They create an AI-powered search engine app with voice and touch command functionality using Python, PyTorch, Java, and Swift.

HeadQuarterMontevideo, Uruguay
Established YearFounded 2012
Price$50 – $99 / hr

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7) Red Foundry

Red Foundry is a mobile app design and development services company based in Chicago, Illinois. By developing award-winning native mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms, they help their clients “Mobilize Their Business.” They collaborate with entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to launch mobile-enabled businesses, and they collaborate with established corporations to build mobile products that support their digital transformation.

To get your custom mobile app launched, you’ll need a diverse set of skills and perspectives. Red Foundry uses a team approach to ensure that the right experts are assigned to each phase of the project lifecycle. UI/UX designers, technical architects, software engineers, testers, and project managers make up this team.

HeadQuarterChicago, IL
Established YearFounded 2009
Price$150 – $199 / hr

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8) Softblues: One of the Best Cross Platform App Development Companies in London, UK

SoftBlues has 5 years of experience working with startups and large businesses on JavaScript (React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, and React Native). They have completed over 700 projects in a variety of fields and are proud to have worked with industry leaders as well as B2B startups that serve thousands of clients and have received millions of dollars in investment. Their areas of specialisation include Business Automation, E-Commerce, Automotive, Fleet Management, and AgriTech.

They have developed their internal JS ecosystem with strong Tech Leads and more than 40 highly qualified Senior-Middle developers, with a narrow focus on JavaScript technology. They also have their own trainee programme because they are dedicated to the growth of their specialists as well as the personal and professional development of each member of the team.

HeadQuarterLondon, United Kingdom
Established YearFounded 2006
Price$25 – $49 / hr

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9) Geniusee

Geniusee is a software and Cross Platform App Development Company in Warszawa, Poland. It has worked with companies in a variety of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and Ukraine. It combines the expertise of 200+ skilled professionals who have already completed 100+ notable projects in FinTech, EdTech, Retail, and other industries.

Their team is constantly enhancing and facilitating knowledge and skills in order to provide even better expertise to their customers. As evidence, Geniusee is an AWS Consulting Partner, an AWS Advanced Tiery Service Partner, and has AWS Lambada Service Delivery Designation.

The company creates products and services and provides consulting and support to a variety of clients and partners. Among them are dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, AgroTech, and other fields, as well as startups from YCombinator and TechStars on Series A to D funding rounds.

HeadQuarterWarszawa, Poland
Established YearFounded 2006
Price$25 – $49 / hr

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10) Cloudflex

Cloudflex is another excellent Cross Platform App Development Company in Kyiv, Ukraine. They assist in the development of digital products for both startups and established businesses. Their primary focus is on the creation and launch of complex systems with numerous components.

They assist business owners in quickly validating business ideas while conserving valuable resources and budget. Already know what you’re going to do? They can provide an estimate, design, and development for your software idea. Cloudflex offers complete development services. End-to-end development entails developing a product from beginning to end. Their team has extensive experience and is eager to implement your modern idea and provide valuable software advice.

They develop products for the HealthCare, Fintech, Retail, Automotive, and other industries. Contact us for a consultation to determine the best course of action.

HeadQuarterKyiv, Ukraine
Established YearFounded 2018
Price$25 – $49 / hr

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Summing Up!

A cross-platform app approach to mobile app development has repeatedly proven to provide the majority of shared code, and developers all over the world have recognised the benefits of this approach. As for the top app development companies listed above, each one has embraced the essence of the cross-platform approach and is steadily climbing the industry ladder.

So, if you enjoyed this exclusive report on the top cross-platform app development companies, please share your thoughts in the comments section below or contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

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