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Fintech App Development Companies

Welcome to JCA | Let’s Dive into Well Researched List of Top Fintech App Development Companies.

If you are looking for the best Fintech software development companies, you are at the right place. Our expert team of researchers has listed the most reliable Fintech app development agencies that can help to grow your business like never before. We are sure that by going through our list, you can have a finance app that will fulfill all your requirements.

FINTECH app software development

We have compiled a list of the top Fintech Software Agencies. The best part is that we have used our experience and expertise to make this list. We are sure that you will be happy with the list.

Let’s look at the fintech app developers on this list who have a lot of experience meeting the fintech software needs of financial institutions!

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Detailed List of Top 10 Fintech Software Development Companies

1. Miquido

Miquido knows what a modern bank needs. To provide you with the greatest banking solution, whether you require a product focused on the customer or a method to improve internal operations, they mix state-of-the-art technology with years of expertise in the field. Build your own online banking system to change the world of finance forever.

You can design digital wallets and mobile banking apps with their help. Incorporate cutting-edge Machine Learning capabilities and Data Science solutions to boost product usability and long-term revenue via a data-driven strategy.

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2. Experion Technologies: Fintech Mobile App Development Company

The financial services sector, like many others, is experiencing fast expansion and change. The advent of digital technology has been instrumental in easing this change. Bank transactions are now as quick and easy as those in any other industry, thanks to digital technology.

This technology, however, can have an effect in other areas, such as the financial software industry. Customer satisfaction is paramount for companies that deal with money, and Experion can provide flawless outcomes. You can put your faith in them to revamp your customer service because of their wealth of financial expertise.

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3. TechAhead: Fintech App Builder

TechAhead’s portfolio of satisfied clients includes AXA, and it continues to grow to include companies from a variety of sectors thanks to the company’s expertise in mobile design. This California-based company aids businesses in narrowing their mobile platform to increase their mobile reach.

TechAhead’s mobile design for Allianz is a prime example of how the company assists companies in achieving their objectives in a competitive market. TechAhead assisted in the development and implementation of a plan to achieve its objectives.

4. Appinventiv: Fintech Software Development Company

Appinventiv is an app creation company that assists businesses of all sizes in their quest to expand their mobile presence. The Manhattan-based company Appinventiv has been assisting businesses of all sizes and types with their software design needs since its founding.

Appinventiv was hired by the customer when the company needed help expanding its mobile user base. The group collaborated on the creation and implementation of a software design strategy that yielded observable outcomes and outstanding performance across multiple measures.

5. Inoxoft: Best Fintech App Development Services

Inoxoft is a highly regarded software engineering company with qualified teams that focus on cutting-edge languages and frameworks including Flutter, React Native, Python,.Net, React, and Node.js.

Expertise, a robust corporate culture, and a cohesive team of people eager to make a difference form the foundation of their business. Their ultimate goal is to form successful businesses that can be relied on by their clientele.

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6. Sloboda Studio: Fintech App Builder

When it comes to Ruby on Rails development, Sloboda Studio is at the top of the industry, using only the most cutting-edge back-end and front-end technology. JS, AngularJS, and Ruby on Rails are just some of the cutting-edge technologies used by this cutting-edge software development firm.

For clients in areas as varied as real estate (PropTech), banking (FinTech), medical care (HealthTech), and public relations (PR), they create custom web apps from scratch or improve upon current solutions.

7. YapApp India: Best Fintech App Developers

YapApp is a technology company that promises its corporate clients a significant edge in the market through ongoing experimentation and reliable outcomes. It’s a sea change toward more progressive technical development.

They have a clear strategy and direction for everything, thanks to the seamless integration of experienced veterans and server-side developers. Get in touch with us if you’re ready to reimagine your company’s role in the world and enter a brave new world of expanding profits. Yoram Kugel started the company in 2015.

8. InnovationM: Fintech App Development Companies

When it comes to digital services, including the creation of mobile apps and websites, InnovationM is a one-stop shop.

These systems use mobile, web, middleware, server back-end, cloud, blockchain, and big data analytics to function. Manish Seth (the company’s CEO) and his brother Ashish Seth came up with the idea for the company (Head of Technology Solutions).

9. Sombra: Fintech App Builder

Sombra is a multinational marketing agency with operational hubs in Eastern Europe. Through the application of cutting-edge tools and their in-depth industry knowledge, they plan to usher in a new era of corporate transformation.

Over the past five years, They’ve built a portfolio of more than three hundred web apps for use in a wide range of industries. Their primary goal is to supply new businesses with software and development staff. In addition, they are experts in helping medium-sized businesses make the transition to the cloud and digital technologies. They can help you transition your offline business or desktop application to the cloud.

They’ve put together a crack engineering team to make sure everything runs well. The staff members are enthusiastic, hard-working, and competent. Time is money, thus they make it a priority to deliver the services their customers require quickly. Please get in touch with them if you think their skilled group could be of use to your business.

10. Appchance: Fintech App Developer

They are a professional design and development agency that focuses on mobile app development, Ruby on Rails app development, and responsive web design. As they work on different projects, they modify their methods, tools, and layout to achieve the best outcome possible.

To help businesses grow, they provide them with cutting-edge technological solutions. More than 140 projects, including mobile apps, web apps, responsive websites, content management system control panels, and online services, have been completed by their team. They have experience collaborating with both large corporations and smaller businesses, including startups.

Handpicked List of Best Fintech App Developers: Check Out These

11. LeewayHertz

When it comes to financial technology software development, LeewayHertz is among the best options for fledgling organizations and established corporations alike. Using cutting-edge deep technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, and machine learning, the company creates innovative solutions for businesses.

The company’s team of 150+ full-stack engineers has developed 100+ deep tech products and digital solutions to aid businesses in enhancing their ecosystems via positive disruption. The retail, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and e-commerce sectors are just some of the many that are benefiting from LeewayHertz’s software development service.

LeewayHertz offers comprehensive services, including assistance with software design, development, and upkeep. It also offers ready-to-go solutions including the Social Distancing Alert system, NFT storage, and NFT marketplace. IT personnel planning is also aided by this.

12. Agilie: Fintech App Development Agency

Agilie is a solution provider in Ukraine that offers digital services for company growth. Businesses both new to the market and those that have been there for a while have ordered Agilie’s web and mobile development services. Agilie also serves as an outsourcing and outstaffing company.

About 60 persons make up the overall workforce, each of which operates under the direction of a team lead. Recruiting capable specialists and fostering the development of lower-level employees from within are two primary means of accomplishing this goal.

13. Appventurez

As a result of technical developments, the banking and financial business has expanded tremendously. As more and more of our day-to-day financial dealings are conducted online, there is a rising need for robust security measures that don’t compromise the best possible user experience. To improve efficiency, banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are turning to Appventurez for banking and finance solutions. Get on board with their financial app development to give your business a jolt of energy.

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14. Praxent

Their expertise is in developing software for the financial sector, and they’ve learned that providing a simple, personalized, and faultless user experience is the best way to boost sales, loyalty, and product adoption. Businesses require customer-focused fintech software developers.

In order to gain an edge over the competition, their engineers focus on creating a compelling user experience for their financial products. The good news is that differentiating your financial brand through user experience is easier than you would think.

15. Cheesecake

Cheesecake Labs is more than just a newcomer to mobile development. Their clients have compared them to Silicon Valley’s biggest companies. Their impressive list of clients shows that their digital skills make them an industry leader.

When the Silicon Valley think tank Singularity University wanted to reach more people and be seen as a leader in new technology, Cheesecake Labs built a mobile app that was easy to use and powerful. Singularity University got the easy-to-use platform they needed to connect thought leaders across multiple platforms.

16. Softjourn

Softjourn is a company in Silicon Valley that offers tech services. They’ve made a lot of projects based on the best-in-class technologies, from mobile apps and self-service portals to independent platforms that help reduce customer service costs and boost revenue. Their specialty is growing market share through the use of new technologies and out-of-the-box solutions.

They come up with creative solutions or add to the technical teams already in place to give critical support and project-specific knowledge.

17. Code & Pepper

With an eye toward making a difference through software, Code & Pepper has emerged as a leader in the Financial Technology sector. With an emphasis on product design and iterative development, with the client always in mind.

Whether it’s a full-stack software development service or team augmentation options, these let engineering teams scale up more quickly. Lukasz Korol (current CEO) and Adam Pogorzelski created the company (CMO).

18. BoTree Technologies

If you’re looking for a trusted partner in custom software development, go no further than BoTree Technologies. They offer full IT enablement for businesses all over the world. Custom software development projects for mobile apps, web apps, and modern-day digital technology solutions are what BoTree specializes in.

Businesses often contract with BoTree developers to produce green products. Ruby on Rails, Python, Laravel, React Native, Shopify, Spree Commerce, and Angular make up our technology stack. There is a sustainable product ecology and an ecosystem of innovation made possible by them. Hire developers for eCommerce, healthcare, fintech, entertainment, insurance, real estate, education, logistics, and other industries that require dynamic solutions.

Additional Top Fintech App Builders Worldwide

19. RubyGarage

RubyGarage is a software development and solutions provider that focuses on producing high-quality, bespoke solutions for the web and mobile platforms. There is a clear distinction between “functioning” code and exceptional code, and they have experts that know it. To meet your company’s IT demands, RubyGarage employs over 120 specialists in the field.

Although Ruby on Rails is their specialty, they can always identify the best combination of technologies to meet your needs. In the years since 2012, they have completed over a hundred projects for clients in the e-commerce, healthcare, education technology, financial services, and other sectors.

RubyGarage offers a comprehensive set of services, beginning with requirements gathering and ending with quality control testing. Their enterprise-level offerings are adaptable to the dynamics of both small businesses and multinational conglomerates.

20. Clarion

Clarion Technologies assembles a world-class, dedicated worldwide team of Virtual Employees to deliver IT services to small and medium businesses in order to develop software products and solutions. Over the past 20 years, we have helped over 1100 small and medium-sized business clients see their projects through to completion with the help of our virtual teams. These remote workers possess all the knowledge, experience, and commitment you might want in a programming staff.

Financial software engineers can optimise and computerize formerly manual processes using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. To ensure a perfect fit between the platform or software and the company’s objectives and requirements, our fintech software development professionals work closely with representatives from different divisions.

They provide support for the latest information in the banking and finance sector. They take user comments and suggestions to heart and use them to fine-tune the user experience and internal operations.

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21. CA Technologies

It is one of the largest privately held software companies in the world and trades on the public stock market. CA Technologies was established in 1976 and is headquartered in Islandia, New York. The market value of the corporation is approximately $11.6 billion, while annual sales are expected to be around $5.08 billion.

Left in 50 Fintech Companies in World 2022 With Rank Covered

RankCompanyWebsiteNo of EmployeesAvg Hourly RateOverall Rating
Rank: #22Aquadsoft to 50$253.5/5
Rank: #23DataArt$26 – $504/5
Rank: #24INSART$26 – $504.1/5
Rank: #24Deviniti – 999$50 – $99 / hr4/5
Rank: #25The NineHertz< $25 / hr4.1/5
Rank: #26S-PRO$50 – $99 / hr4.3/5
Rank: #27Brainvire Infotech Inc$25 – $49 / hr4/5
Rank: #28STX Next – 999$50 – $99 / hr4.3/5
Rank: #2910Pearls to 1000Up to $254.2/5
Rank: #30kites solutions to 50$26 – $504.5/5
Rank: #31Speck Design to 50$151 – $2004.3/5
Rank: #31SumatoSoft to 250Up to $254.5/5
Rank: #32Webspero Solutions to 250Up to $254.5/5
Rank: #33Invento Labs to 250$26 – $504/5
Rank: #34Softacom to 50Up to $254.1/5
Rank: #35iTechArt Group$26 – $504.7/5
Rank: #36Qulix Systems to 1000$51 – $1004.1/5
Rank: #37Mangosoft to 50$26 – $504/5
Rank: #38Blackthorn Vision to 250$26 – $504/5
Rank: #39Ackee – 249$50 – $99 / hr4.1/5
Rank: #40RichestSoft – 49< $25 / hr4/5
Rank: #41ScienceSoft – 999$50 – $99 / hr4.8/5
Rank: #42Brainhub – 249$50 – $99 / hr4.8/5
Rank: #43VOLO – 999$25 – $49 / hr4.9/5
Rank: #44eTeam – 249$25 – $49 / hr4.9/5
Rank: #45VentureDive – 999$25 – $49 / hr4.8/5
Rank: #46GeekyAnts – 999$25 – $49 / hr4.8/5
Rank: #47Glorium Technologies – 249$25 – $49 / hr4.9/5
Rank: #48Aloa – 9$50 – $99 / hr4.8/5
Rank: #49Uruit – 249$50 – $99 / hr4.6/5
Rank: #50Powercode – 249$25 – $49 / hr4.8/5


I truly hope that this data assists you in locating the most suitable Fintech app development companies.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at [email protected].

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