Excited? Netflix and Sandbox VR Bring ‘Squid Game’ to Life

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Have you ever thought of what it would feel like to step into the world of “Squid Game”? Well, now you can! Netflix has joined hands with Sandbox VR to create a new game that lets you experience the thrills and chills of “Squid Game” in a virtual world. It’s called the “Squid Game Virtuals” experience.

Sandbox VR is a place known for making virtual reality games that feel super real. They have special rooms called “holodecks” where you and your friends, from two to six people, can play together. Once inside, you wear cool gear like headsets, vests, backpacks, and gadgets that track your movement. This gear helps you dive into the game and feel like you’re really there.

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Now, about the “Squid Game Virtuals” game. It’s like stepping into the shoes of the show’s characters. You get to play exciting but scary challenges just like in the show. But don’t worry, it’s all safe and virtual!

See yourself:

Not a fan of “Squid Game”? No problem! Sandbox VR has other awesome adventures you can try. You can fight off zombies in “Deadwood Valley” or zoom across the stars in “Star Trek: Discovery”. There’s something for everyone!

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So, are you excited to try the “Squid Game” virtual reality game? If yes, you can go to Sandbox VR’s location at The Battery Atlanta and book your spot. Get ready to dive into a world where your favorite show comes to life!

Quick Questions:

1. What is Sandbox VR?

It’s a cool place that makes real-feel virtual reality games.

2. What’s new with ‘Squid Game’ and Sandbox VR?

They’ve made a game together that lets you step into the world of “Squid Game”.

3. How do I play?

Grab some friends, book a spot at Sandbox VR in The Battery Atlanta, gear up, and step into the game!

4. Can many people play together?

Yes, you and your friends, from two to six people, can play together.

5. Not a ‘Squid Game’ fan, what else can I do?

Sandbox VR has many other games like fighting zombies or exploring space. There’s a lot to choose from!

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