How Continuous Testing Helps In App Development 

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When you start building an application, a lot of things need to be taken care of. When considering user experience, no one is ready to take a chance. That’s why developers spend plenty of time creating an app so that there should be no loopholes. App development is a challenging task that requires skills and expertise to do it error-free. 

And the most significant part of any app development is the testing phase. If an app is thoroughly tested, you can expect better results. On the other hand, if your app is not tested exhaustively, it is likely to show errors and result in a poor user experience. 

To get rid of all testing errors, developers prefer continuous testing. It is a solution implemented to get quality-related feedback continually at every step of the software development life cycle (SDLC). This guide throws some light on the significance of continuous testing for app development. 

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Component of Continuous Testing

Whether you are creating a mobile app or developing full-fledged software, both require testing before the launch. Certainly, mobile testing has its own importance because today, every second user is using your app via a mobile device. Thus, it is crucial that you pay attention to every possibility that can make your app’s mobile experience seamless. 

Talking about continuous testing is performed to ensure the quality of the product throughout the life cycle. There are three primary components of continuous testing. They are;

a) Continuous Integration (CI) 

It is crucial to place the entire app’s code in the code repository. That’s exactly what is being done during the continuous integration phase. There can be more than one developer working on the app development and creating the core code for your app. 

When the code is brought together in one single place, chances are you may miss out on something, and it might create some problems while integrating with the rest of the code. Continuous integration testing is done to make the app bug-free and perform seamless code integration. 

b) Continuous Delivery (CD) 

Here in this phase, the team works on every small to big frequent change to the product. Each and every piece of code that has ever been created for the app development is being taken care of in this phase, right from the development stage to the production stage. 

c) Test Automation 

Manual testing can be monotonous and time-consuming. Whereas automated testing can save a lot of time and give developers time to rectify the error spots. Not everything done automatically gives the desired results. Sometimes manual testing is required to figure out the errors. 

Test automation is a crucial part of continuous testing. The instant feedback that the team receives can help them to make necessary changes. 

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Benefits of Continuous Testing 

Of course, there are many benefits of continuous testing that will help you improve the overall quality of the product. Mainly; 

  • It finds errors quickly and frequently if any. 
  • Automate the test cases that ultimately reduce the production time. 
  • It works throughout the testing stage. 
  • Teams can communicate easily. 
  • Potential business risks can be reduced to a great level. 
  • Help in producing a great error-free product. 

Final Words   

So, now that you know the real use and importance of continuous testing, creating a product shouldn’t be an issue anymore. However, continuous testing will not produce correct results if you don’t know how to incorporate the procedures in the right way. 

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