How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Salon App?

Salon App Development Cost

Generation has revolutionised the beauty and wellness industry, boosting client stories and salon operations. Mobile applications have emerged as a popular choice for salon owners who want to interact with their customers, organise appointments, promote their offerings, and raise visibility in their emblem. 

The question “How much will it cost?” is in all likelihood to be one of the first queries that involves the mind when you are taking into account the introduction of an app for a salon. 

As per stats:

  • The global Salon app market was valued at USD 287.51 million in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.85% during the forecast period. It is anticipated to reach USD 562.92 million by 2028.
  • The beauty salon mobile app industry attracts over 22 million users, resulting in a staggering $54 billion in revenue.
  • Worldwide mobile app revenue from 2019 to 2027 shows a particularly remarkable segment: Games, which boasts the highest value at $249.9 billion U.S. dollars.

This guide will examine the factors that affect the cost of building a salon mobile app and offer tips on budgeting for your project.

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Understanding the Scope of a Salon App

You must comprehend a salon app’s scope and key features before analysing its usefulness. The goal of a salon scheduling app is to satisfy clients, employees, and owners. 

These are the important things that you would possibly want to consider such as in your salon app:

Registration and Authorization of Users

Customers can log in, and use customisable services like scheduling appointments, seeing previous offerings, and modifying settings.

Appointment Booking

Customers can select offerings, choose favored days and instances, and obtain confirmation notifications if you enforce a streamlined salon booking software for appointments.

Catalogue of Services

Your salon will display costs and descriptions for haircuts, styling, colouring, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, and other services.

Staff Management

Salon app can help salon owners and executives to schedule, assign, display performance, and communicate with team members.

Making Payments Online

Customers will be able to pay for services without delay within the app. It is possible by using integrating secure payment gateways. Implementing online payment In salon including credit and debit cards, virtual wallets, and online banking ensures maximum convenience for clients. 

Get Feedback and Ratings

Customers need to be encouraged to offer comments in the form of evaluations and ratings for the offerings they’ve got. This will offer critical input and help set up self-belief amongst potential customers.

Push Notifications

Customers can be notified and reminded in a timely way approximately impending appointments, special promotions, reductions, and updates regarding the salon.

Gallery and Portfolio

You can publish snapshots and videos of the work that your salon has carried out on the app, highlighting before-and-after modifications, the latest styles, consumer testimonials, and facts that take place behind the curtain.

Integration of Social Media Channels

Customers will be able to share the salon profile on social networking websites immediately from the app. This will allow your salon to extend its online presence and reach appreciably.

Customer Support

Customers will get a specialized support channel (which include a chatbot, stay chat, or contact form) through which they will be looking for help, ask questions, and get speedy resolutions to issues.

Cost of Developing Salon App and the Factors That Govern It

The average cost of developing a salon app is around $6000. If you want to build advanced app with lot of featres it can cost you up to $40,000. Several factors determine the overall cost of building an app for a salon. It’s important to consider those factors and prioritise capabilities based on your budget, target audience, and business goals.

Cost of developing a salon app

Here’s the list of primary elements that affect the cost of developing a salon app:

1. UI/UX Factor

The design of your salon scheduling app and who uses it are key to attracting and retaining customers. The charge of designing the salon app lies between $1000 to $5000 based on several factors. Here are the factors: animations, transitions, interactive capabilities, adjustable settings, icons, logos, and other portions of branding.

2. Development Platform:

The preference for an improvement platform (iOS, Android, or both) affects the cost of improvement because each platform requires a one-of-a-kind set of coding, testing, and optimisation. The platform cost range from $1000 to $3000.

3. Functionality and Additional Features:

The complexity of your salon app and the features you plan to add determine its development cost. Prioritise the most critical capabilities by considering the requirements and options of your audience.

Appointment scheduling, product catalogue, user profiles, and notifications are some key features to include. Integrating social logins, client loyalty programmes, digital consultations, in-app messaging, and recommendations enabled through AI can increase the salon app development cost.

4. Backend Development and Infrastructure:

Your salon app’s backend manages data, method requests, and functionality with servers, databases, APIs, and server-facet logic. Different servers have different costs. You have options to choose from native servers and cloud web hostings.

API’s also increases the cost if you want any additional functionality via API. APIs allow seamless operations by connecting with 3rd party services like as payment gateways, social media systems etc.

5. Safety and Regulatory Compliance:

It is important in app improvement to protect the confidentiality and safety of personal information. End-to-end encryption, SSL certificate, and secure records storage strategies are things that must be set. Every security feature has its cost. You can add features like 2-factor authentication for enhanced security of users.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing and quality assurance methods are needed to find issues, ensure the code works well, and keep users happy. There is a need for a complete test of the app’s consumer flows, competencies, and functions to make sure that they’re correct and efficient. This process happens after the salon app is developed. If you have the simple app the QA Testing will cost you around $500 to $2000.

There is a need to experiment with the app on several platforms, consisting of browsers, display screen sizes, and gadgets. To improve user experience, you will need to conduct user testing sessions to get feedback and identify usability issues, and other issues.

7. Maintenance and Support:

Post-launch support and maintenance refers to the additional expenses connected with keeping a utility up to date, fixing bugs, enhancing features, and presenting technical assistance. Consider those costs to ensure the lengthy-time period viability of the app and the pleasure of its users.

Detailed Pricing Table of Salon App Development

FactorDescriptionCost Range
UI/UX DesignDesign includes animations, transitions, interactive capabilities, icons, logos, branding. Cost range: $1000-$5000.$1000-$5000
Development PlatformChoice of platform (iOS, Android, or both) requires unique coding and optimization. Cost range: $1000-$3000.$1000-$3000
Functionality and FeaturesComplexity and additional features like appointment scheduling, product catalogue, user profiles, notifications, social logins, and AI recommendations.$1000 – $5000
Backend Development and InfrastructureBackend includes servers, databases, APIs, server-side logic. Costs vary by server type and API integration.$2000
Safety and Regulatory ComplianceIncludes encryption, SSL certificates, secure storage. Costs for each security feature added.$500
Testing and Quality AssuranceEnsures the app works well and satisfies users by testing consumer flows, capabilities, and functions. Cost range: $500-$2000.$500-$2000
Maintenance and SupportCosts associated with updates, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and technical support post-launch.Varies

Tips for Estimating Costs and Creating a Budget

After we’ve explored the factors that influence the cost of designing a salon app, cost estimation and budgeting tools can help you create efficient cost-cutting strategies:

Define your needs and preferences.

To help developers grasp the goal of your project, specify its functions, layout options, and target audience.

Get numerous quotes.

Request pricing estimates from top app development firms or freelancers to compare costs, services, skill, and timeliness. Consider reputation, portfolio, previous customer reviews, and ability to communicate effectively.

Estimate total costs with this tip

Development expenditures should be divided into layout, development, backend, testing, and maintenance to make them easier to understand and budget for.

MVP Approach

To release swiftly, collect user input, validate market calls for, and iterate relying on personal insights and budget limits, you should begin with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that has vital functionality.

Budget Contingency

Make sure to set aside a budget for unanticipated costs, which is often between 10 and 20% of the total cost of the expedition.


Through careful planning, working with professionals, and focusing on customer service, you can build a successful and profitable salon app that boosts brand awareness and business growth. Although the price of producing a salon app can vary, these are the factors that can help you attain this accomplishment.

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