4 Software Development Trends That Will Impact How Companies Hire Workers

4 Software Development Trends That Will Impact How Companies Hire Workers

Today’s digitally focused world requires a high level of adaptability, as well as a capacity to pivot toward new technologies and processes. In the realm of professional recruitment, there is a strong need to leverage the latest solutions in order to hire people with the right skills, qualifications, and experience. With old-school methods like job fairs and classified ads slowly moving out of the spotlight, 21st-century recruiters must be aware of the latest solutions for streamlining the hiring process. This can make every step smoother for both the employer and the prospective employees.

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With rapid technological shifts occurring in every industry, however, it can be difficult to keep track of the trends that are changing the face of professional recruitment. This article will discuss what these trends are and how recruiters can apply them to better navigate an increasingly saturated talent pool and retain the best people.

Cloud-Based Team Collaboration

Cloud technology has been making rounds in various industries and is now being woven into the fabric of many core business processes. Such processes include recruitment, with many employers opting to manage various stages of recruitment online. It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of the latest human capital management solutions (HCMs) have a cloud-based framework. With these HCMs, human resource (HR) professionals can collaborate 24/7 and handle data such as employee records, payroll, and performance reviews solely through web-enabled devices. 

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While cloud-based platforms might seem like a new thing, they’ve actually been around for quite a while.  The more widespread adoption of such technology for recruitment and workforce management may have been due to the recent boom in remote working set-ups.

As an example, all-in-one real estate recruitment software such as the one offered on brokerkit.com supports the various web-based necessities of real estate recruiters. These include productivity suite integration, as well as database lead importation. This type of software solution allows recruiters to work and collaborate remotely, which is the driving force of the hybrid work model favored by many professionals today.

Social Media Integration

With a significant portion of the workforce being on social media, it’s no surprise that software developers are launching solutions that integrate the social media landscape. Even now, social networks are being used by many employers to launch hiring campaigns and reach out to potential candidates. This is especially true for those looking to hire professionals who belong to the Gen Z and millennial generations.

Social media can also be instrumental in improving an employer’s image, as social media marketing can be used to evoke relatability and adherence to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) objectives.

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Some recruitment solutions also have features that automate background research procedures on social networks. Most professionals have some form of “branding” on social media, and looking through these profiles will provide insights into prospective hires’ experiences, skills, and interests. In the future, we could expect more technologies that help recruiters scour through social media sites to better identify the people who best fit the team.

Greater Automation and Personalization

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are not necessarily recent technologies, but their implementation in the talent acquisition cycle is still worth mentioning. As recruitment solutions continue to evolve, it’s safe to say that AI and analytics will continue to play major roles in hiring and retaining workers.

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For the most part, AI has already been helping employers automate repetitive processes such as sorting resumes and scheduling interviews. Some types of software also use AI to craft automated messages and customized campaigns to better target qualified candidates. Analytics, on the other hand, is particularly useful for generating insights collated from large volumes of data.

Currently, many companies use data analytics to create reports and get a comprehensive, quantitative overview of various aspects relevant to business intelligence. In recruitment, analytics is being used for tasks such as lead segmentation and performance reviews based on data such as attendance records, client feedback, turnaround times, and the like.

Overall, AI and analytics are valuable assets in an employer’s HR toolkit and are poised to become more intuitive in the long run.

More Focus on Cybersecurity

On top of automation and data-driven insights, HR professionals should also expect an increased focus on cybersecurity. One thing to keep an eye on is zero trust, wherein all users will be subjected to authorization and authentication before being given access to company data and applications. 

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There could also be an increased implementation of security measures such as multi-user configuration to bolster security even while working remotely and through different devices. This is particularly important because hiring processes involve plenty of sensitive data from applicants and employers. With more intuitive tech on the horizon, we could also expect software developers to continuously develop solutions to combat increasingly sophisticated forms of cybercrime.

Changing the Face of Modern-Day Talent Acquisition

To effectively build a future-ready workplace, recruiters must be aware of the factors that shape the tech space in the present. From intuitive software to robust cybersecurity solutions, there are plenty of elements that go into recruitment strategies that fit today’s ever-changing digital landscape. To stay ready for the challenge, be sure to consider the above-mentioned trends as you develop a recruitment approach built for the current era.

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