The Best Ways To Earn Money With Cryptocurrency


Are you interested in investing in crypto and want to convert it into cash? You’ve heard about the successes — people who made millions by getting in early and selling at a high price. Maybe you know someone who earns a steady income from it.

Most people enter the cryptocurrency field intending to make money but not all succeed. Many don’t understand how to make money with cryptocurrencies and either give up or lose money. 

Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy. Increasing crypto-asset prices attract more people to the industry. They are always looking for ways to make money from it. With cryptocurrency, you can earn money in several ways. The following article examines the best ways to earn money with cryptocurrency. So, let’s get started.

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Invest in Cryptocurrency and HODL Long Term

This method might be the best way to make money with cryptocurrency for beginners. Because HODLing refers to holding onto a cryptocurrency over the long term, the term comes from the word hold, which is a play on the word. 

As with buying stocks, long-term holdings are no different. For example, investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum allows you to avoid short-term price fluctuations. 

For instance, Bitcoin’s price in May 2021 was $4,300 per token. A month later, the price fell to $2,100. Alternatively, you could have sold it and suffered a 50% loss. 

If you had HODLed through a suitable digital trading platform specializing in Bitcoin, the cost would have been nearly $4,900 per coin by November of the same year. If you want more information about making money from cryptocurrency, you can click here on Finixio AI to learn more.

Run Cryptocurrency Master Nodes

Crypto master nodes serve as full nodes that encourage other node operators to execute their roles. Master nodes are cryptocurrency full nodes or computer wallets that keep track of blockchain activities in real-time. Among the most popular ways of earning passive income in this space is running crypto master nodes. How does this generate income? 

It is common for cryptocurrencies to pay node operators to keep a real-time record of their transactions on their native blockchains. Because it is a complicated process and requires a certain number of coins, crypto platforms usually outsource the service to master node operators for a fee. 

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Day Trading Cryptocurrency

A trader could argue that investing and trading are the same thing. To a certain degree, they differ by time horizons — traders want to make a quick profit, while investors may change their portfolios only a few times a year. 

Even so, day trading with cryptocurrency can be a way to make money, just as with stocks or other securities. The goal of day traders is to score a quick profit by buying and selling assets on the same day. 

Since there is no way to predict how cryptocurrency values might change on any given day or over time, using this strategy is risky. Any exchange allows you to begin day trading today; you must sign up, buy some assets, and analyze. In addition, you can start trading with an automated platform, which allows you to glean information from trends on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to develop a successful trading strategy. 

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Crypto Lending

Crypto investors can lend out their crypto in several ways. A significant advantage of lending is the ability to charge interest. A few factors will determine the amount earned, including:

  • The total value of crypto lent
  • Loan duration
  • Interest rates

A crypto passive income creator may be free to choose the terms of the loans they create. Others require a third party to negotiate the terms. Crypto lending can take the following forms:

  • Margin lending: applies to traders who wish to leverage their trading by borrowing assets. As a result, traders can amplify their positions using those assets, paying back the loans at interest. A crypto exchange assumes most of the lender’s details in this case. Providing digital assets is the only requirement for users.
  • Centralized lending: involves relying on a third party’s infrastructure and terms for lending. Here, the interest rate and lock-up period will be predetermined. Earning interest requires that users deposit their crypto on the lending platform.
  • Decentralized lending: this option, which is also called DeFi lending, involves using blockchain technology directly to provide loans. Neither lenders nor borrowers have intermediaries, and smart contracts automatically calculate interest rates.


Mining is one of the oldest ways to earn money with cryptocurrency and is a vital part of the Proof of Work consensus mechanism. It secures the network by validating transactions. Rewarding miners with new coins is part of this process. Today, Bitcoin mining requires specialized hardware, whereas, in the past years, you could mine on a desktop computer.

In addition to being profitable for network maintenance, starting a master node can also be beneficial. They hold a copy of the whole network in their wallets. In both cases, you will need to invest a considerable amount of money and have a lot of technical knowledge to implement.


If you’ve always wanted to earn money with cryptocurrency, this post has some of the best ways. For instance, you could consider HODL long-term with a suitable crypto trading platform. So, which one appeals to you more?

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  2. […] Also read: The Best Ways To Earn Money With Cryptocurrency […]

  3. […] Also read: The Best Ways To Earn Money With Cryptocurrency […]

  4. […] Also read: The Best Ways To Earn Money With Cryptocurrency […]

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