Tips For Improving Your Digital Marketing ROI

digital marketing ROI

One of the most important operational components for any firm, whether new or old, is digital marketing because, given the expanse of the internet, it has become crucial for any business to make a name for itself in the digital space. Milan Kundera, a prominent Czech author, asserts that a business only has two functions: innovation and marketing. This phrase effectively captures what’s important for sustainable business operations; thus, it demands the respect it merits. The most crucial element in marketing is calculating the return on investment.

Calculating ROI is quite difficult because sales involve exchanging money and producing observable results. Additionally, not all digital marketing initiatives have the same effect. So, the million-dollar question is how organizations shift resources to increase the ROI of their digital marketing campaigns. In this guide, we’ll go through several suggestions that can help firms make their digital marketing efforts more effective.

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What is ROI with respect to marketing?

The return on investment, or ROI for short, as its name suggests, is a performance indicator that aids in assessing the efficacy of any investment and enables a variety of outcomes to be determined. It also pertains to marketing. Companies can use the metric to assess their investment and return on investment. This calculation determines if a marketing effort was successful or not, particularly in terms of the amount of money it brought in.

The fundamental method for calculating ROI entails deducting expenses from the total profit made. Therefore, for example, if you undertake an SEO campaign, the ROI works out to be 150% if $2,000 is spent on a campaign that generates sales of $5,000. Therefore, you know that the marketing campaign was a resounding success, which may allow the business to duplicate it or launch further initiatives to get comparable results. For more information, you can visit a local SEO guide here.

How to improve your digital marketing ROI

Although many parameters can be added to the analysis of digital marketing ROI, the basic equation centers on two main variables, namely costs and income. To boost marketing ROI, you must either raise sales or reduce spending. If your attempts to market on digital platforms are unsuccessful, you might wish to concentrate on reducing expenses. If not, you should make it a focal point to increase your revenue. These two elements work together to affect ROI. 

Here are a few strategies for drastically raising marketing ROI:

1. Set SMART goals for your ROI

It has been determined that the SMART concept is the cornerstone of goal setting. Any goal that is set must adhere to five criteria that will determine if it is successful or attainable. Companies can precisely define their values, the observable milestones that must be reached, and the application of those values using this technique. Setting SMART goals is important since it limits expectations and demands on work.

You may increase the results from your digital marketing by setting an ROI objective. By using a clearly stated target, you can devise a plan for accomplishing your goal and keeping tabs on your progress. As you define your ROI target, make sure it is SMART, i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Since it is not just the marketing department’s responsibility, objectives can be set using these guidelines for the various teams to divide and allocate duties.

  • Specific: Unlike a vague goal like “improve ROI,” your objective should be specific, like “raise ROI by at least 20%.”
  • Measurable: Make your goal quantifiable so you can track your advancement toward it. Make use of the appropriate reporting and data collection methods.
  • Achievable: When your digital marketing goals aren’t feasible, they won’t be useful to you. Before making lofty objectives, ensure that you can accomplish them.
  • Relevant: All ROI goals must align with your larger business objectives. If your primary objective is to grow sales, getting additional social media likes seems irrelevant.
  • Time-bound: Make a time frame for yourself and try to meet it. Establishing deadlines for your objectives will encourage you to finish them on time.

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2. Create a proper strategy to monitor ROI 

If you aren’t monitoring your ROI for any marketing campaign, you cannot determine if you’ve succeeded in increasing it. If you want to increase your ROI, you must have some groundwork for keeping track of your ROI. Select the KPIs you want to track for traditional, digital, and other types of marketing. 

Based on the State of Marketing Measurement survey, 82% of marketers say that their managers want every campaign evaluated, yet less than a third can precisely measure the ROI of each channel. Furthermore, only 48% of marketers evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using web analytics tools.

Without monitoring, if changes are actually happening at the close of the day, just boosting revenues or decreasing costs won’t have any impact. 

Popular factors include leads, website traffic, and sales. However, the optimal ones will be based on the type of digital marketing campaigns you’re doing and your goals. You should also ensure the right tools are available for measuring ROI. The best tool currently in use for tracking returns is Google Analytics. There are various additional tools from well-known companies that have their own unique selling points. As long as a platform is effective, businesses can use it of their choosing. 

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3. Chose factors that make a difference

If you are planning to increase the digital marketing ROI for your business and its advertising, you should be mindful of how to choose the metrics to monitor. Make sure these metrics don’t just serve as pretty measurements with no practical application but truly show growth with regard to your most important goals. The milestones of the campaign will determine the best elements to track.

In case your objectives are to increase sales or revenue, you might want to keep an eye on the following indicators:

  • Conversion rate: The conversion rate is the volume of leads or website traffic the platform converts.
  • Customer lifetime value: This term refers to a customer’s overall value to your company throughout the course of their engagement with you.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): The cost of acquiring a new client.


The foundation for evaluating the efficacy of certain digital marketing initiatives carried out by a corporation is marketing ROI. The ultimate goal of advertising is to raise awareness and ultimately boost sales. The primary idea of a marketing campaign becomes redundant and ineffective if it fails to achieve this. The focus must be placed on monitoring and enhancing marketing ROI in order for a company to assess whether it met particular goals.

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