7 Tips for Marketing Your NFTs on Social Media

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Several brands in the NFT industry have experienced record-breaking sales. Approximately $22 billion has been spent on NFTs. Due to these recorded successes, many individuals are now open to the potential of NFTs in rewarding artwork. NFT marketplaces have made it easy for anyone to jump on this lucrative line and start minting NFTs almost immediately. Many have achieved a lot without formal knowledge of NFT technical skills. All you need to do is learn how to promote NFT on social media. Aside from being a creator, you can become an investor. That is buying minted NFTs from creators to sell later at an increased selling price. 

How Do You Market Your NFTs Amidst the High Market Competition

Every day, the NFT market is flooded with new products. This surge has made it more difficult for investors and traders to see your NFTs organically. Even when they manage to see your NFTs, the big question is, “what stands your NFTs out from others in the market?” This article will open you up to how to grow your NFT & crypto on Twitter or Instagram community. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind while learning how to promote your NFTs on social media and stand out from the high competition.

1. Develop A Massive Following on Social Media

The number one step to marketing your NFTs is by having a reliable and loyal audience across social media platforms. This would help get a larger audience to access your NFTs and bring you exposure and credibility. One of the features of record-breaking NFT creators or investors you will discover that the only thing they have in common is largely social media communities and fans. 

2. Make Use of Accurate Hashtags and Keywords

Having a large audience and not optimizing your NFT content will not make those posts reach a bigger audience. Note that the big investor you are searching for may not be in your large followership. So to make your posts gain more reach, you need to use relevant keywords and hashtags that boost visibility. Ensure that these keywords and hashtags are used for your niche to hit the target audience. If you do not know how to place your hashtags, your hashtags collection should be kept short and memorable. This will make users get familiar with them and use them when tagging you in a comment. Also, make use of hashtags that are famous so your posts can appear on top searches. Hashtags that are used every day should be utilized in your content. For hashtags placement, you can place your hashtags at any part of your content. There is no rule on how you place hashtags.

3. Make Promotional Posts that Aligns with What Your Audience Want

Before making promotional posts, study your audience’s wants, questions, concerns, etc. Listen to what your audience is saying about NFTs. Then build your promotions to align with their requirements. Integrate what they want in your posts. This will draw their attention towards your project. Tell them about your project and the inspiration behind your NFT collection in your promotions. You will connect with them if you can give satisfactory posts to their questions. Convince your audience, and their interest and trust will be boosted towards your project. Learning how to promote NFT on social media may look stressful. Notwithstanding, if you implement this accurately, you will experience an encouraging result. 

4. Channel More Effort on the Social Media Platform that Works for You

Having your NFTs spread on all social media platforms is great. However, it is recommended that you focus more on the social media platform you notice is working for you best. For some creators or investors, their posts on Instagram can get them more likes. But their Twitter posts may create a real buzz around their NFT projects. Aside from Instagram and Twitter, some other NFT creators boom on Telegram and other channels. Do not promote blindly. Make your analysis and know which platform works best for you. When you have discovered this, put more effort into that particular platform. 

5. Introduce Yourself to Your Audience

Notably, you are on social media to make sales for your NFTs. However, on some platforms, your promotions would not go well if the users are not connected with who you are. Many users would prefer to know you individually before considering your proposals. They want to know the face behind the NFT project they are about to dive into. Experts recommend that taking your time to relate with your audience about your personality can boost their interest in your project. Arts projects connect emotionally with collectors. Let them understand how your emotions are tied to some of your NFT projects. You may choose to share behind the scenes your process for creating or minting some of your collections.

6. Get A Social Media Content Calendar

Any strategy implemented without a ground plan is like not to come to reality. This same method should be implemented when planning on how to promote NFT on social media. Leverage on the social media content calendar tool to create and publish your campaigns accurately and effectively. With this tool, you can get better insights into what makes a great influence and what does not matters in your NFT promotions. Some of these tools have premium features with tools for analytics after making your publications. In addition, you can make automated posts when you are not around to make them by scheduling them. With this, you can save time to focus more on your NFT collections and other vital issues around your project.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

In social media marketing, influencers play essential roles that cannot be overlooked in your NFT promotions. You can achieve tremendous results in a short while when you use the right budget and influencer. Attracting a big buyer for your NFT collection involves a huge monetary investment. In this case, you can use big influencers who generate interest. Also, you can decide to use micro-influencers who do well in bringing engagements. Any of these can help you increase the visibility of your NFT project


Finally, promoting your NFT projects on social media can lead to amazing results you never envisaged. Learning how to promote NFT on social media is worth it. If you want to market your NFTs and look for exciting tips, consider the ones listed above. Get your NFT project to the next level and rise above the competition in the NFT marketplace.

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