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If you are searching for “Write For Us Technology” then you are at the right place. Let me tell you one thing: Just Create App is the fastest-growing technology community in the world with a team of 100+ technology experts. Again, we are not limited to this. Our technologists help startups, SME’s, and enterprises in building and marketing innovations

Our headquarters are in Houston, Texas, and our research centers are present in over 15+ cities across the world.

Let’s talk about Guest Posting before you write for us so that you can do it better and gain the full benefit of it.

Why Write For Us Technology?

What is the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind when looking for a solution or information on a particular topic in technology? The Internet is the answer.

Today, the Internet serves as a stage for showbiz, with various companies using it to market their services and brands. This robust platform can quickly help you grow your business. It assists you in developing a digital persona for your company.

It provides you with a fantastic opportunity to significantly increase your growth rate. You may easily target diverse groups and push your way to the top of the global market with the appropriate approach and content.

What is a guest post, exactly?

Guest blogging has a simple definition: it’s when you post as a guest on someone else’s site.

You submit content to someone else’s blog in exchange for a hyperlink to your own and increased exposure.

It’s a basic concept with clear win-win logic, but why is guest posting a good idea in the first place?

Guest Post Writing

What Does Guest Posting Accomplish?

  • To begin with, guest blogging is all about cultivating relationships. You’re meeting new people and networking with other bloggers, which could be beneficial in the future.
  • Bloggers may be powerful people, and their posts account for a significant percentage of online debate.
  • You may indirectly increase your impact in the social media sphere by guest posting and getting to know individuals.
  • Second, guest blogging allows you to reach out to a new audience. By effectively tapping into the audience of the host blog, you’re pitching to an already existing audience eager to hear what you have to say.
  • If you contribute value to their reading experience, they’ll likely visit your blog to see what else you have to offer. The next, third point, is a huge focus of guest blogging, but the impact of real click-throughs on your blog shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Finally, guest posting is a significant deal in the SEO(search engine optimization) industry. Guest blogging is an indisputably significant technique to attract traffic to your site, and this is the context in which it is most typically addressed.
  • When you comment on someone else’s blog, one thing you should insist on is that they include a link to your own.
  • This could be placed in the text or as part of the author’s bio. One of the key aims of guest blogging is to generate these links, regardless of how it’s done.

Benefits Of Write For Us

Why are you devoting so much effort to composing and submitting this article to us? There are various advantages to this, which I will discuss.

  • Getting a lot of traffic.
  • Establishing a Relationship
  • Acquiring high-quality backlinks
  • Increasing the authority of your website.
  • An increase in the number of Google search results.
  • Improve your ability to write articles.
Write For Us Technology

These are the six advantages of guest blogging. There are a few more advantages, but I’ve highlighted the most crucial ones.

Now I’ll go over these advantages in more depth.

Increasing Traffic:

Every web administrator strives to increase traffic because, without it, nothing happens. You get backlinks and visitors whenever you submit a Guest Post to someone.

If you publish high-quality content, your reader will become involved with your post, and once engaged, he will read it for several hours. He also clicks on the pertinent links you included in the article. Because those relevant links are yours, you gain decent traffic to your website when he opens them.

Your website authority develops as a result of the traffic generated by such content, and you get dedicated followers.

Develop a Relationship:

Another benefit is having a solid relationship with SEO specialists and influencers, which is only achievable when you speak with one another.

Relation in Guest post

You compliment the website owner whenever you send your Guest Post Pitches. If you speak to him in a courteous manner, he will respond in a courteous manner. After a period of communication, you are able to establish a positive relationship with the website owner.

Building a relationship with the website owner can help you land some high-quality guest posts on his site if he accepts your offer.

Obtaining high-quality backlinks:

Every SEO expert strives to obtain high-quality backlinks because your website’s authority cannot be built without them. When you write guest pieces for other websites, you gain valuable backlinks.

Backlink get

You receive more rankings and traffic when you have more backlinks. Google favors contextual backlinks over spam comments and profiles, as we all know. The most strong backlink is one that comes from the context of the content.

Increasing the Authority of Your Website:

Backlinks from relevant and high-authority domains are the only way to increase the authority of your website. One backlink does not increase the authority of your website. To increase the authority of your website, you must obtain a significant number of backlinks.

Before sending your pitches, you should also look at the website’s domain authority, page authority, and spam score. You can get guest posts and boost your website’s authority if the metrics on that website are fair.

Google Search Results Have Improved:

Without a doubt, publishing more guest pieces will increase your traffic and backlinks. You can outrank your competition in various keywords if your backlinks are greater and more effective than theirs.

When your website receives backlinks, it receives a ranking boost. You get a lot of traffic after ranking for multiple keywords, and as your website becomes more popular, your overall authority and ranking rise.

Improve Your Article Writing Techniques:

It helps a lot to be good at one thing, which is only achievable if you practise a lot. You publish articles whenever you submit Guest Posts to someone.

When you create articles on a regular basis, your typing speed and niche research improve. You can create a website and earn a lot of money if you become an expert in one field.

But the point is that you must be skilled at creating articles in a specific sector. You can work as a writer and exhibit your past examples to website owners before sending the guest post pitch if your article writing expertise is good in a specific area.

Write For Us /Guest Post Guidelines: Dos and Don’ts

The following are some crucial elements to remember if you want to write for us, We call them Guest Post Guidelines:

Write for us guest post guidelines


  • Only write original content: We don’t want articles that have been copied or rewritten; we want to provide value to the reader who is reading the item on our site. You may add some fascinating information to it so that the readers are exposed to new material.
  • Article length: It should be between 500 and 1000 words long, with relevant photos inserted in the appropriate places.
  • We value research: The required piece should include material from a variety of sources, such as research and studies.
  • A Personal Touch is Required: Your essay should accurately reflect your personality, opinions, and writing style.


  • No Plagiarism at All: Our writings are checked with premium software, and no compromise on quality is tolerated.
  • Use Poor Grammar or Sentence Structure: All information should be well-structured and grammar should be flawless. Before submitting your content, double-check it for any remaining errors.
  • No made-up information or misinformation: Please make sure that the information you provide is 100% correct and not based on your own made-up story.
  • Write with a Purpose: We believe in meaningful writing, thus each piece of content should have a particular goal.
  • Don’t use copyrighted photos: Our team always creates material and uses images with the appropriate image metadata.

How to submit an article for Guest Post:

  • To get your blog published on Just Create App, you must first pitch us a piece and demonstrate your writing abilities and knowledge.
  • Send an email with the article pitch information.
  • “Guest Post Submission” should be the subject of the email.
How to write a guest post

Suggestions for topics to Write For Us:  technology, business, and gadgets.

Write For Us: Technology

Write For Us: Business

  • Business Administration
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Agencies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Small and Medium Business (SME)
  • Social Enterprise
  • Ecommerce
  • Entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs
  • Small Businesses Marketing
  • Startups, Business Models for Startups, Startup Ideas, Startup Advice and Strategy

Write For Us: Software and App Development

Write For Us: Gadgets

  • Electronics Gadgets
  • Technology Gadgets
  • Spy Gadgets
  • Gaming Gadgets
  • Ratings and Reviews

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Email: [email protected]

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Super Charge Your writing Powers

Become an author and share your knowledge

Become an author you can earn extra income by writing articles. Read and share your knowledge about future of technology. Everyone’s welcome.Become an author
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Popular Search Terms For Guest Post SitesSearch Strings For Gadgets Guest PostsQueries To Submit Guest Post On Technology BlogHow You Can search for Tech sites
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