Top 25 Apps Like Fetch Rewards For Cash Back in 2024

Apps like Fetch Rewards

Have you ever wondered how to make your shopping trips more rewarding? With the rise of cash back apps, earning rewards on your purchases has become easier than ever. Among these, Fetch Rewards has gained popularity for turning grocery receipts into gift cards. However, the digital world is vast, and there’s a whole array of apps like Fetch Rewards waiting to be explored.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The top 25 cash back apps that rival Fetch Rewards in 2024.
  • Unique features and requirements of these apps.
  • Why exploring alternatives to Fetch Rewards could boost your savings.

Ready to dive into the world of cash back apps? Let’s get started!

About Fetch App

Top 25 Apps like Fetch Rewards For Cash Back in 2024

Fetch Rewards has simplified the cash-back process, allowing users to earn rewards for purchasing from a wide array of brands. By scanning grocery receipts, users accumulate points redeemable for gift cards and other rewards, making it a favorite among savvy shoppers.

What’s The Need To Look For Fetch App Alternatives?

While Fetch Rewards offers a straightforward way to earn on purchases, diversifying your cash-back app portfolio can maximize savings. Alternatives might offer better rewards on specific products, more extensive brand partnerships, or unique features that align with different shopping habits.

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Why Do People Use Apps Like Fetch Rewards?


Apps like Fetch Rewards appeal to consumers looking to stretch their dollars further. They provide an effortless way to earn back a portion of spending on groceries, online shopping, and more, making them an integral part of a savvy shopper’s arsenal.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

Fetch Rewards operates on a simple premise: shop, scan, and save. Users earn points by scanning their shopping receipts, which can be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards, turning everyday shopping into an opportunity for savings.

25 Best Fetch Alternatives, Competitors

  1. Pogo
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Rakuten
  4. Dosh
  5. Upside
  6. Checkout 51
  7. Shopkick
  8. Drop
  9. Ibotta
  10. NCP Mobile
  11. Honey
  12. Receipt Hog
  13. Fetch Rewards
  14. BeFrugal
  15. TopCashback
  16. MyPoints
  17. Cashback Monitor
  18. CouponCabin
  19. RetailMeNot
  20. Groupon
  21. Paribus
  22. SavingStar
  23. CashKaro
  24. Quidco
  25. Field Agent

Lets explore each of the above apps in detail!

1. Pogo

 Apps like Fetch Rewards For Cash Back

Pogo stands out as a user-friendly cash back app, seamlessly integrating with your bank account to offer rewards on everyday purchases. It simplifies earning rewards by automatically tracking your spending without the need to scan receipts.

It is a refreshing take on cash back apps, offering a streamlined approach to earning rewards. Unlike traditional apps that require scanning receipts or selecting specific offers, Pogo works by linking directly to your bank account.

This setup allows it to track your purchases in real-time, automatically rewarding you for your everyday spending.

Whether you’re buying groceries, filling up your car, or shopping online, Pogo ensures that you earn cash back without lifting a finger. Its simplicity is its biggest appeal, removing the hassle of keeping track of receipts or offers.

Moreover, Pogo isn’t just about shopping; it also rewards users for completing surveys and participating in other simple activities. It’s designed for those who value convenience and simplicity in their quest to save money, making it a compelling choice for busy individuals looking to get more out of their purchases.

Requirements for Pogo

  • Link to a bank account
  • U.S. residency


  • Free

Key Features of Pogo

  • Automatic cash back on purchases
  • No receipt scanning required
  • Rewards for surveys and games
  • Instant withdrawal options
  • Secure data encryption

Supported Locations for Pogo

  • United States


  • 4.5/5

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2. Swagbucks

 Apps like Fetch Rewards For Cash Back

Swagbucks is a versatile platform that rewards users not just for shopping, but also for completing surveys, watching videos, and browsing the web. Its multifaceted approach to earning makes it a popular choice.

It goes beyond the typical cash back app by offering a multifaceted platform where users can earn rewards through a variety of activities. It’s not just shopping that earns you points here; users can also gain rewards by watching videos, completing surveys, searching the web, and even playing games.

This diversity in earning opportunities makes Swagbucks an attractive option for anyone looking to make their online time more productive. With Swagbucks, every activity you do online, from shopping to simply browsing the web, can contribute to your savings.

Redeeming points is straightforward, with options ranging from gift cards to PayPal cash, providing flexibility in how you use your rewards. For those who enjoy engaging with different types of content and want to earn rewards in the process, Swagbucks offers an engaging and rewarding experience.

Requirements for Swagbucks

  • Email sign-up
  • Internet access


  • Free

Key Features of Swagbucks

  • Earn points (SB) for shopping online
  • Rewards for surveys and videos
  • Gift card and PayPal cash redemption
  • Daily goal bonuses
  • Referral program

Supported Locations of Swagbucks

  • Worldwide


  • 4.4/5

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3. Rakuten

 Apps like Fetch Rewards For Cash Back

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, offers cash back at over 2,500 stores. It’s known for its straightforward cash-back process and substantial sign-up and referral bonuses, making it a heavyweight in the cash-back arena.

It previously known as Ebates, is a pioneer in the cash back space, offering users a simple way to earn cash back on their online purchases. By partnering with thousands of stores, Rakuten provides users with a wide range of shopping opportunities, from major retail chains to specialty online shops.

Users simply start their shopping through Rakuten’s website or app to earn a percentage of their purchase back in cash. This straightforward approach, combined with regular bonus offers and promotions, makes Rakuten a popular choice for those looking to save money on their online shopping.

Additionally, Rakuten offers a generous referral program and sends out cash back payments quarterly, making it easy for users to collect their earnings. For online shoppers looking for a reliable and easy-to-use cash back service, Rakuten stands out as a top choice.

Requirements for Rakuten

  • Email or Facebook account
  • Online shopping


  • Free

Key Features of Rakuten

  • Cash back at 2,500+ stores
  • Sign-up and referral bonuses
  • Quarterly cash payouts
  • In-store cash back options
  • Browser extension for easy use

Supported Locations for Rakuten

  • United States, Canada


  • 4.7/5

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4. Dosh

Apps like Fetch Rewards

Dosh offers a hassle-free approach to earning cash back. By linking your credit or debit card, Dosh automatically gives you cash back when you shop, dine, or book hotels through its partner brands.

Dosh offers a seamless cash back experience by linking directly to your credit or debit cards. Once set up, Dosh automatically rewards you with cash back when you make purchases at participating stores, restaurants, and hotels. This hands-off approach means there’s no need to scan receipts or activate offers before shopping.

Dosh is ideal for consumers who prefer not to fuss with the details of cash back programs but still want to earn rewards on their spending. The app also features a straightforward cash out process, allowing users to transfer their earnings directly to their bank account or PayPal.

With Dosh, earning cash back is effortless, making it a favorite among users who value convenience and simplicity in their savings strategy.

Requirements for Dosh

  • Link a credit or debit card
  • U.S. residency


  • Free

Key Features of Dosh

  • Automatic cash back
  • No receipt scanning
  • Cash back on dining and travel
  • Direct transfer to bank or PayPal
  • Refer-a-friend bonus

Supported Locations for Dosh

  • United States


  • 4.6/5

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5. Upside

Apps like Fetch Rewards

Upside is a unique app focusing on fuel, groceries, and dining discounts. It offers competitive cash back rates, making it a go-to for savings on essential purchases.

It is a unique app that focuses on saving users money on gas, groceries, and dining out. By offering cash back on essential purchases, Upside helps users save significantly on their regular expenses.

The app features personalized offers based on your location and purchase history, ensuring that the savings are relevant and valuable. Users simply check in at participating locations or upload receipts to claim their cash back.

Upside’s approach to saving on everyday expenses makes it especially appealing to commuters, families, and anyone looking to cut down on their monthly bills.

With its easy-to-use interface and no minimum cash out requirement, Upside provides a practical and convenient way to save on the go.

Requirements for Upside

  • GPS-enabled device
  • U.S. residency


  • Free

Key Features of Upside

  • Cash back on gas, groceries, and dining
  • No minimum for cash outs
  • Direct deposit, gift card, or PayPal redemption
  • Personalized offers
  • Easy receipt upload

Supported Locations for Upside

  • United States


  • 4.7/5

6. Checkout 51

Best Fetch Alternatives

Checkout 51 updates its offers weekly, providing cash back on groceries and household items. Users simply scan their receipts to earn cash back on eligible purchases, with no store affiliation required.

It updates its list of offers every week, giving users the chance to save on a variety of groceries and household items.

Users earn cash back by purchasing featured products and uploading their receipts through the app. This straightforward process allows for savings on everyday items without being tied to any specific store.

Checkout 51’s rotating offers keep the app fresh and engaging, encouraging users to check back regularly for new savings opportunities. It’s an excellent choice for shoppers who enjoy hunting for deals and don’t mind the extra step of uploading receipts to earn their cash back.

For those dedicated to reducing their grocery bills, Checkout 51 offers a simple and effective way to get cash back on the items they’re already buying.

Requirements for Checkout 51

  • Receipt scanning
  • Weekly offer activation


  • Free

Key Features of Checkout 51

  • Weekly cash back offers
  • No store restrictions
  • Easy receipt upload
  • Gas savings offers
  • Direct check payout

Supported Locations for Checkout 51

  • United States, Canada


  • 4.3/5

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7. Shopkick

Best Fetch Alternatives

Shopkick rewards users not just for purchases but for in-store actions like scanning items and walking into stores. It’s a fun and engaging way to earn while you shop or even just browse.

It is a fun and engaging app that rewards users not just for purchases but for in-store actions like scanning specific items and walking into stores. This unique approach allows users to earn points, or “kicks,” which can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of retailers. Shopkick turns everyday shopping trips into treasure hunts, providing an added incentive to visit stores and explore new products.

It’s especially appealing to those who enjoy shopping as an activity and are looking for ways to make it more rewarding.

With opportunities to earn kicks both in-store and online, Shopkick offers a versatile and interactive way to save and earn rewards, making every shopping trip a bit more exciting.

Requirements for Shopkick

  • Mobile device with GPS
  • In-store and online shopping


  • Free

Key Features of Shopkick

  • Earn “kicks” for various shopping activities
  • No purchase necessary options
  • Gift card rewards
  • Online and in-store offers
  • Partner brand bonuses

Supported Locations for Shopkick

  • United States


  • 4.5/5

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8. Drop

Best Similar apps to Fetch

Drop is tailored for the modern shopper, rewarding users for shopping at their favorite brands. It links to your credit or debit card and automatically tracks your purchases to award points.

It caters to the modern shopper by offering rewards for spending at their favorite brands. By linking your credit or debit card to the app, Drop tracks your purchases and automatically credits points to your account.

These points can then be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers, providing a simple and straightforward way to earn rewards on everyday spending. Drop’s emphasis on personalization tailors offers and rewards to your shopping habits, enhancing the relevance and appeal of the deals presented.

For those who prefer a passive approach to earning rewards and enjoy discovering new deals based on their interests, Drop presents an attractive and hassle-free option.

Requirements for Drop

  • Credit or debit card link
  • Smartphone use


  • Free

Key Features of Drop

  • Automatic point accumulation
  • No receipt scanning required
  • Exclusive offers and bonuses
  • Points redeemable for gift cards
  • Personalized shopping experiences

Supported Locations for Drop

  • United States, Canada


  • 4.4/5

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9. Ibotta

Best Similar apps to Fetch

Ibotta offers cash back on groceries, apparel, travel, and more. Users can earn cash back both in-store and online by uploading receipts, linking retailer accounts, or making purchases through the app.

Itis a comprehensive cash back app that offers rewards for a wide range of shopping activities, including groceries, apparel, and travel.

Users can earn cash back by uploading receipts, linking retailer accounts, or making purchases directly through the app. Ibotta’s versatility and the breadth of its partnerships make it a powerhouse for savings, appealing to a broad audience of shoppers.

With welcome bonuses for new users and a team savings feature that boosts earnings when shopping with friends or family, Ibotta encourages both individual and collective savings efforts.

Its user-friendly interface and flexible redemption options, including direct bank transfers and PayPal, make it a go-to app for those looking to maximize their savings across all shopping categories.

Requirements for Ibotta

  • Receipt upload or retailer account link
  • U.S. residency


  • Free

Key Features of Ibotta

  • Cash back on a wide range of categories
  • In-store and online redemption options
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Team savings feature
  • Direct bank or PayPal cash out

Supported Locations for Ibotta

  • United States


  • 4.6/5

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10. NCP Mobile

Best Similar apps to Fetch

NCP Mobile, operated by the National Consumer Panel, offers a unique take on earning rewards by scanning barcodes of purchased items. This market research-focused app provides insights into consumer behavior while rewarding users.

It operated by the National Consumer Panel, offers a unique twist on earning rewards by focusing on consumer behavior and market research. Users scan their purchase barcodes and provide feedback on their shopping experiences, earning points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.

This approach provides valuable insights into consumer trends while rewarding users for their participation. NCP Mobile is ideal for those who are interested in contributing to market research and don’t mind the extra step of scanning items to earn points.

With its focus on gathering consumer data, NCP Mobile offers a different kind of reward for shopping, appealing to those who enjoy being part of the larger consumer insights process.

Requirements for NCP Mobile

  • Barcode scanning
  • U.S. residency


  • Free

Key Features of NCP Mobile

  • Earn points by scanning barcodes
  • Weekly sweepstakes entries
  • Gift card and merchandise rewards
  • Contribute to market research
  • Exclusive surveys for additional points

Supported Locations for NCP Mobile

  • United States


  • 4.2/5

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Comparative Overview of Top Cash Back Apps Like Fetch Rewards in 2024

AppFocusRequirementsFeeKey FeaturesSupported LocationsRating
PogoAutomatic cash back on everyday purchasesLink to bank account, U.S. residencyFreeNo receipt scanning, Instant withdrawalUnited States4.5/5
SwagbucksRewards for shopping, surveys, videos, and moreEmail sign-up, Internet accessFreeDiverse earning activities, Gift card rewardsWorldwide4.4/5
RakutenCash back on online purchases at 2,500+ storesEmail or Facebook account, Online shoppingFreeLarge store network, Quarterly cash payoutsUnited States, Canada4.7/5
DoshAutomatic cash back linked to cardsLink a credit/debit card, U.S. residencyFreeHassle-free cash back, Direct transfer payoutsUnited States4.6/5
UpsideSavings on gas, groceries, and diningGPS-enabled device, U.S. residencyFreeCompetitive cash back rates, No minimum cash outUnited States4.7/5
Checkout 51Cash back on groceries with weekly offersReceipt scanning, Weekly offer activationFreeRotating offers, No store restrictionsUnited States, Canada4.3/5
ShopkickRewards for in-store actions and purchasesMobile device with GPS, In-store/online shoppingFreeEarn without purchases, Partner brand bonusesUnited States4.5/5
DropRewards for spending at favorite brandsCredit/debit card link, Smartphone useFreeAutomatic point accumulation, Personalized offersUnited States, Canada4.4/5
IbottaCash back on groceries, apparel, travel, etc.Receipt upload or retailer account link, U.S. residencyFreeWide category cash back, Direct bank/PayPal cash outUnited States4.6/5
NCP MobileMarket research through barcode scanningBarcode scanning, Participation in surveysFreeContributes to market research, Diverse rewardsParticipation varies by locationVaries
HoneyAutomatic coupons and cash back for online shoppingBrowser extension, Online shoppingFreeCoupon finding, Rewards programWorldwideVaries
Receipt HogEarn rewards for scanning shopping receiptsReceipt scanningFreeSimple earning process, Sweepstakes entriesUnited States, UKVaries
Fetch RewardsRewards for scanning receipts and buying specific itemsReceipt scanningFreeEasy to use, No specific store requirementUnited States4.6/5
BeFrugalCash back and coupons for online shoppingOnline shoppingFreeHigh cash back rates, Direct depositUnited States4.5/5
TopCashbackCash back for shopping at thousands of websitesOnline shoppingFreeNo minimum payout, Wide range of storesWorldwide4.4/5
MyPointsEarn points for shopping, surveys, and watching videosEmail sign-up, Online activitiesFreeMultiple redemption options, Welcome bonusUnited States, Canada4.3/5
Cashback MonitorComparison tool for cash back rates across sitesNoneFreeCompares cash back rates, Multiple programsWorldwideN/A
CouponCabinCoupons and cash back offersOnline shoppingFreeExclusive offers, “Members Only” dealsUnited States4.4/5
RetailMeNotCoupons and cash back dealsNoneFreeWide variety of coupons, Easy to useWorldwide4.5/5
GrouponDeals and cash back on local services and goodsNoneFreeLocal and travel deals, User-friendlyWorldwide4.5/5
ParibusMonitors and refunds price drops after purchasesEmail access, Online shoppingFreeAutomatic refunds, Easy setupUnited States4.2/5
SavingStarCash back on groceries and online shoppingGrocery loyalty cards, Online shoppingFreeDirect to bank payouts, Healthy offersUnited States4.3/5
CashKaroCash back and coupons for Indian shoppersOnline shopping, India residencyFreeWide range of offers, Bank transfer payoutIndia4.4/5
QuidcoCash back and deals for UK shoppersOnline shopping, UK residencyFreeHigh cash back rates, Automatic cash backUnited Kingdom4.7/5
Field AgentEarn money by completing tasksMobile device, Task completionFreeVaried tasks, Immediate payoutsUnited States, variesVaries


Apps like Fetch Rewards offer a versatile range of options for earning cash back on everyday purchases. Whether you prefer scanning receipts, linking your bank account, or engaging in market research, there’s an app tailored to your shopping habits. By exploring these alternatives, you can enhance your savings strategy and make the most of every purchase.

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