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Apps Like Instacart

Do you know why everyone’s buzzing about online grocery delivery these days? With our bustling lives and the need for convenience, apps like Instacart have become household names. 

Launched in 2012, Instacart changed the game with its promise to deliver groceries right to our doorsteps in just an hour or two. Its easy-to-use interface, vast product range, and fast delivery times made it a hit.

But, what if we told you there’s a whole world of other apps out there, just waiting to be explored? While Instacart continues to enjoy immense popularity, many other apps offer unique features and advantages. 

Dive in with us as we explore 20 such amazing Instamart Alternatives, and who knows, your next favorite grocery delivery app might just be a few scrolls away!

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What is Instacart App?

Instacart is a digital grocery delivery and pickup service that connects users with personal shoppers who pick up and deliver groceries from local stores. Launched in 2012, the app enables customers to shop from their preferred supermarkets without leaving their homes.

What Makes it Stand Out? Several factors differentiate Instacart

  • Versatility: Users can choose from a vast range of stores, ensuring diverse product availability.
  • Speed: Often, deliveries are possible within an hour, emphasizing swift service.
  • Personal Shoppers: Instacart’s trained shoppers hand-pick items, ensuring quality and freshness.
  • Customizability: Users can provide real-time feedback or specifications for their orders, making shopping more personalized.
  • Promotions: Exclusive deals and membership benefits (like Instacart Express) offer users cost-saving opportunities.

However, if you’re in the mood to switch things up or simply wish to discover alternative choices, here are the top 15 apps similar to Instamart.

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Top 15 Apps Like Instacart

  1. Amazon Fresh
  2. Walmart Grocery
  3. Shipt
  4. Peapod
  5. FreshDirect
  6. Postmates
  7. DoorDash
  8. Safeway
  9. Kroger
  10. Dumpling
  11. GoPuff
  12. Cornershop
  13. BigBasket
  14. Blinkit
  15. Ocado

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Detailed List Of Apps Like Instacart for Efficient Grocery Delivery

15 Apps Like Instacart

1) Amazon Fresh

Stepping into the world of grocery delivery, the e-commerce behemoth Amazon brings forward Amazon Fresh. Not just another grocery app, Amazon Fresh serves as a solid alternative to Instacart, especially for Indian consumers. What it might occasionally lack in delivery speed, it more than compensates with its expansive selection of daily essentials. Special perks for Amazon Prime members include the promise of a 2-hour delivery window. And if you’re new to the platform? A pleasant surprise awaits with Rs 100 cashback on an initial order of Rs 1,000 or more.

Ready to revolutionize your grocery shopping? Dive into the Amazon Fresh community and experience convenience like never before! Visit Amazon Fresh

2. Walmart Grocery

Known predominantly as a retail giant, Walmart’s foray into the grocery delivery realm took many by surprise. The extension of their brick-and-mortar presence into the digital landscape, via the Walmart grocery delivery app, promises the same product variety without the need to stroll through the aisles. Combining a user-friendly interface with a trusted brand name, it offers convenience from selection to doorstep delivery. 

In the thick of the pandemic, this app’s popularity soared, even outpacing the likes of Amazon in terms of downloads, exemplifying its growing user trust and dependence. But, is it all sunshine and roses with Walmart’s grocery delivery? 

Elevate your grocery game with a touch. Explore Walmart Grocery and discover seamless shopping at its finest. Dive in Walmart

3. Shipt

When it comes to online grocery delivery services, variety matters. Enter Shipt: a platform offering same-day delivery from popular stores like Target. What sets Shipt apart? Speed and scalability. During peak times like the pandemic, they responded quickly, ensuring deliveries without compromising efficiency.

With an increase in consumers looking for contactless shopping solutions, Shipt played a pivotal role in adapting to fluctuating demands. They enhanced their barcode scanning mobile app, which was powered by Scandit, leading to more rapid and precise order picking, thereby facilitating a smoother and safer shopping experience.

Dive into a world of convenience with Shipt. Elevate your shopping journey and connect with a community that values quality. Experience Shipt today!

4. Peapod

Before the e-commerce boom, Peapod pioneered the way with its online grocery delivery as early as 1989. Not only is Peapod one of the eldest in the digital grocery delivery game, but its expansive product range, from daily essentials to special treats like alcohol and ready-to-eat meals, speaks volumes.

But why does Peapod still resonate with shoppers? Its advanced digital platform is a game-changer. Users aren’t just browsing an online grocery store; they are engaging with an AI-driven platform tailored to each individual’s preferences.

Discover the ultimate grocery shopping experience with Peapod. Elevate your convenience and explore a world of fresh possibilities. Start your Peapod journey today!

5. FreshDirect

While Instacart dominates the online grocery space, there’s a New York gem that’s been making waves of its own: FreshDirect. This isn’t just another online grocery platform. It’s a culinary journey that began in 2002, deeply rooted in the heart of New York City. With an unwavering commitment to freshness and quality, FreshDirect meticulously collaborates with growers and innovators. The result? An unparalleled grocery experience right at your doorstep.

Elevate your culinary adventures and embark on a journey of culinary excellence. Get started with FreshDirect

6. Postmates

Ever heard of Postmates? Originating in San Francisco back in 2011, this delivery app was one of the pioneering forces that changed the way we think about ordering in. While many associate Postmates with food delivery, it’s actually far more versatile, offering doorstep delivery for a wide array of items.

The Postmates promise is clear: anything delivered. Beyond your favorite restaurant dishes, users can order from grocery stores, pharmacies, electronics shops, and even liquor stores, depending on local availability.

Get ready for a seamless experience in food, groceries, and more. Experience the future of convenience – try Postmates

7. DoorDash

When discussing robust delivery platforms, DoorDash emerges as a noteworthy contender. While many associate it primarily with food deliveries, its capabilities and reach extend far beyond that, making it an appealing alternative to services like Instacart.

Initially rooted in the realm of food delivery in the United States, DoorDash’s journey of expansion and adaptation is truly commendable. Updated data reveals that it commands a significant 57% market share in the US food delivery domain and has successfully ventured into international territories like Australia, Canada, and Japan.

Explore a diverse range of cuisines and enjoy the convenience of food delivery like never before. Join the DoorDash

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8. Safeway

When discussing efficient grocery delivery services, it’s essential to mention Safeway. Rooted in a rich history that dates back to 1915, Safeway has evolved from a modest grocery store in Idaho to a mammoth supermarket chain, with its influence felt not just in the U.S., but internationally. 

As pioneers in adopting the giant supermarket format, Safeway ensures a wide product range coupled with steadfast service. And while many remember its significant acquisition by the U.S. buyout firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. in the 1980s, Safeway’s commitment to serve remains consistent. Now with over 1,650 stores across North America, Safeway offers a reliable alternative for your grocery delivery needs.

Say goodbye to hassle and hello to convenience. Join Safeway today.

9. Kroger

A dominant force in the grocery retail landscape, Kroger offers more than just shopping aisles. Specializing in both in-store and online retail, Kroger boasts an impressive array of products ranging from fresh seafood and organic produce to apparel, electronics, and home goods. Originating from Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger now manages a vast network of stores under renowned banners such as Fred Meyer, Baker’s, and Harris Teeter. 

Their innovative approach to market trends is evident in their comprehensive digital offerings, including mobile applications and delivery services. With revenue reaching a 

staggering $148.3B in 2023 and a vast employee strength of 430,000, Kroger stands out as a robust Instacart alternative.

Experience unparalleled quality and a vast array of choices waiting for you. Embark on a fresher, finer shopping voyage with Kroger today

10. Dumpling

Dumpling is not just another apps like Instacart. Co-founders Joel Shapiro and Nate D’Anna have flipped the script by empowering workers to own their personal shopping businesses. Born out of a desire to change the gig economy narrative, Dumpling provides tools, support, and autonomy, allowing thousands across 50 states to venture into self-driven delivery services. As the gig world evolves, Dumpling offers a promising path forward, valuing worker rights and financial stability.

Savor unmatched freshness and a diverse selection tailored for the discerning shopper. Begin your gourmet adventure with Dumpling today

11. GoPuff

Stepping beyond traditional services like DoorDash and Instacart, GoPuff is the new age solution for almost instantaneous delivery of daily essentials, be it Tylenol, a much-needed cooking ingredient, or your favorite beer. With its unique micro-fulfillment centers, GoPuff boasts an inventory of over 4,000 items, ready for delivery at a click. 

Unlike standard grocery delivery, there’s no real-time chat hassle; users simply order from the app’s available stock. Founded by Drexel University students and headquartered in Philadelphia, GoPuff is rapidly expanding with operations in the US, Europe, and the UK, now serving 38 states. It’s modern convenience, redefined.

Revel in prompt deliveries and a plethora of choices tailored for the modern urbanite. Ignite your instant shopping spree with GoPuff.

12. Cornershop

Gone are the days of being tethered to a single grocery store app. Cornershop redefines convenience, letting users tap into various local markets, specialty shops, and independent grocers all from one platform. A Cornershop Shopper meticulously selects your items, ensuring they meet your specifications and is readily available for any last-minute changes. Their collaboration with Uber amplifies the service’s credibility and paves the way for the future of delivery. Whether you’re nestled in New York or venturing into Texas, Cornershop is here to streamline your grocery endeavors.

Relish the personal touch of local favorites and an expansive array of global finds. Begin your delightful neighborhood exploration with Cornershop today

13. BigBasket

Established as India’s pioneering online grocery platform, BigBasket has roots dating back to 2011 in Bangalore. With Tata Group at its helm since 2021, the enterprise presently operates across 30 Indian cities, facilitating a whopping 15 million orders every month. 

What sets BigBasket apart is its commitment to delivering fresh produce; sourcing daily from local markets, housing in chilled storage, and shipping through temperature-regulated trucks. As a testament to its meteoric success, BigBasket’s valuation reached an impressive $3.2 billion by 2023. With both online dominance and an expanding offline presence via their Fresho stores, BigBasket remains at the forefront of the e-grocery revolution.

Bask in the flavors of authenticity while enjoying a comprehensive range of modern essentials. Embark on a wholesome shopping expedition with BigBasket today.

14. Blinkit

In the race of “quick commerce” in India, Grofers has prominently positioned itself, culminating in its transformation to “Blinkit.” Pivoting from a traditional online grocery entity, Blinkit is now geared towards instant commerce, processing over a million speedy deliveries in 12 cities weekly. 

This strategic rebranding mirrors a larger shift in the market dynamics, reminiscent of Facebook’s metamorphosis into Meta Platforms Inc. The company’s mantra, “instant commerce indistinguishable from magic,” signifies its renewed dedication to rapidity and efficiency. Competing with giants like Instamart and Google-backed Dunzo, Blinkit, previously Grofers, is navigating the burgeoning quick commerce arena with agility and innovation.

Delight in timely arrivals and an expanse of handpicked essentials. Unfold your seamless shopping narrative with Blinkit today.

15. Ocado

Emerging from the heart of the UK, Ocado Group has skillfully transformed the e-grocery landscape. Born from the ambition of ex-Goldman Sachs bankers in 2000, it quickly formed strategic partnerships, notably with Waitrose. Its commitment to digital innovation shone brightly when it launched an iPhone grocery app, making waves in the sector. 

The Ocado Smart Platform further fortified its global standing, attracting collaborations from the French Casino Group to Canada’s Sobeys, and even the US powerhouse, Kroger. Despite facing challenges, Ocado continues to thrive, making its mark alongside other digital giants like Instamart.

Experience the blend of cutting-edge tech and the freshest picks, all in one place. Launch your premium grocery voyage with Ocado today.

Features to Consider in Apps Like Instacart

Have you ever used Instacart? It’s a handy app, right? But sometimes, it’s good to have options. Just like you might switch between different TV channels, having a variety of grocery apps can offer diverse experiences.

What’s in an App?

When thinking about trying out a different grocery delivery service, it’s not just about who delivers the fastest. There are certain features that can make one app stand out from another.

Key Features to Note For Delivery Apps like Instacart

  • User-Friendliness: How easy is the app to use?
  • Delivery Speed: How quickly do your groceries arrive?
  • Coverage Area: Is the service available in your region?
  • Product Range: Variety and options matter. Can you find everything on your list?

So, if you’re curious about what other grocery apps have to offer, knowing these features can guide you to the perfect fit.

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The digital revolution in grocery shopping has paved the way for a plethora of platforms like Instacart, making our lives remarkably convenient. These 20 alternatives not only embody the essence of efficiency but also diversify our options. 

From region-specific services to global giants, each app offers unique features catering to individual needs. Embracing these platforms ensures we stay ahead, optimizing our grocery shopping experiences. As technology advances and lifestyles become busier, such apps are no longer just a luxury but a staple in modern living.


Why are there so many shopper apps like Instacart now?

With the surge in digitalization and the demand for convenience, online grocery delivery has become increasingly popular. As consumers prioritize safety and time-saving methods, many businesses see the potential in this sector, leading to a rise in platforms similar to Instacart.

How do delivery apps like Instacart ensure product quality?

These apps typically partner with reputable retailers and have quality control measures in place. They train shoppers to pick the freshest produce and best products. Many apps also offer a satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to report and receive refunds for unsatisfactory items.

Which among the Instacart alternatives is the most eco-friendly?

Different apps have various eco-friendly initiatives. Some focus on sustainable packaging, while others prioritize electric vehicle deliveries or source organic produce. It’s best to check each app’s sustainability policies or practices to determine which aligns best with your eco-conscious values

Can I use multiple Instacart-like apps for different products and deals?

Absolutely! Many users take advantage of multiple platforms to access a broader range of products, avail of exclusive deals, or benefit from specific services that one app might offer over another.

How do these apps handle order issues or discrepancies?

Most apps have a dedicated customer support system. If there’s an issue with an order, users can typically report it through the app or contact customer service directly. Many platforms prioritize customer satisfaction, offering refunds, replacements, or credits for discrepancies or unsatisfactory products.

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