Top 10 Largest Construction Companies in the UK

10 Largest Construction Companies in the UK

The construction industry is like the backbone of any nation’s progress, and the UK is no exception. Dive deep into its intricacies, and you’ll soon realize the weight carried by its giants. Speaking of giants, have you ever wondered about the top players in this field? Who are the top 10 UK construction companies making waves, erecting iconic structures, and crafting the very skyline of cities?

It’s not just about building homes or offices; it’s about shaping the nation’s future. These firms don’t just put up walls and roofs; they construct landmarks, leaving behind legacies. The biggest construction companies in the UK don’t merely contribute bricks and mortar; they fuel the economy, creating jobs and instilling confidence in investors.

Stay with us as we unveil these behemoths, delve into their achievements, and showcase the might of the UK’s construction realm. It’s a journey worth taking, and trust us, the view from the top is simply spectacular.

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Criteria for Ranking the Biggest Construction Companies

So, you’re curious about what makes a construction company stand out in the UK? Well, you’re not alone! It’s not just about being big. In fact, there are several key factors that determine the giants of this industry.

  • Revenue Figures: This one’s a no-brainer. The more a company earns, the bigger its influence. But it’s not just about the money; it’s about consistent growth and stability.
  • Number of Projects Completed: It’s not just about the quantity but the quality too. The big construction companies in the UK aren’t just busy; they’re also good at what they do.
  • Years in Operation: Experience matters! A company that’s been around for decades has faced and overcome numerous challenges.
  • Employee Count: A company is only as strong as its workforce. More employees often mean more projects and a broader reach.

By considering these criteria, we get a clearer picture of which companies truly shape the UK’s construction landscape. Isn’t it fascinating how it all adds up?

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Top 10 UK Construction Companies

When you think of construction in the United Kingdom, some big names might come to mind. They are the companies that have sculpted the landscape of cities and towns, erecting buildings that stand as a testament to their skills and expertise. 

These companies have a knack for transforming blueprints and plans into tangible, impressive structures. We have curated a list of the top 10 in the business – the crème de la crème of the UK construction scene.

1. Caddick Construction


When we talk about premier names in the UK construction landscape, Caddick Construction firmly cements its position. A crown jewel of the Caddick Group Plc, this company has been a cornerstone in the industry for decades.

A Brief Glance at Caddick Construction

  • Founding Year: 1979
  • Key Services:
    • Design
    • Construction
    • Civil Engineering
    • Property Development & Management
    • Leisure & Event Management

Over a 44-year rich heritage, Caddick Construction has earned an exceptional reputation, consistently delivering high-quality projects—be it new builds, refurbishments, or civil construction works. Their secret? A perfect blend of in-house design expertise, technical prowess, and a stellar supply chain committed to punctuality and budget precision.

A Mirror to Their Excellence One of their clients beautifully sums it up, saying, “Caddick staff are the epitome of professionalism. Their expertise shines through, and their proactive, collaborative approach with our teams, like St. Modwen, ensures top-notch end products.”

In essence, if you’re looking for a construction partner in the UK that stands synonymous with excellence, Caddick Construction is a name you can trust.

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2. Laing O’Rourke


From humble origins to being one of the top construction companies in the UK, Laing O’Rourke’s journey is a testament to ambition and innovation.

Historical Roots

  • Founded: Merging the long-standing expertise of John Laing Plc from 1848 with R O’Rourke & Son’s proficiency in 1978, Laing O’Rourke came into existence in 2001.
  • Growth: In just two decades, this powerhouse evolved, marking its presence in international markets and adopting groundbreaking construction methods.

Values at the Core

  • Unique Purpose: They believe in pushing the boundaries for humanity’s betterment, driven by values like care, integrity, and courage.
  • Family Culture: Stemming from family ownership, there’s an innate passion for uplifting communities with every project.

Sustainability Goals

  • Laing O’Rourke is future-ready, with solid commitments to decarbonize its operations by 2030 and balance its global gender ratio by 2033.

By championing new construction approaches and maintaining a deep-rooted cultural ethos, Laing O’Rourke isn’t just constructing buildings, but building a brighter future for all.

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3. Costain Group


Costain Group, rooted deeply in the UK’s construction legacy, has been enhancing the lives of its citizens since 1865. Originating in Liverpool, this titan among big construction companies in the UK has stood the test of time, continually adapting to the ever-evolving infrastructural needs of the nation.

Achievements Worth Mentioning

  • Innovation at Its Best: Costain takes pride in being one of the early recipients of the BSI Kitemark for innovation, setting the gold standard for others in the industry.
  • Championing Inclusivity: The 2021 Inclusive Employers Standard awarded them a Silver accreditation, underscoring their commitment to cultivating a diverse and supportive workspace.

By the Numbers

  • Employees: Boasting a dedicated team of approximately 3,500 professionals across the UK.
  • Financials: The group reported an impressive adjusted revenue of £1,421m for the year ending 31 December 2022.

A Team Like No Other: When it’s about delivering smarter, better, and faster infrastructure solutions, Costain ensures that their top-notch team of experts is at the forefront, driving the company’s vision with unmatched creativity and domain-specific knowledge.

In the vast landscape of construction, Costain Group shines brightly, symbolizing the perfect blend of historical strength and forward-thinking innovation.

4. Kier Group

Kier-Group: top 10 uk construction companies

Kier Group stands proudly among the big construction companies in the UK, seamlessly blending expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to community development.

Building Communities

Kier Group isn’t just a construction giant; it is a catalyst for community enhancement. Schools constructed by Kier are epitomes of modernity and accessibility, contributing to an enriching learning environment for students. Every road designed and maintained is a testament to the company’s dedication to connecting the UK’s vibrant cities and towns.

A Sustainable Approach

  • Infrastructure Development: Emphasizing not just construction but the harmonious integration of the latest equipment and technology in homes.
  • Renewable Energy: Actively participating in the UK’s transition to green and sustainable energy, ensuring a cleaner, brighter future for all.

Aviation Excellence

The aviation sector too, has witnessed Kier Group’s exemplary contribution. Airside and landside infrastructure at major airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton bear the hallmark of Kier’s quality and precision. Recently, the company made headlines for its role in delivering state-of-the-art facilities for Spaceport in Cornwall.

A Glimpse of the Future

In a world where the construction landscape is continuously evolving, Kier Group is synonymous with adaptability and forward-thinking. Every project, whether it’s a bustling airport or a cozy neighborhood, is delivered with a touch of innovation, sustainability, and excellence, making Kier Group a name to reckon with in the world of construction.

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5. Skanska UK

Skanska-UK: largest construction companies uk

Skanska UK has firmly cemented its reputation among the big construction companies in the UK since its establishment in 2000. With roots tracing back over 135 years, this global powerhouse boasts an impressive track record of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions.

Skanska’s UK Footprint

  • Sectors Served: Real estate, defense, education, highways, rail, and water.
  • Milestone Projects:
    • Highways: Bridging communities with initiatives like the A428 and M42 Junction 6 developments.
    • Railway: Pioneering a greener and faster rail system, notably with the London tunnels segment of HS2.
    • Real Estate: Crafting iconic workspaces such as Norton Folgate in London and Unity Place in Swindon.
    • Critical Facilities: Managing vital establishments for entities like the Ministry of Defence and the City of Edinburgh Council.
    • Sustainable Housing: Partnering with BoKlok (an IKEA joint venture) to develop eco-friendly homes in Bristol and Worthing.

At its core, Skanska thrives on the principle of ‘building for a better society’. Embracing diversity, prioritizing well-being, and acting ethically are pillars that underscore Skanska’s enduring commitment to reshaping the future. With every brick laid, they’re not just constructing structures but molding a legacy for generations to come.

6. Sir Robert McAlpine


Sir Robert McAlpine isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy that spans over a century, deeply interwoven with the UK’s architectural landscape. Rooted in the solid foundation of family values since 1869, this construction titan stands as a testament to technical brilliance, resilience, and innovation.

A Legacy Built on Excellence

Sir Robert McAlpine has a rich history, marked by the construction of Britain’s most iconic structures. Every brick laid and every building erected embodies the company’s unwavering commitment to quality. It’s not just about buildings but crafting legacies, an ethos that has been the driving force behind its enduring success.

  • Technical Brilliance: A harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.
  • Client Service: A personalized approach ensuring every client’s vision transforms into reality.
  • Project Delivery: Precision, efficiency, and excellence encapsulated in every project.

Building Britain’s Future

Being enlisted among the top 10 UK construction companies isn’t a title; it’s a responsibility that Sir Robert McAlpine wears with pride. Every project is an exploration of potential, a meticulous process of transforming visions into tangible structures.

  • Community Centric: Building structures and nurturing relationships within communities.
  • Sustainability: Crafting architectural marvels while prioritizing environmental wellness.
  • Innovation: Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, setting industry benchmarks.

Moving Forward

Yet, the journey of Sir Robert McAlpine is a story still being written. Every project and every innovation is a step towards a future where constructions are not just structures but epitomes of technical, aesthetic, and sustainable excellence. This company isn’t just building structures; it’s weaving the architectural narrative of the UK, one iconic building at a time.

As the landscape of the UK’s cities and towns evolve, so too does the story of Sir Robert McAlpine – a tale of resilience, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, deeply embedded in the UK’s architectural heritage.

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7. Galliford Try


Galliford Try is not just one of the big construction companies in the UK; it stands apart with its vision focused on people. A company that genuinely seeks to improve the UK’s built environment, it’s at the forefront of delivering transformative change for the communities it serves.

Their Ethos

  • Purpose: They strive to enhance lives by creating essential facilities and infrastructure while offering growth opportunities for their team.
  • Values: With integrity central to their operations, they emphasize delivering excellence, being passionate about their societal role, and fostering collaborations for lasting change.

Innovation at its Core Bill Hocking, the Chief Executive of Galliford Try, captures the essence when he says, “Our people are our most significant asset. But their potential is truly unlocked when furnished with innovative business systems within an ethical framework.”

Diverse Projects, Unified Vision Whether it’s a state-of-the-art educational institution in Scotland or a residential haven in London, Galliford Try showcases its versatility while staying rooted in its core values. Their projects, widespread across both public and private sectors, are a testament to their commitment to excellence and sustainable solutions.

Dive into Galliford Try’s journey, and you’ll see why they’re a name to reckon with in the UK’s construction landscape.

8. Morgan Sindall Group


Morgan Sindall Group stands tall among the big construction companies in the UK, marking its strong presence with its unique approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. As a conglomerate of specialist businesses, they cater to diverse construction and regeneration needs across the public, commercial, and regulated sectors in the UK.

Distinctive Approach

  • Purpose-driven Energy: Harnessing the vibrant energy of their team, they aim to tackle challenging projects, achieving what often seems improbable.
  • Decentralized Philosophy: Empowering their employees with decision-making responsibilities ensures swift and efficient project outcomes.

Strategic Growth

  • Focused Selection: Emphasizing project selection that aligns with core strengths.
  • Innovative Endeavors: Continual innovation to meet their commitments towards people, environment, supply chain, and communities.
  • Financial Vigilance: Maintaining robust financial health even during economic downturns, ensures a steady stream of investments in regeneration and growth.

This group doesn’t just aim for immediate success; they’re building a legacy. With such a clear vision and strategic foresight, it’s evident why Morgan Sindall Group rightfully claims its spot among the top 10

9. BAM Nuttall


BAM Nuttall is more than just a name—it epitomizes a synergy of innovation and teamwork. It stands as a beacon amongst the largest construction companies in the UK.

Building Tomorrow, Today

Their ethos is rooted deeply in collaboration and determination. Every structure erected is not just a physical entity but a legacy, enhancing lives and environments. BAM Nuttall focuses on more than concrete and steel; they are architects of sustainable futures, and every project echoes their ingenuity and collaborative spirit.


  • Sustainability: BAM Nuttall’s steps are measured and intentional, aiming for a minimal environmental footprint. The ambition is clear: net-zero emissions by 2026.
  • Innovation: They aren’t just keeping pace with the evolving world but are at the forefront, leading with modern construction methods and digital enhancements.
  • Collaboration: Partnership isn’t a strategy, but an ethos. Every client and every project is a dance of unified creativity and effort.

A Legacy in Making

Each endeavor is a stride towards an enhanced, enriched tomorrow. The structures aren’t just physical entities but contributions to the quality of life, economy, and community. BAM Nuttall transcends traditional construction paradigms, infusing each project with a life, a story.

They believe in a world not just built but crafted—with precision, passion, and a profound respect for the planet and people. Every venture is an illustration of engineering excellence meeting human ingenuity, a testament that at BAM Nuttall, it’s not just about infrastructures but engineering the future.

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10. Vinci Construction UK


Vinci Construction UK doesn’t merely build structures; it lays the foundation for a brighter future. Nestled within the heart of the UK, this entity has emerged as a beacon of excellence, setting standards in the construction industry.

Three Pillars of Vinci Construction UK

  • Major Projects Division: Tasked with the most ambitious endeavors, this division epitomizes Vinci’s dedication to awe-inspiring constructions.
  • Specialty Networks: Vinci’s mastery extends to niche domains like nuclear engineering, digital construction tech, and structural expertise.
  • Proximity Network Businesses: Localized focus is key. Vinci’s local companies remain rooted in core business lines, maintaining a palpable presence near their clientele.

Driving Commitments

  • Safety First: For Vinci, health and safety aren’t just buzzwords. They thrive on three foundational pillars: transparency, exemplarity, and dialogue.
  • Environmental Excellence: From championing the circular economy to preserving natural habitats, Vinci is more than a builder. They’re caretakers of the environment.
  • Upholding Ethics: Integrity and honor underpin Vinci’s operations, ensuring they always set the gold standard in corporate conduct.

In a world rapidly changing, Vinci Construction UK embodies the future, merging environmental consciousness with groundbreaking innovation.


The UK’s construction sector stands as a testament to innovation, dedication, and sheer skill. From revitalizing urban landscapes to creating new horizons in infrastructure, the top 10 construction companies in the UK have been pivotal in crafting the nation’s skyline.

Their commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and community impact sets them apart on the global stage. As we gaze upon towering skyscrapers or drive through sprawling highways, let’s take a moment to appreciate the giants behind these marvels.

These leaders not only construct buildings but also shape dreams, promising an even brighter future for the UK. For anyone aspiring to join or collaborate with this thriving industry, the horizon has never looked more promising.

FAQs on Largest Construction Companies

How do the largest construction companies impact local economies?

They create jobs, invest in local resources, and boost economic growth through large-scale projects.

Which regions typically house the headquarters of these large construction firms?

While they can be based anywhere, many have headquarters in major global cities or in countries with booming construction sectors.

What kinds of projects do these companies typically handle?

From skyscrapers, bridges, and airports to highways, dams, and residential complexes, they cover a diverse range of construction projects.

How do sustainability practices factor into the operations of large construction companies?

Many prioritize sustainable construction methods, materials, and certifications, responding to global demands for eco-friendly practices.

Do the largest construction companies collaborate with smaller firms?

Often, they partner with or subcontract smaller firms for specialized tasks or local expertise, benefiting both parties.

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