What is Google Gemini AI? Eye-Opening Revelations About Gemini You Must Know

Google Gemini Multi model Language Model

After the use of artificial intelligence, this world has never come back again. Artificial intelligence is taking leap day by day at a high speed. Many tech giant companies are investing in AI to benefit and make evolution for the world. AI is capable of changing the world very quickly. The biggest tech giant “Google” has previously used AI but now this time there is something new that could be the biggest change in the perspective of artificial intelligence. We will describe every detail about the Google Gemini. So go with us to know everything about this new AI multimodal Gemini AI. 

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini AI, developed by Google, is a multimodal artificial intelligence system capable of understanding and interacting with various inputs like text, images, speech, and music. It stands out for its ability to process multiple data types simultaneously, offering a comprehensive AI experience. Gemini AI is available in three versions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, catering to different usage needs. This versatility makes it a significant advancement in AI technology, blending diverse capabilities in a single, adaptable system.

It’s a set of large language models that are built by Google with the help of Deepmind. Gemini is trained by Alphago training techniques, including reinforcement learning and tree search. Google wants to make its flagship AI model to enhance its services and many products within its portfolio. It is a very low data consumption AI model whereas other AI models consume too much power. It is a flexible AI multi-model trained on Google’s in-house AI chips and tensor processing units, such as the TPU v4 and v5e. 

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Descriptive notes of “Sundar Pichai” on Google Gemini

The CEO of Google “ Sundar Pichai” has shared a note on Google Gemini on Google’s official webpage. That note was too long so we have summarized the notes for your convenience to read and understand.

Google is evolving AI as a newly found technology shift, with the potential to create opportunities for scientific discovery, human progress, and improved lives. As millions of people get served with generative AI across their products, developers are building new applications, and startups and enterprises are also growing. Google is approaching this work eagerly and responsibly, pursuing capabilities that bring enormous benefits to people and society while building safeguards and working collaboratively with governments and experts to address risks. The company is investing in the best tools, foundation models, and infrastructure, guided by its AI Principles. The first version of Gemini 1.0, optimized for Ultra, Pro, and Nano, represents one of the biggest science and engineering efforts at Google DeepMind.”

This note has given a brief introduction about the Google Gemini which we will make more detail for you to know it much better.

Performance and power of Gemini

Gemini Performance

Gemini has capabilities beyond any other AI models as it can solve complex problems like sophisticated reasoning, and many subject-related problems such as physics, chemistry, math, philosophy, and many other subjects. Gemini has the power to create many creative and innovative ideas that can change the fortunes of many industries. It can analyze the data and give related information.

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Google Gemini Versions

Gemini versions

Three versions of Gemini have been released, they are Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra. Let me know the details of all versions one by one.

1. Google Gemini Nano

This is the lite version of Gemini as it is built to operate on small devices like smartphones. It will soon be available in the Google Pixel 8 pro via the Google app through the update of Android 14. Whereas the Nano version of Gemini is official and exclusive for Google Pixel 8 pro there is also a sneak peak window available for the developers. 

2. Google Gemini Pro

The Gemini Pro model is built to do tasks like summarizing content, writing, and much more. As it can outperform the Open AI’s chat GPT 3.5 model. Gemini Pro launched on 13th December and soon rolled out in other Google services like Chrome, ads, Google tools, etc. This version of Google is very similar to Bard and Microsoft’s copilot.

3. Google Gemini Ultra

Gemini Ultra is the most capable and strongest model among all three. It is still not available for widespread use but soon it will be. It was trained to be natively multimodal and was pre-trained and fine-tuned on various codebases. Gemini Ultra can completely understand the data in the form of audio, video, and text and gives accurate information related to the topics.

What are the Capabilities of Google Gemini?

Google Gemini Multi model
Capabilities of Google Gemini

As we mentioned, Gemini has the capabilities to solve sophisticated reasoning. It can solve problems of up to 20 subjects. It also has sheer capability in the field of coding. The lite version of Gemini can understand, generate, and solve the world’s best coding languages such as Java, C++, AND Go, etc. Google released Alphacode about 1 year ago to solve coding-related problems but this new model has 85% more capacity than Alphago to work on many languages.

Gemini 1.0 has been trained at scale on AI-optimized infrastructure using proprietary Tensor Processing Units. TPU’s Gemini runs even faster than smaller, less-capable models. 

Gemini has the capacity for extensive language modeling for mastering complex games. Gemini has been designed to ground state multi-models for integrating text, images, and other data types that allow natural conversational abilities with the users.

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About responsibility and safety details at the core

Google has its policy related to safety and responsibility. So Gemini is also made according to their policy and principles. Google is also adding more safety to the Gemini than any Google services have. They have conducted novel research into potential risk areas like cyber-offense, persuasion, and autonomy, and have applied Google Research’s best-in-class technique to help identify critical safety issues in advance of Gemini’s deployment.

Google also used real toxicity prompts to pull out the varying degrees of toxicity. Google is also partnering with industries like MLcommons, the frontier model forum and its AI safety fund, and our Secure AI framework(SAIF) to mitigate the safety risk.

Is Gemini better than GPT 4?

There are many competitors in the market for the Gemini. But GPT 4 is one of the top competitors of all of them as people are so curious to know if Gemini is better than GPT 4. Google has released a data comparison between Gemini and GPT-4, data tells that Gpt-4 can only outperform Gemini in the HellaSwag reasoning. Data released by Google is presented-

CapabilityBenchmarkGemini UltraGPT-4
GeneralMMLU (Representation of various questions in 57 subjects)90.0%86.4%
ReasoningBig-Bench Hard (Challenging tasks requiring multi-step reasoning)DROP (Reading comprehension)83.6% 82.4%83.1% 80.9%
MathGSM8K (Basic arithmetic manipulation)MATH (Challenging math problems)94.4% 53.2%92.0% 52.9%
CodeHumanEval (Python code generation)Natural j2Code (Python code generation)74.4% 74.9%67.0% 73.9%

Since this data only is compared between GPT-4 and Gemini ultra version. But you can’t say that Gemini completely can outperform the GPT-4. Gemini can process images, videos, text, and audio whereas GPT-4 can only process image and text data. Both are superior to others in various fields. 

Details about the availability and access of Google Gemini

Mentioned that Gemini Nano will come in Google Pixel 8 pro device through the update of Android 14. Whereas many selected companies can access the Gemini. This is a signal that very soon Google will release its beta version. But soon Gemini will be available to the whole world through Google’s products. As Google is testing Gemini to improve, users couldn’t face any issues.

Future scope for the different industries by Gemini

Many industries can make an impact by using Google Gemini. Let’s talk about that what could be those industries-

  • Education- with the Gemini, there will be new learning experiences for the students. Learning could be more personalized. There is an infinite store of learning materials with the Gemini that makes learning at a faster pace and with more accuracy.
  • Business- Business ideas, reliable data, suggestions, and many much more things related to business that Gemini prefers. With Gemini, there will be more valuable insights that can enhance the business sector.
  • Creative industries- Many creative industries like writing, singing, art, etc also enhance their creative workflow and search for new ideas. 
  • Science and research- with more accurate analysis of complex data can enhance the scientific industry. One can get information about their research easily, which saves time. 
  • Normal person lives- Normal person’s lives could also affect Gemini. As they can solve their daily problems with the suggestions and solutions generated by Google Gemini. 

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Early Gemini results

Early Gemini results are promising that Gemini may employ retrieval methods to output entire blocks of information, rather than word-by-word generation, to improve factual consistency. Gemini also has the capability of captioning the images. Testing shows that Gemini could be consistent in giving accurate information in different sectors. But can’t say too much via early results as I wait to analyze more about the Gemini.

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Limitations of Google Gemini

With its power, Gemini also has its limitations. Let’s see what limitations or challenges that Gemini could face in its journey-

  • Technical knowledge will be required to operate Gemini as a normal person isn’t able to use Gemini properly.
  • Limited availability is also a barrier factor for the public with Gemini. As there is still, even developers are not allowed to access Gemini completely.
  • The computational cost will be required to access the Gemini ultra version as everyone can’t have the ability to access or purchase.
  • Gemini lacks common sense in the modern world as it can create barriers between the users and Gemini. But in the future, it will improve.
  • In recent days, there could be any unexpected risks that it is still in the testing period. So I have to wait to make it near perfect and safe for the world.


There is time to experience the whole Gemini experience with the ultra version. Surely Google seems to be setting a new standard in artificial intelligence. With Gemini, Google started a new era in the large language models. There will be more enhancements made in the future by the team to extend its capabilities. Google says that Gemini will pave the way for new levels of innovation, creativity, and knowledge sharing for billions of people worldwide. Make patience to see the power of Gemini as Google claims to be in the future. But with the early testing of Gemini, we can say that it has a secure and powerful future for the world.

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