What is GPT4 Turbo? How it is Best AI Release Yet? What’s New and Improved?

GPT4 Turbo

In the first-ever in-person developer conference of open AI, the CEO of OpenAI, Mr. Sam Altman announces the most powerful AI yet “The GPT4 Turbo”. This model is touted as more capable and cost-efficient than its predecessors, setting a new benchmark for AI performance.

GPT4 Turbo Launched

As the need is increasing day by day, to change the world, AI should also make changes with the world. The GPT4 turbo could be the new evolution toward the changing world in the field of technology and many more. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was also present at the event. Let’s talk about the GPT4 turbo in detail.

What is GPT4 Turbo?

GPT-4 Turbo is the latest generational model from OpenAI, noted for its enhanced capabilities and updated knowledge base up to April 2023. It introduces a substantially expanded context window of 128k tokens, which translates to the ability to process the equivalent of 300 pages of text within a single prompt. This represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor, allowing for more comprehensive interactions and deeper contextual understanding.

Economically, GPT-4 Turbo is more efficient, with costs reduced to 3x cheaper for input tokens and 2x cheaper for output tokens compared to the original GPT-4 model. In terms of functionality, it has also extended its capabilities to accept images as inputs in the Chat Completions API, facilitating a variety of applications such as generating image captions, detailed image analysis, and interpreting documents containing images, broadening its use in accessibility technologies like aiding visually impaired individuals through the BeMyEyes application.

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Key Features and Advancements in GPT4 Turbo

There are many features that are mentioned during the event that make the GPT4 turbo better than all other GPT versions. Let’s dig at its features.

  • 128K Context Window: GPT-4 Turbo can consider up to 128,000 tokens of text, offering unprecedented contextual understanding.
  • Updated Knowledge Base: With knowledge up to April 2023, it responds to recent events with improved accuracy.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It offers a 3x cheaper price for input tokens and a 2x cheaper price for output tokens compared to the original GPT-4.
  • Multimodal Abilities: Apart from text, it also interprets images, enhancing its versatility.
  • Text to Speech: Users are now able to generate incredibly naturally natural voices using API with six preset voices to choose from.

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Create Your Own Chatbot Using GPT4 Turbo

Open AI wrote in a release ”You can make a chatbot for yourself, or just for your company’s internal use, or for everyone. Creating one is as easy as starting a conversation, giving it instructions and extra knowledge, and picking what it can do, like searching the web, making images or analyzing data.”

This means that developers are also able to create their own chatbot that could be personalized according to desire. A personalized chatbot will be a popup on their daily used websites and apps.

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Developer-Friendly Innovations in GPT4 Turbo

  • JSON Mode: A new feature that ensures the model responds with valid JSON, facilitating web app development.
  • Function Parameters: It is more likely to return the correct function parameters, improving the interaction with external APIs.

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How GPT-4 Turbo is Changing the Game?

GPT-4 Turbo’s advancements are not just incremental; they represent a transformative shift in the landscape of AI-powered applications.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Longer Conversations: With a larger context window, it maintains coherence over longer dialogues.
  • Better Instruction Following: It excels at tasks that require understanding and following specific formats.
  • Reproducible Outputs: New parameters allow for consistent results, essential for debugging and development.

Expanding the Horizons of AI

  • Multimodal Context Understanding: The ability to process text and images opens up new avenues for creative and analytical applications.
  • Improved Accessibility: By lowering costs, OpenAI has made powerful AI tools more accessible to a wider range of developers and businesses.

Introduction to Copyright Shield in GPT4 Turbo

Copyright shield is introduced to pay the costs if the customers face legal claims related to the contents generated by its product. Due to this feature, it brings innovation that customers could be able to build their belief in the GPT4 turbo version to use without worrying about the legal risks.

The Future with GPT-4 Turbo

As we stand on the cusp of these exciting developments, the anticipation for the stable release of GPT-4 Turbo builds. Its potential for enhancing AI applications across industries is immense, promising to unlock new capabilities and foster innovation.

  • Wider Access: OpenAI plans to roll out GPT-4 Turbo to all developers in the coming weeks, promising a broader impact.
  • Continued Improvements: Ongoing optimizations suggest that GPT-4 Turbo will continue to evolve, offering even more sophisticated AI solutions.


GPT-4 Turbo represents a significant milestone for OpenAI and the AI community at large. With its enhanced capabilities, reduced costs, and developer-friendly features, it stands as a testament to the rapid advancement of AI technologies and the commitment to making them more accessible and efficient.

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  3. […] Also read: What is GPT4 Turbo? How it is Best AI Release Yet? What’s New and Improved? […]

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