Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Education

IoT in Education

What is life without the internet? Boring, dull, unproductive. We are sure these words would be coming to your mind. You’re right, life without this incredible piece of technology does seem meaningless, especially now that we have become so dependent on it. All our activities, be it personal or work-related, revolve around it and we find ourselves using it more often to make our lives easier and more convenient. 

The internet has enhanced our way of living and has greatly improved the workings of different significant sectors. Healthcare has witnessed a big, positive change, smart homes have made our lives safer and more efficient and not to forget education has become easily accessible. What more can one want? 

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In this article, we will be shedding light on the education sector as it has seen tremendous improvements in the last decade. We will also be introducing you to a new term that will help you in understanding the advancements in technology better. So put on your reading glasses, grab a notepad, and keep reading. 

Role of Technology in Education

We are all aware that education is no longer entirely dependent on textbooks and course books. Libraries have become quite unpopular as students nowadays just use the internet to quench their thirst for knowledge. They simply enter their query on the search bar and get access to countless research papers, articles, eBooks, etc. 

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Let us explain this to you with the help of a scenario. Imagine you have a research paper due next week. What would you prefer? Would you spend countless hours in the library looking for that one book that has answers to all your questions or would you simply type your desired topic on Google Scholar and get access to a list of comprehensive and accurate articles? 

The latter of course. Convenience over anything. To access the articles, or even relevant courses online, you simply require a reliable internet service provider like Xfinity and you will be well-equipped to conduct thorough research. You can’t think of having a seamless web experience without a stable internet connection. So if you are currently in search of a dependable provider, then we would advise you to look at the different internet plans being offered by Xfinity. The ISP has got you covered in all ways, especially if you are of Hispanic descent. To get assistance in your native language, you can always contact Servicio al Cliente Xfinity and choose the plan that best meets your requirements. 

Thus, this shows that having access to a high-speed internet connection is very important particularly if you desire to experience all the technological advancements in the education sector. 

Impact of IoT on Education

As we have discussed above, the internet has improved the quality of education and has greatly increased the modes of attaining education.  One important aspect of the internet is the acclaimed ‘Internet of Things’, with the help of which students can now share their expertise and collaborate conveniently to complete the assigned tasks better. With the aid of connected devices, they can now contact their teachers and mentors easily and seek assistance whenever they face an issue. 

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In simpler words, thanks to these IoT developers, students can now simply complete a Yale course from the comfort of their homes. In addition to this, students can learn new skills, and discover more resources for their assignments and homework. Listed below are the three popular applications of the internet of things. Keep reading. 

Smart boards

Do you still use whiteboards to teach your students? If yes then you would be surprised to know that smartboards are taking over. Many schools have already started using them and students enjoy learning using them only. Why? The explanation is simple. Smartboards are famous for being interactive and display images, maps, diagrams, and videos in order to help the children understand the concepts better. 

The best part is that students and teachers both can have a proper conversation about it. How? Well by simply typing on it and circulating it around the classroom so that every single pupil can get a chance to interact. How cool is that? They are both fun and interactive. Moreover, thanks to vibrant displays, interesting infographics, and immersive tutorials, pupils find themselves engrossed in the lecture and so end up learning a lot of important concepts. 

Electronic Bracelets

The convenience of recording student attendance reports is another advantage of IoT technology in education. Electronic bracelets possess the ability to greatly simplify the entire process. They assist the teachers in putting a customized teaching strategy into practice and aid them in accurately recording attendance and progress information. 

Webcams in school

This incredible invention helps teachers in organizing online classes and execute virtual classrooms. So if you are a professor who is finding it difficult to engage the students in the daily lessons, the finest approach in our view would be to make use of webcams and give virtual tours to the pupils. 

For instance, if you have prepared a lecture on the White House, rather than showing them the boring slides and images, you could take them on a virtual tour instead. This will arouse their interest and they will look forward to attending your classes. 

Wrapping Up

We are sure by now you must have understood the concept of the internet of things and its role in education. Implement this concept in your educational framework and you will see a huge difference. Good luck!

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