From This Week Google Will Start Deleting Inactive Accounts, Is Your Gmail Safe?

Google is deleting all inactive acounts

The tech giant “Google” is going to take a step toward improvisation and enhancement of its structure. They are planning to delete the old accounts that have not been active for two years. This could be a big step toward a big change. With the deletion of accounts, every detail stored in the accounts also can be deleted. This step is going to be taken under Google’s inactive accounts policy that they announced last May. Accounts deemed inactive will be erased in a phased approach beginning Friday. We will talk about more in brief why this process is needed and what impact it could have in the future for the company.

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The Purpose for Which This Step Needs to be Taken

This step from Google is mainly taken for security reasons as they want to ensure the security of their users. As old accounts are viewed as old risk they could be open for malicious actions. By deleting old accounts, hackers will need to create new ones that need phone verification. Also by erasing the old data, there will be a low risk of leaking the data which could be used by someone in the future to threaten someone.

The process of deletion of accounts will take two phases as the accounts that were never visited after the creation will be deleted in phase one. And in the second phase, the accounts that were inactive for two years will be deleted.

Google’s official wrote in a post” We want to protect your private information and prevent any unauthorized access to your account even if you’re no longer using our services.”

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Which Gmail Accounts are Safe?

There are also some exception accounts that will not be deleted. As the accounts, having YouTube channel, gift cards, balance remaining in the Google Play accounts, redeem code, etc, will not be deleted. A known publisher, Koren, wrote” By proactively removing these accounts, Google effectively shrinks the attack surface available to cybercriminals, this action by Google exemplifies a broader trend in cybersecurity: taking preemptive steps to strengthen overall digital security landscapes.”

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Future Scope

As mentioned this step has been taken to ensure security. So the deletion of old accounts that are not active for the last two years, will definitely help in decreasing cyber attacks, digital blackmailing, phishing, hacking, and spam with the public.. Google has also been sending notifications and warnings on the backup accounts of the affected users related to the deletion since August.

How to Prevent Your Google Account from Deletion?

To save your accounts, you need to log in to your accounts or use any Google service at least once in two years. Check emails, search videos, and many more activities you can do to save your accounts from deletion. Because there is no cure if you do not take prevention. Once your account is deleted then there is no way to recover.

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