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IT Companies in Poland

Are you searching for a list of IT companies in Poland? The finest IT developers in Poland are listed here. Poland, the region’s economic powerhouse, is home to numerous both small and large businesses. These businesses are using software technology to quickly expand their operations. Finding the best Polish IT development company is the next step for these prospective businesses after deciding to engage in software development there.

However, it has been noted that for software prospects, this is frequently the trickiest puzzle component. To assist these businesses in finding a trustworthy IT partner, JCA has listed top Top 51+ IT Companies in Poland.

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Top 15 Information Technology (IT) Companies in Poland

  • Rank #1 Avenga
  • Rank #2 Stepwise
  • Rank #3
  • Rank #4 Skelia
  • Rank #5 STX
  • Rank #6 JCommerce
  • Rank #7 DeSmart
  • Rank #8 Appstronauts
  • Rank #9 Andersen
  • Rank #10 Neon Shake
  • Rank #11 DevBrother
  • Rank #12 Peak11
  • Rank #13 Boldare
  • Rank #14 Nopio
  • Rank #15 Selleo

Updated: List of the 15 Best IT Companies, in Poland

DevBrother: Top IT Companies in Poland

DevBrother is a small company that takes a personalized approach to every collaboration. They want to build strong, long-term partnerships by offering the most effective, productive, scalable, and easy-to-maintain solutions.

Because we only work with Coworking Spaces, we have built one of the largest databases of Eastern-European software engineers. More than 8,000 experts with different tech stacks are part of the team. Because of this, there is a huge pool of experts who are experienced, reliable, and proactive and can give the best results.

  • Founded: 2008
  • Hourly rate Rate: $25 – $49/hr
  • No of employees: 50 – 249

Stepwise: IT company from Poland

Stepwise is a unique IT company from Poland that helps clients who want to grow their businesses and become data-driven. Since 2016, a group of 30 people has been keeping up with the latest technologies. They are experts in changing things digitally. Stepwise works mostly in Europe, but they don’t shy away from new challenges around the world.

They focuses on cloud services and custom development. Stepwise starts with getting to know your business. You can use technology to help you.

RAvenga: Best IT Company in Poland

Over the course of more than 20 years, Avenga has become a leading IT and digital transformation consultancy serving industries including pharma & life sciences, insurance, and finance. More than 2,500 people work for Avenga across offices in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the United States, and Malaysia. Digital strategy & CX, software engineering, HR consulting, big data & cloud services are all part of what we provide.

  • Founded: 2008
  • Hourly rate Rate: $50,000+ (min project)
  • No of employees: 1,000 – 9,999 employees

Skelia: An Experienced IT Company

Skelia has established itself as a frontrunner among multinational organisations for establishing successful cross-border organisations and subsidiary businesses in Eastern Europe. Skelia is a staff augmentation company that has been in business for over a decade, serving clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500s with their IT and Engineering needs. They currently has offices in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, and the United States.

  • Founded: 2008
  • Hourly rate Rate: $25 – $49/hr
  • No of employees: 250 – 999


STX Next is a digital agency that specialises in Python development and has over 400 developers and clients ranging from large companies to startups. The company’s agile approach to providing IT services and custom software development has earned them a stellar reputation on a global scale.

  • Founded: 2008
  • Min Project: $10,000+
  • No of employees: 250 – 999

JCommerce: Best IT Company

As an IT company, JCommerce has its headquarters in Katowice and branches in six additional Polish cities. Established in 2005, the company’s 318 employees focus on business intelligence (BI), big data (big data consultancy and SI), and custom software development. Mid-sized businesses are the primary clients they serve in the IT, manufacturing, and banking sectors.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Min Project: $10,000+
  • No of employees: 250 – 999

DeSmart: Top IT Companies in Poland

When searching for reliable companies, one that stands out on TechBehemoths is DeSmart Software Development. Trust in their abilities on the basis of their track record, recommendations from previous clients, and other samples of their work. With full faith, you can reach out to them and submit your project query. Among the 56,000+ IT businesses on the site, DeSmart Software Development is in the top 10%.

  • Founded: 2003
  • Hourly rate Rate: $30 – $70/hr
  • No of employees: 10-49

Appstronauts: IT Outsourcing Companies

Appstronauts will assist you in developing it into a competitive product. They have the expertise and are willing to share it with you whether you need IT consultation or a development partner. They view every project as an adventure they want to do with you, and they’re eager to learn all there is to know about your company so they can provide the most effective IT solution.

  • Founded: 2015
  • Hourly rate Rate: $50 – $99/hr
  • No of employees: 10-49

Andersen: A Leading IT Company

They’ll assist you in developing a product that will succeed on the market. They possess the knowledge and desire to impart it to you, whether you require IT consultation or a development partner. Every project is a journey they want to take together, and they are eager to learn every aspect of your company in order to provide the greatest IT solution possible and achieve success together.

  • Founded: 2007
  • Hourly rate Rate: $30 – $70/hr
  • No of employees: 1000-9999

Neon Shake: Top Trustworthy IT Company

One of the trustworthy businesses with a solid TechBehemoths profile is Neon Shake. You may trust their competency based on their experience, client references, testimonials, and portfolio. You can contact them and send your project inquiry with confidence. Among the 56,000+ IT companies on the platform, Neon Shake is ranked in the top 16%.

  • Founded: 2010
  • Hourly rate Rate: $30 – $70/hr
  • No of employees: 10-49

We can trust because they have a prominent profile on TechBehemoths. You can trust their abilities because of their track record, referrals from satisfied customers, and other examples of their work. They are the go-to people to approach with project inquiries, so go ahead and do it with full faith. When compared to the other 56,000+ IT companies on the platform, is in the top 18 percent.

  • Founded: 2011
  • Hourly rate Rate: $70 – $150/hr
  • No of employees: 10-49


IT and online development company Peak11 offers bespoke software, innovative product design, comprehensive engineering across the board, and first-rate support. Our talented team of product designers, software engineers, and project managers is committed to creating innovative solutions that set new standards in the industry.

  • Founded: 2015
  • Hourly rate Rate: $30 – $70/hr
  • No of employees: 10-49

Boldare: The Best Information Technology Company

As a company specializing in digital product design and development, Boldare can help you navigate the process of digital transformation. They came to be as a result of a merger of two formidable businesses: XSolve, a software development firm, and Chilid, a top-tier web design agency. They use their 16 years of expertise, 250 goods sold to customers all over the world, and the talents of their 150-person staff to their advantage.

  • Founded: 2004
  • Hourly rate Rate: $50 – $99/hr
  • No of employees: 50 – 249


Nopio is a company that develops software and provides web services of the highest calibre to a wide range of companies. They are able to provide a service that allows you to focus on what you need to, rather than on the mechanics of getting the job done. Their staff has expertise in a wide range of fields, including publishing, travel, healthcare, and the numerous technologies they employ. When you give them a concept, they turn it into a piece of software that automates it for you.

  • Founded: 2010
  • Hourly rate Rate: $50 – $99/hr
  • No of employees: 10 – 49


Selleo has been providing professional services for over ten years, and in that time they have worked on over one hundred and fifty software development projects for clients in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia. These projects have included the design and development of a wide variety of applications across many different business domains, industries, and technologies (Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, React Native, EmberJS, Elixir).

  • Founded: 2004
  • Hourly rate Rate: $30 – $70/hr
  • No of employees: 50 – 249

Left in 51+ IT Companies in Poland with a Rank in 2023

RankIT CompanyNo of EmployeesMin Project RateOverall Rating
Rank: #16Stepwise10 – 49$100,000+4.9/5
Rank: #17Brainhub50 – 249$5,000+4.8/5
Rank: #18Netguru250 – 999$25,000+4.9/5
Rank: #19ITMAGINATION250 – 999$25,000+4.8/5
Rank: #20Scalo250 – 999$25,000+4.9/5
Rank: #21TestArmy50 – 249$25,000+4.8/5
Rank: #22Software Mind1,000 – 9,999$100,000+4.9/5
Rank: #23iteo50 – 249$10,000+4.8/5
Rank: #24u2i 50 – 249$10,000+4.8/5
Rank: #25VTS Software10 – 49$10,000+4.8/5
Rank: #26Antma IT2 – 9$25,000+4.2/5
Rank: #27Lomray Software10 – 49$25,000+4.9/5
Rank: #28Polcom50 – 249$5,000+4.9/5
Rank: #29SoftKraft10 – 49$5,000+4.8/5
Rank: #30N-iX1,000 – 9,999$25,000+4.9/5

Top 21 IT Companies in Warsaw Poland

RankIT CompanyNo of EmployeesMin Project RateOverall Rating
Rank: #31Devox10 – 49$25,000+4.9/5
Rank: #32TraceRoute422 – 9$5,000+4.8/5
Rank: #33Unity Group250 – 999$25,000+4.8/5
Rank: #34Altoros250 – 999$25,000+4.9/5
Rank: #35Euvic1,000 – 9,999$5,000+4.9/5
Rank: #36SoftwareMill50 – 249$25,000+4.8/5
Rank: #37Solwit SA250 – 999$5,000+4.9/5
Rank: #38Grape Up50 – 249$50,000+4.8/5
Rank: #39ISCG50 – 249$5,000+4.8/5
Rank: #40Code Inspiration10 – 49$5,000+4.9/5
Rank: #41Goldenore50 – 2494.8/5
Rank: #42PGS SOFTWARE250 – 999$10,000+4.9/5
Rank: #43Devopsbay10 – 49$10,000+4.9/5
Rank: #44Data Space10 – 49$1,000+4.8/5
Rank: #46Enterosoft10 – 49$1,000+4.8/5
Rank: #47Veturai10 – 49$10,000+4.9/5
Rank: #48Datomni2 – 9$1,000+4.8/5
Rank: #49Britenet1,000 – 9,999$1,000+4.9/5
Rank: #50Ideo50 – 249$10,000+4.8/5
Rank: #51Neontri10 – 49$10,000+4.9/5

Final Thoughts

I truly hope that this data assists you in locating the most suitable IT Companies in Poland.

We really hope that you found our compilation of the Top 51+ IT Companies in Poland to be useful. To compile this list, we did extensive research and analysis. We have ranked the companies after carefully considering all relevant factors. Look over the options and pick the one that best fits the needs of your firm.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at [email protected].

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