10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Node js Developers

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Node js Developers

If we analyze the current scenario, then it has become essential to run a venture online through applications/websites because the majority of people worldwide lean towards using them on their devices to fulfill needs from their places. So, the requirements for creating such solutions rose significantly among entrepreneurs.

Currently, numerous applications are available that are built using various tech stacks and frameworks. JavaScript is counted among them, and it consists a wide range of frameworks under it. Mostly, programmers tend to use NodeJS because of the terrific requirements of startup owners and the higher learning curve of a specific tech stack. According to sources from 2022, NodeJS is preferred by 47.12% of developers, which says that coders working on a particular JavaScript framework would be easily available to you.

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You might be motivated to appoint NodeJS programmers to create a platform for your venture. So for hiring them, which questions should be asked from your side and several skills to be taken under consideration are mentioned here. Referring to them would help you with the same.

List of 10 Questions That Would Help You Appoint Skilled NodeJS Developer

Node JS Questions to Ask

As an entrepreneur, it’s evident that you would recruit the NodeJS coder capable of delivering a suitable outcome for your enterprise. So to hire such an individual, you should enquire some questions stated below:

How Much Experience Do You Have of Working in NodeJS?

The requirements of every venture differ regarding building a NodeJS platform. Some of them demand a productive solution created, but at the same time, others may require to get a versatile application for their businesses. So, by asking this question, you should gain an idea of their specific years of industry experience and derive a conclusion about whether he/she can meet your expectations and serve you satisfactory outcomes. They should have expertise in developing the kind of app you need.

Are You Updated With The Latest NodeJS Version?

Since NodeJS is an open-source programming language, the community of coders working on it regularly upgrades a tech stack, so their knowledge must be updated with the latest attributes and functionalities embedded inside it, along with knowing where to use them. Hence, the developers should be competent in building apt solutions by utilizing the latest features introduced in a language. We can also ask for the Node.JS IDE they are using.

Which Different Services Do You Provide in NodeJS Development?

The prominent teams aware of a newly launched version of NodeJS provide updates on the V8 engine, tentative allowance model, and many other services noted below:

  • Creation of web apps for bigger enterprises
  • NodeJS migrations and integrations
  • Apt Maintenance and Support

So, a programmer must be delivering the above services in NodeJS development, besides numerous others existent. Moreover, the coders of a reputed tech firm should also be offering post-launch support. 

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Do You Have a Sufficient Knowledge Beyond HTTP Protocol and DevOps?

As a startup owner, it’s crucial to comprehend that expertise in NodeJS is much higher than typical HTTP protocol. Analyze whether a NodeJS programmer is convenient with peer-to-peer/ XMPP client or server protocol. The capabilities of creating a solution, along with working on these protocols, define the sound knowledge of developers in NodeJS.

Besides this, a coder must have DevOps certification because being aware of it will assist them in managing the load balancing better or scaling the platform over various servers and databases. 

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Do You Have Skills in Frontend/Backend?

Frontend programmers are those who can handle the users’ section of a platform. It includes the functional and visual components of a solution. While a backend developer builds and supports a procedure that gets executed in the background. Most preferably, you should look out for those who are well versed with the frontend part, as it will help them make fascinating interfaces that users consider the most before utilizing an app.

Having a Firm Grip on Asynchronous Programming?

Check out whether they are capable of doing asynchronous coding or not. It is a technique in which developers require to run numerous functions concurrently to make the development procedure quicker enough. In addition, consider those vetted in NodeJS who can serve you the maximum outcomes by consuming minimal time.

How Well Are You Familiar With User Authorization and Authentication Concepts?

Know whether or not the NodeJS coders are familiar with user authentication and authorization. Choose the ones capable of creating solutions by dealing with these concepts, as it will take care of users’ privacy and protect their data. Moreover, authentication is verifying the identity of particular users, and authorization means granting access for utilizing attributes to them.

Are You Efficient in Coding?

The key quality to focus on while appointing NodeJS developers is how efficient they are when it comes to building applications by leveraging the use of particular tech stuff. It can be gauged by examining the quality by adhering to various programming criteria. The coders possessing such skills should be chosen by you.

Ask Regarding Various NodeJS Frameworks

The usage of various frameworks enhances overall performance of a platform. You should select programmers who are well-versed in a specific set of programming languages. It includes Express, Hapi, KoaJS, TotalJS, and many others. Utilizing them will assist developers in building solutions with improvised usability.

What Skills Do You Possess in NodeJS?

You should also know the several capabilities of programmers while interviewing them to examine their skills and gain ideas about certain methodologies they follow. Ensure that they should be having abilities and follow the below-stated practices:

  • Able to work in the frontend environment.
  • Must have mastery in Scrum and Agile methodologies.
  • Github programming skills

Furthermore, many other skills are mentioned in the next section apart from those discussed above. You should hire a NodeJS programmer who possesses the composition of all mandatory capabilities along with meeting your set parameters by answering the questions listed above.

Particular Skills To Consider When Hiring NodeJS Coder

Along with examining knowledge, it’s equally important to analyze the other soft skills. The ratio of the venture’s success is also affected by the non-technical skills. So, you should also assess the specific skills of NodeJS developers discussed below while appointing them.

Knowledge of APIs

A proficient NodeJS coder is one who can understand API codes effortlessly. They are utilized to run specific projects and also to integrate the different sorts of processes inside a solution. Hence, it’s advisable for you to pick programmers having sound API knowledge.

Bug Fixing Capabilities

The generation of errors may take place in an application created by developers. So, you must appoint such individuals who are good at handling the bugs popping in a platform. They must be able to solve problems in different ways, as hiring coders with such skills will benefit you because they possess sharp knowledge of NodeJS and can clear any issues rapidly in the meantime. 

Anticipated Approach

Last but not least, check out their way of dealing with problems. Give them an example such that it would result in a totally different outcome on dealing with it proactively. You should consider the developers who can receive a solution to that problem for appointing them.

Summing Up

There has been usage of digital solutions all around by people. Due to such utilization, it has slowed down conventional businesses. To cope with the requirements of users, if you are willing to get an application built for your venture, then you should hire coders working on NodeJS from technology partners. It is because, mostly, the platforms that use this tech stack efficiently fulfill user needs. So, you should ask certain questions and check several skills while appointing NodeJS developers from a company mentioned here. Referring to them will likely help you with the same.

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