Top 20 AI Apps for Fitness and Workout in 2024

AI Fitness Apps

Fitness is an essential part of life, as it cannot be achieved by simply relaxing and eating anything you come across. Attaining a fit body requires a lot of hard work, dedication, control, and workouts. While gyms provide an appropriate environment for workouts, including company from other people, not all gyms have good trainers. This can sometimes lead to issues, as improper handling of gym equipment can cause injuries.

In this digital era, numerous AI apps and platforms are available that can help you achieve fitness by guiding you through proper workouts. You can even work out at home with sufficient resources with the help of AI. We will discuss the top 20 AI fitness and workout apps or platforms that could be beneficial for you if you are a fitness enthusiast. This can also save you time and money. For a quick overview, you can refer to the table mentioned above.

Here are the top 20 AI fitness and workout apps:

Here are the top 20 AI fitness and workout apps that leverage cutting-edge technology to offer users a unique and effective way to achieve their health goals:

Fitbod AI Fitness App

1. Fitbod

Fitbod is an AI-powered app that creates your workout schedule based on your set goals and the resources and equipment available. It creates a personalized profile for you, showing your progress record over time. This helps track your performance and identify mistakes.

Features of Fitbod:

  • AI-powered personalization training.
  • Suggests workouts for every type like muscle fatigue, abs building, etc.
  • A video library is available to accurately understand workouts.
  • User-friendly interface.

Pricing: Fitbod.AI offers three plans: monthly, annual, and lifetime, costing $12.99, $79.99, and $359.99, respectively. All plans contain almost the same features, but the difference lies in the period, and purchasing monthly and lifetime plans saves some money.

aaptiv AI Fitness App

2. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is an AI-powered fitness app that provides numerous audio and video workouts, making improvisations based on user preferences and feedback. This app contains workouts suitable for any fitness level.

Features of Aaptiv:

  • Focuses on your movement to provide the best workout suggestions.
  • Contains data-driven health insights.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for health metrics.
  • Feedback-driven ability.

Pricing: Aaptiv costs $14.99/month or $99.99/year for unlimited access to all classes. It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the annual plan within 30 days, no questions asked. A 7-day free trial is available with the first membership purchase.

FitnessAI - AI Fitness App

3. FitnessAI

FitnessAI is a platform or app used to create personalized workout plans for each individual with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms. Initially started as gym software, it was later modified with AI integration, working now as an AI trainer. This app helps you optimize and maintain your healthcare routine.

Features of Fitness:

  • Custom workout options with helpful images.
  • An activity tracker feature that tracks your daily activity and keeps a record of every day.
  • Personalized diet planner.
  • Gamification provides goals and achievements to help maintain interest.

Pricing: FitnessAI offers monthly and annual plans costing $19.99 and $89.99, respectively. The annual plan saves some money and provides extra perks and features, but a monthly option is available for those on a budget. A 7-day free trial is also offered, and plans can be canceled anytime.

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Freeletics AI Fitness App

4. Freeletics

Freeletics provides AI-driven personalized fitness coaching, versatile workouts, and comprehensive nutrition guidance. It is Europe’s No. 1 fitness app, utilizing an incredible AI algorithm. Freeletics specializes in personalized HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts and audio coaching, using bodyweight exercises that can be performed almost anywhere.

Features of Freeletics:

  • Personalized HIIT workouts.
  • Community features.
  • Records and analyzes every workout.
  • Contains instructional workout videos.

Pricing: Freeletics subscription plans come in three durations: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, costing $34.99, $59.99, and $74.99, respectively.

AI Fitness App Jefit

5. Jefit

Jefit is an AI-powered workout app that creates personalized workout plans and tracks your real-time workout movement. Its free version includes a database of more than 1,300 exercises to help users plan their weightlifting sessions.

Features of Jefit:

  • Workout tracker.
  • Custom workout plans based on your fitness level.
  • Ability to compare records with friends.
  • Detailed charts and analytics.

Pricing: Jefit offers a plan of $12.99 per month, which may be worth it for access to added services and ad removal. This plan offers many extra features, including expert workout tips.

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VI Trainer AI Fitness App

6. VI Trainer

VI Trainer is a virtual AI coach that motivates you while running through earphones. The trainer comes with biosensing headphones to collect biometric data, including heart rate, training history, and more. The AI-based personal trainer responds to users’ workouts and surroundings in real time, finding your ideal path to fitness and coaching you in real time. Users must provide information like gender, age, and fitness goals, which the AI analyzes to provide a workout plan.

Features of VI Trainer App:

  • Real-time AI voice coaching assistant.
  • Facility of a heart rate meter.
  • Can be used for walking, running, and cycling too.
  • Includes a Gyroscope, Barometer, and Accelerometer.

Pricing: VI headphones for an AI trainer are available for $99 on Amazon, with training sessions costing just $10 per month. At launch, it was costly but has now become affordable.

VI Trainer AI Fitness App

7. AI Trainer

AI Trainer is an AI-powered app with a simple and easy-to-use interface that offers workout plans based on your fitness goals and performances. This app is ideal for those new to fitness, offering basic and easy workout ideas.

Features of AI Trainer App:

  • Data analysis.
  • Human pose simulation.
  • Personalized AI mentor.

Pricing: The AI Trainer app is free to use for all users, with no different plans available, allowing you to make use of it freely.

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8. Gymfitty

Gymfitty is another AI-powered fitness and workout app that analyzes complex algorithms to provide users with workout plans and invent new workout ideas by tracking users’ progress. This app allows users to avoid overtraining or undereating.

Features of Gymfitty:

  • Progressive overload means workouts become more challenging over time.
  • Workout and nutrition tracking.
  • Focus on form.
  • Real-time feedback facility to reduce errors.

Pricing: Gymfitty offers a free trial.


9. Infigro

InfiGro is a completely automated, AI-based digital personal trainer software that uses your phone’s camera to coach, evaluate, correct, and inspire. It provides a workout plan, real-time feedback, and rep count to users.

Features of Infigro App:

  • Workout training feature for efficient fitness gains.
  • No need for special equipment; users can use their body weight or any type of equipment.
  • Easy-to-use interface; no experience needed.
  • Real-time feedback facility.

Pricing: Infigro offers a 21-day free trial.


10. is an AI-driven fitness platform offering a wide range of fitness classes and workouts, tailored recommendations, and performance tracking. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, it customizes workout plans based on an individual’s fitness level, goals, and preferences.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated fitness recommendations.
  • Personalized tracking system.
  • Extensive library of fitness and workout classes.
  • Convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Pricing: offers four subscription plans: Play, Select, Pro, and Elite Pass, priced at $9.54/month, $10.19/month, $11.21/month, and $16.66/month, respectively, each offering incremental benefits and features.

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Kaia Personal Trainer

11. Kaia Personal Trainer

Kaia Personal Trainer leverages AI-powered motion tracking technology to transform your iPhone into a virtual personal trainer, ensuring correct exercise execution without the need for additional hardware.

Key Features:

  • No special equipment required.
  • Automatic rep and pushup counting.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Intelligent tracking prevents cheating.

Pricing: Offers a 7-day free trial and a 3-month subscription for $29.99. Initially exclusive to the USA, it is now available in several countries.

Millie Fit

12. Millie Fit

Millie Fit combines video and natural language understanding to offer personalized workouts with real-time corrective feedback on your form, understanding over 30 different exercises.

  • Key Features:
    • Personalized interface.
    • Effective real-time feedback.
    • Access to fitness expertise anytime, anywhere.
  • Pricing: Pricing details are not mentioned, suggesting users check the app for current offerings.


13. Zing

Zing is an AI-powered personal trainer app that offers workouts based on input from leading health, fitness, and psychology experts, tracking progress and providing nutritional advice.

Key Features:

  • Access to numerous workouts.
  • Gamification elements.
  • Daily activity insights.
  • Nutritional guidance.

Pricing: Zing is available at $10 per month, with no free trial but straightforward subscription options.


14. Evolve.AI

Evolve.AI combines AI algorithms and natural learning to deliver personalized, adaptive training experiences, focusing on powerlifting and bodybuilding, with progress-tracking features.

Key Features:

  • Customizable workout experiences.
  • Activity tracking, including sleep cycle and soreness.
  • Personalized interface with AI guidance.

Pricing: A 14-day free trial is available, with a subscription costing $22 per month. Discounts are available for longer commitments.

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15. InsaneAI

InsaneAI offers AI-guided workouts that allow you to achieve optimal fitness from your home. It features AI-guided workouts, diet tracking, personalized workout plans, workout analytics, a progress tracker, and a gamified interface that engages fitness enthusiasts.

Features of InsaneAI:

  • Activity and workout session tracking using the camera.
  • Over 200 workout drills.
  • A gamified interface with numerous tasks to engage users.

Pricing: InsaneAI offers two subscription plans: $4.99 for 1 month and $49.99 for 12 months, with discounts available on yearly plans. There are no additional features with the yearly plan compared to the monthly plan.


16. Whoop

Whoop focuses on improving sleep, overall performance, and recovery by tracking your biometrics and offering insights.

Features of Whoop:

  • Tracks a wide range of biometrics, including heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep quality, and recovery.
  • Provides tips and suggestions for improving activity and sleep.
  • Community support for sharing experiences.
  • Daily readiness score.

Pricing: Whoop offers a 30-day free trial, with two membership plans available: $286.40 for 12 months and $481.55 for 24 months.


17. Tonal

Tonal provides a comprehensive fitness experience, tracking workouts, progress by muscle group and workout type, and offering a range of high-intensity to cooldown exercises.

Features of Tonal:

  • Captures movement patterns for coaching and improvement.
  • A variety of high-intensity workout options.
  • Unlimited access to yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes.

Pricing: Tonal offers a 30-day free trial. Membership costs $59.95 per month plus applicable taxes, subject to change.


18. Hyperficient

Hyperficient utilizes machine learning trained on scientific research to personalize training programs, prioritizing a science-based approach to fitness.

Features of Hyperficient:

  • A knowledge bank for lifestyle optimization.
  • Continuous updates.
  • Science-backed workouts.
  • Video training sessions.

Pricing: Hyperficient offers a 14-day free trial and a monthly plan at $9.99, with more features than the basic plan.

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Tempo fit

19. Tempo fit

Tempo Fit leverages AI and body biometrics to create personalized workout routines, offering an unmatched workout experience.

Features of Tempo Fit:

  • Streamable workouts.
  • Motion sensor-driven AI technology.
  • Personalized routines for each individual.

Pricing: Tempo offers a membership for $39 per month.

Vay Fitness

20. Vay

VAY integrates AI to digitize human movements through computer vision software, providing personalized training with real-time feedback.

Features of Vay:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Nutrition routines assisted by AI.
  • AI-powered virtual coaches for step-by-step assistance.


We have discussed the top 20 AI apps for workouts and fitness that could be life-changing for you. These apps are available for download on suitable devices, and memberships offer additional features and perks. Technology plays a crucial role in the fitness sector, and these apps are vivid examples of this statement.

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