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Apps Like Thumbtack

Finding the right service provider for your needs can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Whether it’s home repair, tutoring, or event planning, platforms like Thumbtack have revolutionized how we connect with professionals. But what happens when you’re looking for something a bit different or more specialized? That’s where apps like Thumbtack or alternatives to Thumbtack come into play, offering a vast array of options to suit every need.

As we dive into the world of service-finding platforms, let’s explore why these alternatives might not just match but potentially exceed your expectations.

What's inside?

About Thumbtack App

Apps Like Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a platform that connects people with local professionals for just about any service you can imagine. From plumbers and painters to DJs and personal trainers, Thumbtack makes it easy to find the right person for the job. Users simply enter the service they need, and Thumbtack provides a list of qualified professionals along with quotes and reviews. It’s a convenient way to compare options and choose the best service provider for your project.

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What’s The Need To Look For Thumbtack Apps Alternatives?

While Thumbtack offers a comprehensive range of services, there are times when users might seek alternatives. Perhaps you’re looking for a platform with lower fees, a different selection of services, or better options in your local area.

Some users prefer platforms that specialize in a specific type of service, offering a more tailored experience and expertise. Exploring alternatives to Thumbtack can help you find a platform that better fits your specific needs or preferences.

How Does Thumbtack Work?

Thumbtack and apps like Thumbtack works by bridging the gap between customers and service providers. Customers post a job they need done, detailing the service requirements. Thumbtack then matches this job with professionals who can meet those needs, based on the service category and location. Professionals can respond with a quote, and customers can review their profiles, ratings, and quotes before making a decision. This system makes it straightforward for customers to find and hire the right professionals for any job.

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List of the Top Thumbtack Competitors

  1. Fiverr
  2. TaskRabbit
  3. Angi (formally Angie’s List)
  4. Porch
  5. HomeAdvisor
  7. Yelp
  8. Airtasker
  9. GigSalad
  10. Bark
  12. TaskEasy
  13. Thumbtack Clone
  14. Handy
  15. Field Nation

Let’s dive into the world of service-finding platforms and discover the best match for your needs, beyond what Thumbtack offers.

1) Fiverr

Apps Like Thumbtack

Fiverr is a global online marketplace where people can find a variety of services, from graphic design and digital marketing to writing and translation. Unlike traditional platforms, Fiverr focuses on gigs, allowing freelancers to offer their services starting at $5. It’s a great place for businesses and individuals looking for affordable and diverse services.

You can scroll through different services, check out seller profiles, see their work samples, and read reviews from other buyers to help you decide who to hire. It’s a great place for small businesses or anyone on a budget to get quality services without spending a lot of money.

Fiverr’s website is user-friendly, making it simple for anyone to navigate and find what they need quickly.

How to sign up into Fiverr

  1. Visit the Fiverr website.
  2. Click on “Join” at the top right corner.
  3. Sign up using your email, or connect with Facebook, Google, or Apple.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your profile.

Key features of Fiverr

  • Affordable services starting at $5.
  • A wide range of categories.
  • Secure payment system.
  • User reviews and ratings.
  • Option for custom offers.

Supported Locations of Fiverr



Generally receives high ratings(range 4. 5) for its variety and affordability.

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2) TaskRabbit

Apps Like Thumbtack

TaskRabbit is an app that connects you with skilled taskers to help with odd jobs and errands, like furniture assembly, moving help, or home repairs. It’s ideal for those who need assistance with tasks around the house.

It is a handy app that connects you with people in your area who can help you with almost any task you can think of, from moving furniture and cleaning your house to doing handyman jobs and running errands. It’s like having a helpful neighbor who’s ready to assist you with your to-do list.

What’s great about TaskRabbit is that all “Taskers” are vetted and background-checked, giving you peace of mind. The app also allows you to chat directly with Taskers before hiring them, so you can make sure they’re the right fit for your job. Prices are clear and upfront, so there are no surprises.

TaskRabbit is perfect for busy people who need an extra hand or don’t have the time to do everything themselves.

How to sign up into TaskRabbit

  1. Download the TaskRabbit app or visit their website.
  2. Create an account by providing your details.
  3. Verify your account through email or mobile number.
  4. Start searching for the services you need.

Key features of TaskRabbit

  • Wide range of home services.
  • Taskers are vetted and background-checked.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • In-app messaging with taskers.
  • Secure payment within the app.

Supported Locations of TaskRabbit

Available in major cities across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and more.


TaskRabbit is highly rated for its convenience and the quality of service providers.

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3) Angi (formally Angie’s List)

Apps Like Thumbtack

Angi is a trusted platform that connects homeowners with local service professionals for home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. It’s known for its rigorous verification process, ensuring that all listed professionals are qualified and reliable.

Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List, is a trusted online directory that helps homeowners find reliable service professionals for their home improvement needs.

From fixing a leaky faucet to planning a major remodel, Angi connects you with experienced professionals in your area. What sets Angi apart is its comprehensive review system, which allows you to read real feedback from other homeowners about their experiences with contractors and service companies.

This helps you make informed decisions based on the quality of work and customer service. Angi also offers a unique feature called the “Fair Price Guarantee” and a “Happiness Guarantee,” ensuring that you pay a reasonable price for services and are satisfied with the work done. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve or maintain their home.

How to sign up into Angi

  1. Go to the Angi website.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” to create your account.
  3. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account.
  4. Once signed up, you can start searching for services or list your own.

Key features of Angi

  • Free membership options.
  • Detailed reviews and ratings for professionals.
  • Offers a wide range of home services.
  • Provides cost guides and project advice.
  • Service quality guarantee on certain bookings.

Supported Locations of Angi

Primarily serves users in the United States.


Angi generally receives positive reviews for its reliable service providers and comprehensive offerings.

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4) Porch

Apps Like Thumbtack

Porch is a platform that specializes in connecting homeowners with the right professionals for home improvement, repair, and maintenance projects. Whether you’re renovating your home or fixing a small repair, Porch can help you find the right expert.

It is a home services platform that makes it easy for homeowners to find professionals for renovations, repairs, and other home projects. Porch stands out by offering not just a directory of local pros but also project management tools to help your projects go smoothly. Once you find a pro, Porch helps you communicate with them, schedule the work, and even handle payments through the platform.

It also provide a guarantee for the work done, which adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for homeowners. Whether you’re updating your kitchen, fixing your roof, or landscaping your backyard, Porch aims to make the process hassle-free.

How to sign up into Porch

  1. Go to the Porch website.
  2. Click “Get Started” to create your account.
  3. Enter your project details and location.
  4. Porch will match you with local professionals suited for your job.

Key features of Porch

  • Specializes in home improvement and repair services.
  • Direct quotes from professionals.
  • Project cost guides.
  • Assurance of quality with Porch Guarantee.
  • Expert advice and tips for homeowners.

Supported Locations of Porch

Mostly in the United States


Users often praise Porch for its easy-to-use platform and quality of professionals.

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5) HomeAdvisor

Apps Like Thumbtack

HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace that connects homeowners with prescreened, local service professionals to complete home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling projects. It makes finding and hiring help easy and reliable.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, fix a broken window, or install a new HVAC system, HomeAdvisor makes it easy to find the right expert for the job. Once you submit a request detailing your project, HomeAdvisor matches you with local professionals who can do the work. You can then read reviews, compare quotes, and choose who to hire.

One of the best features of HomeAdvisor is its True Cost Guide, which provides you with pricing information for hundreds of project types, helping you budget effectively for your home projects.

How to sign up into HomeAdvisor

  1. Visit HomeAdvisor’s website.
  2. Click on “Find Pros” to start your search or “Join as a Pro” to offer services.
  3. For finding pros, simply enter your project details and zip code.
  4. You’ll need to provide some personal details to get matched with the right professionals.

Key features of HomeAdvisor

  • Large network of prescreened professionals.
  • Free to use for homeowners.
  • Instant booking for certain services.
  • Reviews and ratings for each professional.
  • Project cost guides and calculators.

Supported Locations of HomeAdvisor

United States


Generally receives positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and the reliability of its professionals.

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Thumbtack Apps Alternatives is a unique platform designed to connect businesses with vetted workers for on-demand shifts in roles like hospitality, warehousing, and general labor. It’s great for businesses needing temporary staff and individuals looking for flexible work opportunities.

It’s designed for industries like hospitality, events, and warehousing, where staffing needs can change quickly.

Upshift makes it easy for businesses to find reliable workers by providing access to a pool of vetted individuals ready to step in when needed. For workers, it offers the flexibility to choose shifts that fit their schedules and preferences, making it an attractive option for those looking for additional income or flexible work arrangements.

The platform handles all the administrative details, including payments, making it a hassle-free solution for both businesses and workers seeking short-term employment opportunities.

How to sign up into

  1. For businesses, visit the site and select “Hire Upshifters.”
  2. For workers, download the Upshift app and click “Apply Now.”
  3. Complete the application process, which includes submitting details and possibly an interview.
  4. Once approved, you can start accepting shifts (for workers) or posting jobs (for businesses).

Key features of

  • Flexible work opportunities.
  • Vetting process ensures quality workers.
  • Wide range of job categories.
  • Real-time job acceptance and scheduling.
  • Direct payment through the platform.

Supported Locations of

Select cities in the United States

Rating is praised for its flexibility and the quality of job matches for both businesses and workers.

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7) Yelp

Thumbtack Apps Alternatives

Yelp is well-known for its reviews of local businesses, from restaurants to salons. But it’s also a great place to find professional services like contractors, movers, and more. Yelp makes it easy to see what other customers think before you choose.

Beyond just reviews, Yelp connects users with local businesses, making it easier to discover new places and services. What makes Yelp special is its community-driven approach; real customers write all reviews, giving you an honest look at what to expect.

Yelp also offers businesses the chance to respond to reviews, providing a fuller picture of their customer service. For users, Yelp’s search filters and categories make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s the best pizza in town or a top-rated plumber.

How to sign up into Yelp

  1. Go to Yelp’s website or download the app.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” to create your account with an email, or use Facebook or Google for faster signup.
  3. Once your account is set up, you can start searching for services and leaving reviews.

Key features of Yelp

  • User-generated reviews and ratings.
  • Search for services in various categories.
  • Contact businesses directly through Yelp.
  • Check-in offers and deals from businesses.
  • Photos and tips from customers.

Supported Locations of Yelp



Yelp is highly rated for its comprehensive reviews and the vast array of businesses listed.

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8) Airtasker

Thumbtack Apps Alternatives

Airtasker is a community platform that connects people who need tasks done with others in their local area who are looking to earn money and help out. From simple to skilled tasks, Airtasker covers a wide range of services.

What’s great about Airtasker is the flexibility it offers. You can post any task you need help with, and then local taskers will offer their services, letting you choose the right person for the job based on their offer and ratings. It’s not just about finding help; it’s also about giving people the opportunity to earn money by using their skills to help others in their community.

Airtasker makes it easy to get things done while supporting local talent.

How to sign up into Airtasker

  1. Visit Airtasker’s website or download the app.
  2. Create an account by providing your email and creating a password, or sign up with Facebook or Google.
  3. Verify your account to start posting tasks or offering your services.

Key features of Airtasker

  • Wide variety of task categories.
  • Transparent reviews and ratings system.
  • Secure payment through Airtasker Pay.
  • Easy communication between posters and taskers.
  • Insurance coverage for certain tasks.

Supported Locations for Airtasker

Australia, United Kingdom, and selected other countries


Airtasker is popular for its flexible job opportunities and the range of tasks available.

9) GigSalad

Thumbtack Apps Alternatives

GigSalad is a platform that connects event planners with entertainers and party professionals. It’s perfect for organizing memorable events, from weddings and parties to corporate functions. You can find bands, speakers, caterers, and more.

On GigSalad, you can find musicians, magicians, photographers, and even caterers. What makes GigSalad stand out is how easy it makes the whole process. You can browse through thousands of professionals, see their prices, read reviews from others who have booked them, and then book your favorite directly on the site.

GigSalad is all about bringing your event to life with the perfect entertainment and services, making planning much easier.

How to sign up into GigSalad

  1. Head to the GigSalad website.
  2. Choose “Sign Up” to create an account as either a performer/service provider or event planner.
  3. Fill in the necessary information, including your email and a password.
  4. Start exploring or listing services right after your account is activated.

Key features of GigSalad

  • Wide range of entertainment and event services.
  • Direct communication with service providers.
  • Easy booking process.
  • Reviews and testimonials for performers and services.
  • Various pricing options to fit your budget.

Supported Locations of GigSalad

United States and Canada


GigSalad often receives high praise for its diverse selection of talents and ease of use.

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10) Bark

Best Thumbtack Apps Alternatives

Bark is a web-based platform designed to connect customers with local service professionals. Whether you’re looking for a plumber, photographer, or personal trainer, Bark can help you find the right person for the job without the hassle.

Instead of you having to search for the right professional, Bark does the work for you. You tell Bark what you need, and then Bark finds and contacts the best local professionals on your behalf. They’ll then send you quotes and messages directly, so you can choose who to work with.

This saves you time and effort, making it a straightforward way to hire professionals for almost any service. Bark is ideal for anyone looking to get things done but doesn’t have the time to search for and vet potential professionals themselves.

How to sign up into Bark

  1. Go to Bark’s website.
  2. If you’re looking for a professional, click “Get Started” and enter your service needs. If you’re offering services, select “Join as a Professional.”
  3. Provide your details to create your account.
  4. Bark will then match you with potential services or clients, depending on your needs.

Key features of Bark

  • Quick and easy service matching.
  • Wide variety of service categories.
  • Notifications when there are new matches.
  • Customer reviews for professionals.
  • Free for customers to use.

Supported Locations of Bark



Bark is appreciated for its efficient service matching system and the breadth of services available.

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Best Thumbtack Apps Alternatives is a platform for finding care services, such as child care, senior care, pet care, and housekeeping. It’s a helpful tool for families looking for reliable caregivers for their loved ones or homes.

It connects families with caregivers who can help make their lives easier and more manageable. The strength of lies in its thorough vetting process, which includes background checks to ensure safety and trust. Families can search for caregivers based on their specific needs, view profiles, read reviews, and communicate directly with potential hires.

For caregivers, offers a way to find work that matches their skills and schedule preferences. It’s a supportive community that makes finding and offering care services simple and secure.

How to sign up into

  1. Visit or download its app.
  2. Click “Join Now” to create your account.
  3. You can sign up as someone looking for care services or as a caregiver.
  4. Complete your profile by adding details about what you’re looking for or the services you offer.

Key features of

  • Wide range of care services.
  • Detailed profiles and background checks for safety.
  • Reviews and references for caregivers.
  • Option to post jobs or apply to them.
  • Helpful tools like payment processing and tax advice.

Supported Locations of

Primarily in the United States, but also in other countries.

Rating is highly rated for its comprehensive care services and the quality of caregivers.

12) TaskEasy

Best Thumbtack Apps Alternatives

TaskEasy makes it simple to order and manage exterior maintenance services for your property, such as lawn mowing, snow removal, and landscaping. It’s designed for homeowners who want to keep their outdoors looking great without the hassle.

With TaskEasy, homeowners can easily book services like lawn mowing, snow removal, and landscaping without the hassle of finding and vetting contractors themselves. TaskEasy uses technology to automatically provide a fair price based on the size and condition of your yard, ensuring you get a good deal.

Once you book a service, TaskEasy takes care of the rest, from scheduling to payment, making yard maintenance worry-free. It’s a great solution for anyone wanting to keep their outdoor space looking great without dedicating their own time and effort.

How to sign up into TaskEasy

  1. Go to the TaskEasy website.
  2. Enter your address to see available services for your area.
  3. Choose the service you need and schedule it.
  4. Create an account to manage your services and payments.

Key features of TaskEasy

  • Automated service scheduling.
  • Fixed pricing based on your property’s specifics.
  • Quality assurance with a network of vetted contractors.
  • Easy online management of your services.
  • Satisfaction guarantee for all services performed.

Supported Locations of TaskEasy

United States


TaskEasy receives positive reviews for its convenience and the quality of maintenance services provided.

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13) Thumbtack Clone

Best Thumbtack Apps Alternatives

Thumbtack Clone refers to various software solutions that replicate the business model and features of Thumbtack. These clones allow entrepreneurs to start their own service marketplace, connecting customers with local professionals.

While each Thumbtack Clone can vary, they generally offer features like service listings, customer reviews, and a system for quotes and bookings. These platforms are designed to make it easy for users to find reliable services in their area, from home repair to event planning.

For those looking to start a service marketplace, a Thumbtack Clone provides a solid foundation with the flexibility to customize the platform to suit specific needs and market demands.

How to sign up into Thumbtack Clone

Since “Thumbtack Clone” represents a category rather than a single app, the sign-up process can vary. Generally, it involves:

  1. Choosing a specific Thumbtack Clone software.
  2. Registering for an account on the platform’s website.
  3. Setting up your marketplace by following the provided instructions.
  4. Inviting service providers and customers to join the platform.

Key features of Thumbtack Clone

  • Customizable service categories.
  • Built-in messaging and quote systems.
  • Review and rating systems for users.
  • Secure payment gateways.
  • Admin dashboard for managing the marketplace.

Supported Locations for Thumbtack Clone

Dependent on the specific clone and the target market of the entrepreneur.


As a category, Thumbtack Clones’ ratings will depend on the specific software chosen and its implementation.

14) Handy

Websites and Apps Like Thumbtack

Handy is a platform for finding and booking household services, including cleaning, handyman services, plumbing, and more. It’s designed for those who need quick, reliable help with home maintenance tasks.

Whether you need your house cleaned, a piece of furniture assembled, or a minor repair, Handy connects you with professionals who can get the job done. What sets Handy apart is its commitment to convenience and quality. All professionals on Handy are vetted to ensure they’re experienced and reliable. Booking is simple through the app, and you can even schedule recurring cleanings or services.

Handy offers a happiness guarantee, promising that if you’re not satisfied with the work, they’ll make it right. It’s a reliable way to take care of your home maintenance needs with peace of mind.

How to sign up into Handy

  1. Visit the Handy website or download the Handy app.
  2. Choose whether you’re looking for services or offering them.
  3. Fill out the necessary information to create your account.
  4. Start booking services or listing your services if you’re a professional.

Key features of Handy

  • Wide variety of home services.
  • Easy booking and payment through the app.
  • Vetted and background-checked professionals.
  • Satisfaction guarantee on services.
  • Handy Happiness Guarantee for peace of mind.

Supported Locations of Handy

United States, United Kingdom, and Canada


Handy is generally well-received for its user-friendly interface and quality of service providers.

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15) Field Nation

Websites and Apps Like Thumbtack

Field Nation connects businesses with IT and other technical service providers for on-site services. It’s great for companies needing technical support, installations, repairs, or maintenance.

It’s designed for companies that need on-demand support for projects like installations, repairs, or maintenance of technical equipment. Field Nation makes it easy to find skilled technicians across the country, offering a wide range of expertise.

Businesses can post their project needs, and qualified freelancers can apply to complete the work. The platform handles scheduling, communication, and payment, making it efficient for both sides. Field Nation is ideal for businesses looking for flexible, skilled technical support without the commitment of hiring full-time staff.

How to sign up into Field Nation

  1. Go to the Field Nation website.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” to create an account, choosing whether you’re looking for technicians or offering technical services.
  3. Provide your business or professional details.
  4. Start browsing projects or list your services.

Key features of Field Nation

  • Specialized in IT and technical services.
  • Access to a nationwide network of skilled technicians.
  • Flexible work management tools.
  • Transparent pricing and invoicing.
  • Quality control and performance tracking.

Supported Locations of Field Nation

Primarily in the United States


Field Nation is praised for its efficient platform that connects businesses with skilled technical service providers.

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Comparison of Top Apps Like Thumbtack Platforms: Key Details at a Glance

Feature/PlatformService FocusKey FeaturesSupported LocationsYear FoundedHeadquarter
FiverrVarious freelance servicesAffordable gigs, wide rangeWorldwide2010Tel Aviv, Israel
TaskRabbitHome tasks & errandsHome tasks, vetted taskersMajor cities in US, UK, CA2008San Francisco, CA, USA
Angi (formerly Angie’s List)Home servicesTrusted professionals, reviewsUnited States1995Indianapolis, IN, USA
PorchHome improvementImprovement & repair, Porch GuaranteeUnited States2012Seattle, WA, USA
HomeAdvisorHome servicesPrescreened pros, cost guidesUnited States1999Denver, CO, USA
Upshift.workOn-demand laborFlexible work, vetted workersSelect cities in USN/AN/A
YelpBusiness reviewsReviews, dealsWorldwide2004San Francisco, CA, USA
AirtaskerLocal tasks & servicesTask variety, secure paymentAustralia, UK, others2012Sydney, Australia
GigSaladEvent servicesTalents, direct bookingUS and Canada2007Springfield, MO, USA
BarkService professionalsService matching, reviewsWorldwideN/ALondon, UK
Care.comCare servicesCaregiver profiles, job postingUS, others2006Waltham, MA, USA
TaskEasyOutdoor maintenanceOnline management, satisfaction guaranteeUnited StatesN/ASalt Lake City, UT, USA
Thumbtack CloneService marketplace platformCustomizable platform, admin dashboardDepends on implementationN/AN/A
HandyHousehold servicesEasy booking, satisfaction guaranteeUS, UK, CA2012New York, NY, USA
Field NationIT & technical servicesTechnical service network, work managementUnited States
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Conclusion: List of the Top Apps Like Thumbtack

Exploring apps like Thumbtack opens up a world of possibilities for both service seekers and providers. From specialized platforms like Handy for home services and for care-related tasks to broader marketplaces like Fiverr for freelance gigs, there’s an abundance of options to suit every need. These platforms not only offer a wide range of services but also provide flexibility, reliability, and the opportunity to connect with professionals in your area or globally.

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