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Welcome to JCA. Let’s Dive into a researched list of top mobile app developers in Houston.

The goal of mobile app development is to build useful applications for mobile phones and other wireless computing devices. In this article, we will discuss some of Houston’s top mobile app development companies. If you’re looking for branded mobile software, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

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Top 15 Mobile App Development Companies in Houston

  1. Apptitude
  2. Mobisoft Infotech
  3. Utility
  4. Kinetech Cloud
  5. TekRevol
  7. ViitorCloud
  8. WP Pals
  9. Octal Digital
  10. Instazoid Digital Solutions
  11. Northell
  12. Neudesic
  13. Softeq
  14. Headspring
  15. Tino Digital

Detailed List of Top 15 Mobile App Developers in Houston

#Rank: 1. Apptitude: JCA First Priority

Apptitude, one of the most rapidly expanding app developers, is a native mobile app development company that develops beautifully crafted native apps. The company’s native app developers have unparalleled experience and dedication to quality. Swift on iOS and Kotlin on Android are two of the languages used by the Apptitude development team.

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#2. Mobisoft Infotech: App Development Company, Houston

When it comes to mobile technology, Mobisoft Infotech is the go-to provider for US-based startups and large businesses. If you want a custom mobile app developed for your business, this agency can do it, and they use all the latest protocols to do it.

Mobisoft Infotech also works on apps for other platforms, including iOS, Android, cross-platform, and hybrid.

#3. Kinetech Cloud: Experienced Mobile App Developers

Cloud-based solutions are a primary focus at Kinetech Cloud, a software development firm. The company, which began operations in 2014, presently has a staff of eight people split between its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and a branch office in London, United Kingdom. Kinetech Cloud focuses on providing services to medium-sized businesses, such as software customization, mobile app creation, cloud consulting, and sales intelligence services.

Kinetech Cloud has developed a bespoke database app to streamline the big data operations of a government agency. Subrecipients can now use the app, and data integration was performed to eliminate the possibility of problems occurring again.

#4. Utility: Houston App Development Company

Utility collaborates with forward-thinking partners—from fledgling businesses to established conglomerates—to develop bespoke mobile and online applications and software. It was established by digital industry veterans who have worked on both the client and agency sides, at places like McCann Erickson and Major League Baseball.

In their team, you’ll find top-tier software engineers, UX designers, and digital product strategists.

#5. TekRevol: Creative Mobile App Agency

Although they have worked with large corporations like Maxim Olivson, TekRevol remains an innovative and creative mobile app and web development agency. This company from Canada assists international clients in refining their business strategies.

Check out TekRevol’s work for Oz Leasing if you want to learn how they assist brands to engage with their audiences in a niche and competitive market. TekRevol assisted them in developing a plan to expand their clientele.

#6. VINNOVE: Best Mobile App Developers

They specialize in giving a design-centric approach to mobile app development for their clients, which includes Enterprise Mobility as one of their clientele. VINNOVE was established in San Antonio on principles of innovation with the intention of putting an emphasis on the aspects of brand messaging that are most important.

Their customer resorted to VINNOVE when they wanted a comprehensive overhaul of their approach to their brand. The organization offered them a comprehensive review of the ways in which they could make their method more targeted, impactful, and successful.

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#Rank: 7. ViitorCloud: Mobile App Agency, Houston

ViitorCloud’s comprehensive web offerings will take your brand on a virtual world tour. Many sectors, including retail, fast-moving consumer goods, education, hospitality, e-commerce, logistics, information technology infrastructure, and the public sector, have benefited from their assistance.

In addition, they offer cutting-edge infrastructure for developing mobile apps for other companies. They create apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android as well as the web to let you reach clients in every nook and cranny.

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#Rank: 8. WP Pals: Experienced Mobile App Developers

The web designers and developers at WP Pals are experienced when it comes to popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. The young team in Houston, Texas serves clients in the advertising, e-commerce, and consumer products sectors.

One client of WP Pals’s is Truesage, a California-based mental healthcare organization that needed a custom website and mobile app developed. The group built the customer a custom WordPress site from the ground up, complete with all the necessary functionality to effectively advertise their services.

#9. Octal Digital: A Comprehensive Online Agency

Octal is a comprehensive online agency that caters to businesses of all sizes and helps them thrive in the rapidly developing digital market. They help businesses succeed through their proficiency in logo design, online and app development, e-commerce, mobile app creation, and digital marketing. Experts are waiting to take your call at 281-899-0697.

You can count on Octal Digital to be a top-tier digital solutions provider. The digital transformation of their client’s businesses, from startups to multinationals, is made possible by the cutting-edge solutions they provide. To provide their clients with the scalable, reliable, and durable solutions they require, they use technically advanced and finely honed development lifecycles and procedures.

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#10. Instazoid Digital Solutions

Instazoid Digital Solutions is a digital services provider with the mission of leveling the playing field between startups and large corporations. Web design, mobile app development, and SMM are all part of what we provide, as our SEO services like on-site optimization, reputation management, and content creation.

#11. Northell

Northell is an organization that specializes in digital design and bespoke development, producing high-quality technological goods with a beneficial effect on its customers. This little Tallinn, Estonia-based company was founded in 2019. The company offers a wide variety of services, including web development, product design, a specialized software development team, and individualized mobile application creation.

#12. Neudesic

The cities of Irvine, Atlanta, Chicago, Irving, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Exton, Pennsylvania, Tempe, Arizona, Portland, Oregon, New York, and India are all served by Neudesic’s global network of offices. It provides services in the fields of big data consulting, custom software development, cloud consulting, and mobile app development. The agency, which now has over 800 workers, got its start back in 2002. The majority of our customers are businesses in the medical, power, and gambling sectors.

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#13. Softeq: Best App Developers

Softeq’s state-of-the-art infrastructure allows the company to take into account the nuances of each mobile platform while designing software for them. The Softeq app development team is very skilled.

In addition, they develop mobile apps for all business types using platforms like Android, iOS, and the web. They create apps that work across several platforms, allowing you to more effectively achieve your business objectives online.

#14. Headspring: Top App Developers

Headspring, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, is a software engineering and consulting company providing a wide range of services. Since their inception in 2001, they have completed over 800 successful projects for clients all around the United States. Headspring offers a wide variety of services, such as bespoke software design and development, website design and development, app design and development, mobile app design and development, cloud consulting, and business app modernization.

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#15. Tino Digital

Tino Digital is a creative company located in Houston, Texas that focuses on user interface and user experience design, web and mobile app development, and live and virtual events. They start with your company objectives and then deliver the right scalable solution, having worked with nearly every technology language (React, PHP, Laravel, Angular, Python, etc).

Additional Top 15 Mobile App Development Firms in Houston: Best Picks for 2024!

RankCompanyNo of EmployeesAvg. Hourly RateOverall Rating
Rank: #16Simublade50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr4.9/5
Rank: #17Magneto IT Solutions 50 – 249< $25/hr4.7/5
Rank: #18FABA Technology10 – 49$25 – $49 / hr4.7/5
Rank: #19APPSTIRR50 – 249$25 – $49/hr4.8/5
Rank: #20Bixlabs10 – 49$50 – $99/hr4.8/5
Rank: #21KoderLabs50 – 249$25 – $49/hr4.7/5
Rank: #22BluEnt50 – 249$25 – $49/hr4.7/5
Rank: #23Codup50 – 249$50 – $99/hr4.8/5
Rank: #24AppsRhino10 – 49$25 – $49/hr4.7/5
Rank: #25Dream Beyond10 – 49$25 – $49/hr4.9/5
Rank: #26Apex Soft10 – 49$25 – $49/hr4.7/5
Rank: #27PROFSOFT10 – 49$25 – $49/hr4.9/5
Rank: #28ChaiOne10 – 49$150 – $1994.9/5
Rank: #29Liquid Technologies2-9< $254.9/5
Rank: #30Goldenlink Digital10 – 49$50 – $994.8/5

Left 20 Mobile App Development Agencies in Houston, Texas to Transform your Ideas into Reality

Whether you’re a startup looking for your first app or an established business aiming to expand your digital footprint, these below listed agencies have the expertise, experience, and creativity to bring your vision to life. Dive in and discover the best of Houston’s mobile app development scene.

RankCompanyNo of EmployeesAvg. Hourly RateOverall Rating
Rank: #31December Labs10 – 49$50 – $99/hr4.9/5
Rank:#32SmartServices2-9$50 – $99/hr4.8/5
Rank:#33Neudesic250 – 9994.8/5
Rank:#34Whole Wheat Creative250 – 999$150 – $1994.7/5
Rank:#35Liquid Technologies2-9< $254.8/5
Rank:#36Tech Hub2-9$25 – $49/hr4.9/5
Rank:#37Bauen solutions10 – 49$50 – $99/hr4.8/5
Rank:#38bni10 – 494.8/5
Rank:#39IS&T IT Services10 – 494.7/5
Rank:#40Appaustic50 – 249< $254.8/5
Rank:#41Mild App2 – 9< $254.6/5
Rank:#42Web Design Venture50 – 2494.7/5
Rank:#43The Techub10 – 49$50 – $99/hr4.8/5
Rank:#44TrioPivots2 – 9$25 – $49/hr4.8/5
Rank:#45Texona Marketing50 – 249$300+/hr4.9/5
Rank:#46Design Pros USA250 – 9994.7/5
Rank:#47Creative HTX2 – 94.8/5
Rank:#48Wizard Innovations2 – 94.8/5
Rank:#49Softway50 – 249$150 – $199/hr4.9/5
Rank:#50Website Mavericks10 – 49$150 – $199/hr4.7/5
Rank: #51Houston IT Developers LLC50 – 249$25 – $49/hr4.9/5

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I truly hope that this data assists you in locating the most suitable mobile app developers in Houston for you.

We really hope that you found our compilation of the Top 50 mobile app developers in Houston to be useful. To compile this list, we did extensive research and analysis. We have ranked the companies after carefully considering all relevant factors. Look over the options and pick the one that best fits the needs of your firm.

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